Novel Name : I Only Treat Villains

I Only Treat Villains - Chapter 15

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“I can cast a few spells, though they’re limited to the people I’ve treated. That way they can’t harm me. I’ve got to keep a few people I can trust by my side, right?”
Even knowing about the spell doesn’t mean you can do anything about it. It’s irreversible once it has taken its effect.
“It’s a simple magic trick that only affects the opposite sex, so I was in a bind before. Luckily, my first male patient came along. That would be you.”
I found myself eyeing his creamy hair. It was so luscious that it might actually fetch a high price if I sold it.
I wondered if a melted down pure pearl would look like this.
I muttered internally, It’s just admiration. I’m just a little impressed.
I easily tied up Heimdahl’s arms and legs. The spell made it easier since he couldn’t resist the spell no matter how hard he tried.
With him all tied up and unable to fight back, I got up from my seat, now in a much better mood.
“I hope you don’t feel wronged. I’m just repaying your treatment.”
“… What are you going to do to me?”
“I’ll release you.”
Obviously, I’d do it during the day. If I tried to let him go at night, no one would see the end of his bloodbath.
“Some people just won’t stop disturbing the ecosystem. How about… Ah, but I don’t want to have to deal with it.”
I smiled and turned away from him.
“I’ll let you go. Now go.”
“… You think you can afford to let me leave? If I come back, you’ll be in danger again.”
“That spell, it will do whatever I want. Maybe you should stay for a month?”
“Come on, you’ve got to give me some kind of reaction. It’s no fun if you don’t.”
And to think it would have been useless if I’d treated Heimdahl’s day-side.
Of course, I hadn’t planted this spell on him during the day. I’d done it when Heimdahl first showed up in tatters that night and asked me to heal him.
“It is fun.”
Heimdahl laughed out loud. A good-looking man can do anything. It was so beautiful it felt like my soul had just been knocked out of me.
“I don’t forget my grudges, Miss.”
““That’s strange. Weren’t you the one who brought this onto yourself in the first place?”
“Even so, I’m a selfish human being.”
His eyes glistened dangerously.
“I should hope your magic continues to work.”
I responded calmly to his harsh words.
“No matter what, my neck is precious. Feel free to try to break out of there, though.”
I’m sure he’s trying his best.
After a while, he finally tried to examine his hands and feet.
Honestly, I want to rip the buttons off that pretty, messy shirt. But I think I would be indulging my self-interest too much.
“Hey, Miss.”
I was about to get up when Heimdahl called out to me.
“Just now, when you trapped me, what did you say the incantation was?”
Every spell in this world needed an incantation.
In other words, the moment I say the incantation, that spell is casted.
“Ah, Siéntate? That one, right? It means ‘Sit down.’” I replied lightly.
I dusted my leg as I stood and turned on my heel without an ounce of hesitation.
“Good night, puppy.”
That expression of his was absolutely priceless.
I ignored it and went to the second floor to sleep.
‘How satisfying.’
I could finally fall asleep, content.
The next morning:
Yawning and brushing my hair, I headed down to the first floor and faced Heimdahl, who was sitting in the same position as last night.
He looked just like he did last night, but with his eyes closed.
He seemed to have worn himself out after struggling all night long, and looked quite relaxed.
He slowly opened his eyes at the sound of my footsteps.
“… Ah.”
He blinked at me in surprise. Then he looked at his bound arms with a puzzled expression.
But it took less than two seconds for the face to fade.
“G-Glasses… Glasses…”
I picked up his fallen glasses and slipped them onto him.
He looked relieved, like a lost child who had finally found his parents.
I released Heimdahl’s hand.
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