Novel Name : Bug Player

Bug Player - Chapter 2

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I drank the cold water and I wiped my face with a wet towel.
Whenever the texture of the towel touched my face, I could feel the flapping cheek fat.
It felt very bad, but I decided to accept it as something that is a part my body.
No matter how much I deny it, a pig-like body will not suddenly become a slender, slim and cool.
“I’m out of breath even if I was only washing my face. Can a human body be like this?”
After drinking water and brushing my face once, I wanted to lie in bed again, like it was natural.
Before I noticed it, I was already leaning halfway to the bed.
I stood up with all my might.
Unlike my body, which which easily gets tired, my head began to turn rapidly.
‘First of all, let’s think about it.’
I decided to take it step by step. First of all, this world is similar to the game , which I enjoyed in my previous life.
In my previous life, the only pleasure in my life was games, so I spent all my time in &#lt;Paradiso&#gt;, except for my working hours.
In simple terms, it was close to stagnant or rotten water. Perhaps that’s why I had all the plans for the development of characters and the operation of the land in my head, along with the accumulated black rice in my memories over a long period of time. The bugs reports of , which are made from the issues of small and large scale events, are almost completely memorized. Since I have been the No. 1 power blogger in posting about the game for nearly 10 years, so in theory, it was okay to say that I was almost in the top ranks. Of course not everything was perfect, in &#lt;Paradiso&#gt;, I wasn’t even a prominent ranker, and I was just one of those middle-ranked users.
Excluding the title I have as a “Power Blogging Theorist”, I am a deceased person who played games for a long time, it was just that kind of feeling.
‘The Nass Great War, called the Continental Civil War, will start five years from now. In other words, it means that I have five years to spare.’
I need to make an Anti-War Strategy. There are still five years left until the entire continent is involved in war.
That means that I can grow myself and my territory over the next five years, and with these, the premise are laid.
‘The knowledge of &#lt;Paradiso&#gt; is so endless in my head, that not using them would be a waste. I have strengths that others do not have and there are so much honey that I can suck in this world without anyone knowing. Aren’t there a lot of bugs and tricks?’
The overwhelming benefit of knowledge!
Using this, I can have a better future than others, and enjoy the benefits they do not know. Of course, I should consider the variables, but I can try the sweet honey first.
‘I used to be an ordinary office worker in my previous life, but let’s succeed in this reincarnation! In fact, this isn’t a dream, is it? To become the strongest warrior of the Nass continent and a monarch who unifies the world.’
I have to firmly establish my goals. Always setting big and small goals for motivation was something I enjoyed doing in my previous life. Although this is a different reality, I always had a big dream, in my past life I wanted to become the CEO of a conglomerate someday even though my colleagues pointed out to me that it is just an empty dream.
What would be different in my present life you ask? Since I know the future here unlike in my previous life, the likelihood of achieving my goal is much higher.
‘Then I have to live and survive! If you know yourself, you will know your enemies.’
I jumped up from my seat and the sagging belly fell heavily enough to bring down my rising motivation, but I ignored it and moved.
I stepped toward the office based on the memory of the present life I inherited and clearly retained. As soon as I came to the office, the first thing that came to my mind was to get the Mind’s eye skill. This is because it is the only skill that cannot be shared with others.
‘The Mind’s eye skill is absolutely necessary. A skill that was acquired by using tricks in &#lt;Paradiso&#gt;! Only with this, the management of the estate becomes very easy. It becomes an overwhelming advantage in the search for a promising personnels.’
Mind-eye(心眼) a passive skill. It is a skill that has a good name, and in simple terms, it is a skill that can scan other people’s stats and dispositions.
In addition, it was possible to know more detailed information according to the ability and level of the users of the Mind’s eye skill.
So, the higher the level, the more perks.
For example, the favorability of the opposite sex or the secret erogenous spot… Or something. You can also glimpse their loyalty.
‘Whether I’m governing a territory, running a company, or going into a war of conquest, no matter what route I take, Mind’s eye skill is absolutely necessary. Before grasping the situation of the estate, let’s get the Mind’s eye first. If someone meets the evil spirit Isabella first, I might lose the chance to get it. Every minute and second is urgent!’
