Novel Name : I Only Treat Villains

I Only Treat Villains - Chapter 25

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Heimdahl did not attempt to rebe, for some reason. On the contrary, he seemed to be trying to follow along.
I must have had an unexpected look on. Cough.
“Come on, here kid. Follow me. I’ll live a good life from now on.”
“Why don’t you spit it out properly instead of talking nonsense?”
That didn’t work.
“…Do this.”
The jewels shed a faint white light.
‘Tonight, if I act against the will of Syrinx, I must pay the price.’
Heimdahl stared at my lips.
A small mutter fell from his lips, but the words were too quiet to hear.
“Okay, I’ll listen.”
Soon the light from the jewels permeated Heimdal’s arms, legs, and chest.
“What’s the price?” Heimdahl asked.
“It’s nothing. If you break it, you’ll be tied up with a chain.”
“—Chains?” (Heimdahl)
“Yeah. But if you keep your promise, it’ll be fine, right?”
I made him swear to the jewels before we entered the house.
If he is caught by the oath, he can’t escape it under any circumstances for a certain amount of time.
‘I can’t help but feel… Uneasy about this.’
Entering the house with him, I sat on one side of the low table and pointed to a corner of the room.
“With the desire to act within our contract, you can use that sofa today.”
Heimdahl kept an eye on my room instead of following. I felt like he was observing.
Soon he wiped the sweat off the tip of his chin with his hand.
“Miss, are you going up there?” He breathed drowsily,
“I’d like you to stay by my side.” (Heimdahl)
His eyes curved into a half-moon.
“I feel like my body is getting hot.” (Heimdahl)
I stared at him, shaken.
What kind of man has a talent for this during both the day and night?
I managed to put up with this remark.
“If I were you, I’d take a good rest instead of wasting my time and talking nonsense.”
“…Are you going up there?”
“No? I have to work.” (Syrinx)
I either sit on the sofa with Heimdahl breathlessly gasping over there, or ignore him and work it off.
“Sitting still won’t result in money.”
In fact, there are times when I can’t sleep after using my treatment skills.
And now was the time.
‘Heimdahl doesn’t have to know about it though.’
It was then. The clear sound filled our room. The bell on the door rang. This meant that there were guests.
“We have a customer.”
That bell rings in a special way.
The only person who taught me about this method was a regular customer and a frequent trader.
I signaled to Heimdahl to stay quiet as I opened the door.
“It’s been a while.”
The customer stride in. A hat covered his face and he had a long coat. As expected, he was a regular.
“A passenger?”
“Oh, not a guest, but company.”
He glanced away from Heimdahl, who was stretched out on the sofa, and didn’t look back.
“Is that so?”
He also seemed to regard the situation as nonchalantly as he did using this place.
“You haven’t been here in a long time, have you?”
Visitors to the back alley store are not interested in their surroundings.
He also visited because he had something to cut, so he won’t care about others. In addition, I liked to use those on the quieter side as guests.
“Love you, sir! What can I do for you today?”
I smiled broadly.
Boom! I felt Heimdahl flinch out of the corner of my eye, but I paid him no mind.
“You still have such a luxury way of saying hello.”
“Do I have to change, sir? The iron rule of our store is ‘kindness and faithfulness in my heart for eternity, like unchanging jewels.’”
As long as you’re not overly serious to the guest.
I received a pocket from the man with a kind smile.
‘Huh? Are you nervous?’
Why? I felt my hand shaking even though it was only a short distance.
“Should I pay you in gold, as always?”
“…Of course.”
The man has been a business partner for quite some time.
“Quick, ha—. I’ll ask you quickly.”
“Yes? Yes, yes, yes.”
It was also typical for me to come up with a big number every time.
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