Novel Name : I Only Treat Villains

I Only Treat Villains - Chapter 4

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The reason for this was also stated by him when he said,
‘Frey, your death is the only reason for my life. You know?’
This is because this man hated the heroine from part two.
The parents of the heroine in the second part kidnapped the villain’s brother and the villain attacked in retaliation, however his brother was killed in the process.
And he was sold to a mansion at the slave trafficking center in Creixos where he was subjected to cruel and brutal abuse.
‘If I need hundreds of thousands of lives to kill you, I’m willing to do so if I need to.’
Like the final boss of any plot, this guy is crazy and very smart.
He was the one who bothered the main character ‘without love’ until the end.
And now.
The final villain was dragged in front of my house, collapsed and hurt.
‘What the hell is going on? This is going to be annoying.’
It was still an ambiguous time to say that the second part has started.
Originally, the main character of the first part died, and the second part was about to begin.
And right now was the intermission time between them.
So this villain, who’s not completely strong, could get hurt at any incident right now.
‘But… why did you come to my house for treatment?’
He was a man who I should never meet in my entire life.
‘Ugh, this guy is so handsome.’
This man was the son of a once-great power, and the son of a family who fell in a day.
It was easy to recognize the cream-colored hair that was bright like that.
‘To think this guy will be abandoned by someone like some lost packet.’
The ‘handling’ of this guy in front of me was too much.
And I could guess who the ‘important person’ who told him to throw it away was.
The man in front of me was under a bad teacher before he appeared in the second part of the book.
Perhaps that bad teacher is behind all this?
‘This will be troublesome, that teacher a big shot in this area.’
I looked at the man, carefully in the moonlight…
His bright hair was stained with blood as if something hard hit him on the temple, behind his head.
However, the face beneath the hair was breathtakingly beautiful.
The unbuttoned and messy outfit made his perfect appearance feel weird to the onlookers eyes, as if it was something disturbing.
‘Why does this crazy guy have such a beautiful face?’
It is important to note that the characteristics of this novel are that it gives all characters a completely different personality from their appearance.
“Uh, only your face is eye-catching.”
The personality of this man, who has a sacred appearance like an angel accidentally fallen from heaven, is really…
It’s extremely cold, mad and cruel enough to kill people.
I hesitated, “Hmm.”
It was then.
The villain opened his eyes. He looked at me with his eyes blinking.
“W-what’s going on.”
The man muttered something at me.
‘……I can’t hear what you talking.”
I had a cold sweat on my back.
What scared me even more was the fact that it was currently night.
As far as I know, we should never meet the villain at night.
At that moment, the villain held my hand tightly.
couldn’t stop myself from crying out loud, “Oh, my..!”
I wasn’t able to avoid the villain’s hands…
I tried to move his hands away.
“Ah, what’s wrong with you!?”
The villain, Heimdal, put his hand on me and raised his eyes, staring at me with a very seductive smile.
The villain, Heimdahl, pressed on my hand and raised his eyes.
Faintly, with a seductive smile.
His face is beautiful enough to make me swallow my saliva.
Then he fell down again.
I swept my chest down.
My heart was still pounding, as if I was nervous because I knew there would be any death.
Then as I turned my eyes, and the quiet alley came into my eyes.
‘I remember your face, you abandoned me. You bastard.’
I glared at the quiet alley and lowered my head to the fallen villain.
‘Now, what should we do with this final boss?’
This city is one of the backgrounds of the novel.
Also, five dominant powers each ruled over a sector of these alleyways.
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