Novel Name : I Only Treat Villains

I Only Treat Villains - Chapter 8

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‘I did try to not get involved.’
“Really? Oh, and raise your arms, please.”
The gap between Heimdahl’s face and mine decreased.
“Excuse me, but… aren’t you a bit too close?”
For me, this was a normal distance so I wasn’t bothered by it, but he seemed to have a different opinion.
“Is there a problem with a doctor and a patient being in close proximity?”
His face, which had been watching me, reddened slightly.
Was it just obvious because of his snowy complexion?
Interestingly, the redness stained his white skin and made his blue veins stand out.
“I’m sorry. I felt uncomfortable there, for a moment…”
Yeah, it makes me want to hear what kind of disturbing things are going on in there.
My eyes were drawn to the pretty ones hidden behind his glasses. They shone like sapphires. I wished they weren’t hidden behind these lenses.
And they weren’t just pretty, but mysterious as well.
So it didn’t suit him at all when he blinked innocently.
I remember a line from the book, saying that he was obsessively ascetic, almost like a priest.
‘In the future, this man’s image will change completely, but he’s not there yet.’
And it was best to avoid this man at night as much as possible.
Like I said, his personality can change dramatically. I didn’t want to have to deal with some mad villain.
“Hey, I’d like to ask you a favor.”
Heimdahl flinched noticeably when I turned to speak to him.
“What is it?”
“Can I touch you?”
“E-eh? I don’t think I heard you properly!’
“My powers can only cure you when they touch your skin. I’d like to ask for your understanding in advance.”
Only then did the man nod, covering his face in embarrassment.
Why’d he start turning red when I haven’t even touched him yet? He looked way too embarrassed.
“… I’m sorry. I’m not used to women, so please be patient with me.”
“Excuse me.”
With permission finally being granted, I gently placed my hand on the pale man’s body.
Heimdahl flinched the moment my hand touched his abs, his muscles trembling.
I lightly passed my hand over the wound.
As it was, the white skin seemed to be made like a marble statue.
Each of the individual muscles could be named and clearly felt.
‘Wow… He has a great body.’
I resisted the urge to touch the same area multiple times.
Although it was at an angle that Heimdall couldn’t see it, there was a small white gem in my palm.
As I concentrated with my eyes down, a white light soon flowed from the bottom of my hand.
“This will sting a little.”
“… Pardon?”
“Please don’t cry.” I grinned, “You look like you’re about to cry.”
“… Please don’t make fun of me.”
Though I said it in a playful way, he looked a bit dumbfounded. Soon, his face flushed under his eyes.
Light flowed into the wound. After a few repetitions, Heimdahl had no wounds left on his body.
To clean it up and leave no wounds behind. That was my ability.
“A-are you a healer…?”
“No. I do it illegally.”
“… Pardon?”
“I’m telling you to not say anything to anyone. If you do, I’ll probably be killed.”
I smiled and opened my hand.
“You know the temple’s special law?”
“… Yes. I know about it.”
People of this country can’t stay in the dark about that kind of stuff.
“It’s a world where you can’t treat things carelessly without qualifications.”
A small pearl rolled out of my hand.
When I first held it, it was about two fingers large. It is now 1/3 of that size, and the color is muddy.
Of course, it has been built with a ‘spell’.
“You know that impersonating a healer can result in death, right?” I said with a bright smile.
“The temple is most sensitive to the impersonation of a healer, only second after heathens. You know what? Both of them are punished by death row! Burned or hanging, that’s the difference.”
I didn’t lose my smile and slit my neck with my fingers.
“Dying is quite painful.”
Yeah, if you accuse me, I’ll kill you.
“And rumors say… They cut out their tongues.”
Even your tongue will get a death penalty!
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