Novel Name : I Only Treat Villains

I Only Treat Villains - Chapter 21

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‘Oh my.’
The blood-soaked scene gave off a somewhat strange atmosphere.
I slowly looked over his body as I sat.
‘Huh. His whole body’s been ravished.’
I feel the twitching man’s eyes on me. Of course, he couldn’t reach me even if he stretched.
He thinks his life is precious.
I clicked my tongue.
“Excuse me.”
“During the day, you said you should be knocked out.”
“… that’s bullshit, miss.” (Heimdahl)
From Heimdahl, rage mixed into a rasp burst forth.
“What do you mean bullshit? He strongly recommended hitting you with a frying pan.”
Heimdahl laughed as he sucked in a haggard breath.
“Are you serious?”
However, his eyes exuded a ferocious look as if he would not stand still if I did nothing.
‘It’s the eyes that saying if I did it you will die and I will die.’
To be honest, I was originally going to punch Heimdahl to make him faint.
Even if he was caught in a spell that kept him from hurting me, I wasn’t going to overlook the dangers of the night-villain Heimdahl.
‘There was something he said during the day.’
The problem was that Heimdahl was unexpectedly badly injured today.
“Hey, you. I don’t know if I know your condition, but it’s good to be alive,  right?”
To put it simply, he’s been hurt so badly that he can hardly breath.
If this is his state… It becomes difficult to leave the injuries unattended with only temporary treatments. This means it’ll be difficult to wait until daytime.
It was that serious.
“How do I get this kind of wound when I just get hit by something?” (Heimdahl)
I frowned and tapped my foot.
“Deep cuts in your skin, stab wounds, burns? You have way too many injuries. There’s not an inch of you left unharmed.” (Syrinx)
It’s amazing that the eyes were left in this situation.
The previous wounds weren’t anything to sneeze at either, but I didn’t expect him to return in an even worse state.
I knew the villain in this book had suffered and gained huge amounts of power in the process, but I didn’t realize he was suffering this much.
“It’s amazing that you’re still so alert after this kind of beating.”
Heimdahl, who was silent for a moment, stared at me. His bloodstained lips opened.
“At times like this, I think the term ‘fight’ applies, rather than ‘beaten up.’”
I paused for a moment.
A cold sweat soaked his back, but his expression did not falter.
“That’s why it’s such a mess. Logical reasoning, don’t you know?” (Syrinx)
“… I don’t think I ever said I was beaten up.”
“If you get hurt like this, most people would think so.”
“No. I think most people would ask me where I got stabbed. Isn’t this a cut?” (Heimdahl)
Right. Heimdahl’s most striking wounds were a cut and a stab wound.
“If you look at my true nature, you’ll see that I’m not just a human being who’s going to fit in the situation.” (Heimdahl)
It’s not like you’re trying to catch the unimportant thing. I clicked my tongue.
“Your day side already told me.”
“During the day, I only guess what I’m doing, but I don’t know exactly what happened.” (Heimdahl)
Damn it. He’s really smart.
“Do you know something else about me?”
“… Who knows.”
“Miss, you look quite caught off guard.…”
Heimdahl turned his crazy eyes towards me.
“That’s charming.” (Heimdahl)
The words were not compliments, proof being in the cruel tone they were delivered in.
“Did you get caught?” (Heimdahl)
He even forced to support himself with his arms, which he seemed to think he could move.
He was like a beast ready to bite at any moment.
“… Okay, don’t stare at me. I’m scared to death.”
“With that face?”
Hungry and wounded animals are more dangerous than ordinary animals.
Heimdahl was just like this.
Honestly, I know it’s dangerous to leave him like this, but I didn’t dare to even touch him.
I understood that he is actually still pretty dangerous.
He is powerless at the moment because he hasn’t amassed all his future power yet, and it is a time when there are many people after him.
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