Novel Name : I Only Treat Villains

I Only Treat Villains - Chapter 26

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But I felt a reluctance in the man’s pocket.
It was an instinctive feeling of a man who had been here for a long time.
‘It’s supposed to be dirty and nasty to come around here.’
I can’t help but receive it from the position where jewelry is essential. After receiving the jewelry, I paid for it.
The man hesitated for a long time after receiving the money, and looked me in the eye for a very short time.
“I shouldn’t say this, but—”
He swept a hand down his face. Just before it was covered by his hand, I read a fierce worry on his face.
“Be careful.”
The man picked up the money and walked away quickly.
I was unable to get a further answer.
‘Be careful.’
Not a day passes when you don’t have to be careful in this wild back alley.
I kept my guest’s advice in my heart, looking over my head.
‘Is the boss of a nearby organization about to change?’
I thought I’d find out tomorrow. I quickly grabbed the paper and scrawled something.
「Will it start getting windy in District 1 soon?」
It was the elite driver I picked up, the fourth one I treated.
‘Bloody wind is blowing.’
She is a former member of the Special Knights Unit, a difficult position to get into, and she is one of the people who manages the area.
Because of my tough personality, I thought she was a gangster rather than a knight at first.
After I saved her life, she became a person who would look after my back or give me information about various knights.
“Where are we going?”
I folded the note in half and called a child in the back alley to run an errand.
Even though it was night, there were children everywhere in the back alley. And of course a coin would wake up and get them to move in a hurry.
I turned my back and went home unhesitatingly.
First, I took all my pockets and walked to the table.
“A cold sweaty customer. Miss, you’ve had a pretty unusual visitor.”
Looking at me sitting on the table chair was Heimdahl who had been silent, threw in a word.
“I know.”
I had been wondering about the peculiar meeting, too.
“He was acting weird. He’s not usually like that.”
“Those assumptions are always the precursor of a crisis.”
“What do you mean by saying such ominous things?”
I let go of the sack, ignoring Heimdahl’s words.
“More than that, what was that face just now?”
“What face?”
Heimdahl didn’t say anything. What’s that? I looked into my pocket.
“Your business face is… quite different.”
“Then shall I do what I usually do to you?”
He seemed to flinch for a moment.
I leaned on the sofa and stretched my legs straight onto the table as I counted my new amount.
“Is it all jewelry?”
There were other pockets in the pockets the customer brought. The jewelry is simply separated by size.
A small jewel fell out of the first open pocket.
‘This is a small diamond.
People used to be surprised when they heard that they could buy only one small jewel.
Even though they looked small, they were actually very pure jewels.
‘It’s very good quality today.’
Jewelry is a product whose price is divided even with a small scratch. My job was to grade the quality here and hand it over to the auction house.
Sometimes I used to do it when I was bored because I was being commissioned as a sideline.
Heimdahl was still looking at me with his stiff posture and arms crossed.
‘Somehow I feel like I invited a stray cat into my house.’
A cat who sat down and acted as if all my households were theirs. No, they’re more like a beast?
“What do you do, miss?”
“You’re watching, aren’t you? Jewelry.”
“Not that. Your job. Sensibility? Sales?”
I answered roughly while touching the jewelry.
“Both.” (Syrinx)
A dark blue jewel came out of the second pocket. It was a black sapphire, a very rare find.
“If you look at the tools, you’ll see the technology as well, right?”
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