Novel Name : I Only Treat Villains

I Only Treat Villains - Chapter 7

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Blink. The man opened his eyes.
Between his eyelashes, the blue sapphire like eyes appeared, which looked coldly beautiful.
His long eyelashes blinked slowly as if to understand his situation.
Even the eyes rolling lazily.
His gaze trying to catch something without knowing it.
“My… My… My glasses…”
Soon the man got up. Then he put his hands on his face.
I took the glasses and handed them over to him without hesitation.
“Here you are.”
Andrew took his glasses while moving over to the person before him.
“Ah.. T-thank you..”
The final boss flinched when he saw me..
“Excuse me, but you are..?”
“The person who saved you.”
Under his long eyelashes, his beautiful eyes blinked. The blue eyes were so pure and dazzling.

‘Hmm, they are beautiful.’
I pursed my lips and gave him a big smile.
‘Tsk, they’re so pretty.’
‘There was such a charm in those eyes that I wanted to bite them.’
“Oh… I’m sorry. I’m in a hurry.”
Overall, he had broad shoulders and a solid back. Snow like white skin and an ascetic appearance.
“Well, I’d like to give you some treatment before we go on with our greeting. Would that be alright?”
He flinched as my index finger touched his bandage.
“Because what I did on your chest is a temporary treatment, it’s dangerous if I leave it anymore. It could get infected.”
At the words, the man looked at me and looked calm and timid as if he were a rabbit.
“What the hell happened?”
“I found you in front of my house last night. You weren’t alone, but…”
It was then. Heimdall quickly raised his head and grabbed my shoulder.
“I didn’t do anything, right?”
The man’s nice creamy hair was all over the place.
It was not bad to see his well-built muscles through his torn shirt.
The ascetic atmosphere and gaze-filled worries aren’t too bad either.
I decided to give a perfect score to myself.
“No, I was so tired yesterday that I left you in front of my house. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t even move your body.”
I raised my palm.
“And it’s hurting me a little.”
Heimdahl was surprised and took his hand off my shoulder.
He didn’t know what to do next so he just corrected his glasses and apologized, “I-I’m sorry.”
“Well, if you’re sorry, can you let me treat you?”
He nodded slightly when I said he needed treatment before it was too late.
“Then take it off.”
His ears turned blushing red.
“Aren’t you wearing something now?” “Ah… Yes.”
He nodded his head. Soon the man’s big hand slowly began to undo his shirt’s buttons.
Tuk, Tuk.
Why does the sound of the button coming off sound so strange?
Am I normal to like it?
‘Well, no, don’t think about it any more.’
Heimdahl’s hand stopped just when the last button was left.
“Well, by the way, I really didn’t do anything last night?”
“No you didn’t. Why do you keep asking this?”
I knew the reason very well, but I got off my nerves.
“…that’s… “
Heimdahl blushed. And I was at a loss what to do.
If it was because of embarrassment, this side was close to shame.
“I… I get very, very strange at night.”
This man was so beautiful that his beauty stuck out of his glasses.
His nickname among readers is ‘Dr. Jekyll and Hyde.’
It had similar characteristics like the main character in a literary work.
The double personality.
At night, he changed his personality and became a wicked, cruel, and cynical villain unlike in the day.
(Note: Jekyll and Hyde means one having a two-sided personality one side of which is good(Jekyll) and the other evil(Hyde). Referenced from the novel ‘Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’  by Robert Louis Stevenson, here the MC has two personalities, good at day and evil during night.)
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