Novel Name : I Only Treat Villains

I Only Treat Villains - Chapter 18

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I raised my hand.
“Never. Ever. Say something like that.”
My fingertips stopped at his shirt.
“The most dangerous thing in the back alley is the tongue.”
“What do you mea—”
Perhaps because he was tied up last night and thrashing all over, but his shirt was stretched, open and revealing his skin.
As if he’d just realized this, Heimdahl’s cheeks suddenly changed color. That red matched his glasses very well.
“You never know who or what they’re going to want, and you can’t possibly predict a step ahead of them, so you shouldn’t say that. What if someone suddenly asks for something special?”
“For example, let’s say I want your body.”
My fingertips circled around his chest. They stopped above his heart.
“What if I ask for your life?”
“Will you pay me back with your body?”
His face turned so red it looked like it might explode after a moment of thought.
“Um, that, how… Oh! Do you want labor? I’m good at physical work!”
“Does it really look like I need that?”
He covered his face with the back of his hand. Of course, it was meant to be half-teasing on my part.
However, that didn’t change the fact that this back alley was the kind of place where all sorts of bad things could happen. The crime that Heimdahl was imagining could also be happening somewhere here.
‘Although I’m sure they’re working in even more obscure places.’
“A lot of bad things happen every day around here.” I added mischievously.
In fact, since he was a man with such ridiculous beauty, he was most likely to be sold as a slave.
Of course, this man was not a man who would be easily controlled.
What if he turned the slave market upside down, transforming it into a sea of fire?
‘I don’t know, but given the potential of this man, he deserves it.’
Furthermore, this man, who already had first-hand experience of the slave trade as a child, later decimated the area.
He was the one who was going to burn all the slave traders alive in an event that would be triggered in three years.
“Alright, then.”
Let’s stop teasing him.
“I’ll help you.” I finally obliged.
The man peaked out from behind his hands and raised his head.
The eyes behind the glasses are shiny like the morning sun.
Cute! He’s like one of those fluffy brown puppies.
“That means—” (Heimdahl)
“Yes, but I’ll only treat you if someone drops you off in front of my house like last time, okay?”
Since there can be loopholes in these kinds of rules, if you don’t specify.
Although I treated whoever ended up in front of my house, on the side, I had a much more important goal.
I was looking for a very special jewel.
Apart from this, selling jewelry and treating the injured were just pastimes.
In large part, Heimdahl was part of those side.
That was why I liked the chaotic streets in this back alley. My existence and all my actions stay hidden this way. And all criminals have similar minds.
Additionally, when the main character comes on-stage, the movement of extras like me is bound to be overlooked.
In fact that’s why, subconsciously, I was more satisfied with the bigger the people I saved.
“Oh… It’s nothing, it just seemed like you agreed too easily. I was a little surprised. I wasn’t sure how I could convince you.” (Heimdahl)
He calmly raised his head as he organized his thoughts. I caught his gaze.
“I didn’t expect you to agree so quickly. It didn’t seem like you enjoyed the treatment process—”
Looks like he had a lot to say, huh?
He’s a quick-witted person.
“Well, I don’t like blood much at all. If you’re curious about the reason, just think of it as a wide-ranging resource.”
“Why did I tell you that? It’s because your face is screaming how curious you are.”
Fortunately, treating this man does not mean that the narrative has to be changed.
‘We haven’t even started part two yet.’
The case set for treating him a few times will not change anything.
Moreover, Heimdahl doesn’t know anything about himself yet. Sooner or later, when realizes his abilities, he’ll be able to heal himself.
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