I hurried. The Mind’s eye is a unique ability possessed by the evil spirit Isabella. Because it is obtained through a contract with her, it cannot be obtained in any other way, and it cannot be replicated once someone else has already obtained it. In other words, it means that there is only one human being who can acquire Mind’s eye by contract in the entire Nass continent. This is a privilege that I can never give up.
‘Today is also the only day that Isabella can be summoned.’
Today is the first day of the first month. I don’t know if things are going to go well, but the date is just right.
‘Now, there aren’t many artifacts that can be used for summoning, right?’
As I recalled my memory, I came up with an artifact that could be used in Isabella’s summons.
A tremendous amount of mana was required to perform a ceremony to call out high-ranking evil spirits.
However, with my current Mana level of 75, it is absurdly insufficient for the ritual, and there is only one item I can use to make it possible.
Viscount Barrett’s – after awakening all the memories of this present life, is now my father – Artifact that I inherited from his will.
‘Son, be sure to use this artifact in a meaningful way for your growth!’
The will left by my father is still vivid in my mind.
Perhaps he wanted it to be meaningfully used as an auxiliary item to improve my mana, but
I was going to use this in the ceremony of summoning Isabella.
The reason I thought about it for a while is because artifacts used in rituals are lost, becoming a handful of ashes.
The spell that summons evil spirits is directly consumed, and the offer can no longer function as an artifact.
In other words, the father’s artifact will disappear. However, due to the circumstances of the territory being poor, there was no money to buy expensive artifacts that can be used as a substitute. This artifact is the only thing I can use.
‘Anyway, it is a meaningful for growth, I believe you will understand.’
After making self rationalization like that, I knelt down in the corner of my office.
Now it is time to perform the ceremony for the ritual to summon the cursed evil spirit!
It was the beginning of a trick to get a feeling for a contract from her.
“Levère, Orrinegus, Germa, Himdrio.”
With my hand on the artifact, I muttered the start order to summon Isabella.
Drool! Drool! Kukungkung! Chiiikk!
Then the artifact began to react violently and began to emit dark red smoke.
Even at a glance, it was a ritual for summoning evil spirits full of dark energy.
Gahhahahahaha! Kyahahahaha!
Then, a high-toned voice, as if scratching a fingernail, burst out from the gap in the smoke, and the image of a woman who very large in size appeared..
It was the evil spirit Isabella.
Indeed, as I have seen in &#lt;Paradiso&#gt;, she was an evil spirit with a huge body.
My body, which would not lose to anyone in size, was only about half in front of her.
When I made eye contact with Isabella, she stepped up to me and asked.
-Ho, did you call me?
I nodded.
Isabella asked me again.
-Silly human, what did you want to have when you called me?
“I want to have Mind’s eye..”
-Mind’s eye? You have a very greedy desire! Do you want to look inside someone else?
“of course.”
I answered calmly.
Isabella will lose interest and leave when I appear frightened or nervous.
You can summon her only once in your life, there is no next time.
Besides, beings like her are also busy because they are evil spirits that are frequently called.
If I don’t take this opportunity, I may not be able to gain Mind’s eye.
Isabella seemed to think for a moment at my response.
Then she lowered her head toward me and asked me in a quick voice.
-What’s most important to you? Think about it right now! I mean right now!
‘Good. Chance to get hidden skills!’
Isabella will not know.. That she fell into a trap. She got caught in the trick I prepared!
At the time of &#lt;Paradiso&#gt;, users used to lose expensive artifacts and large amounts of gold coins in vain in the process of signing Isabella.
Because when Isabella says ‘think what’s most important to you’.
Unconsciously, they usually think of expensive things, if I had been asked this question without thinking about it, I would have thought of the safety of the estate or my father’s artifacts. Then at that moment it will be taken by Isabella!
If I think of my territory, the curse of evil spirits will stay on my territory. In short, my territory will be doomed.
But as I prepared, I thought of’it’.
Then the next moment! Isabella’s thick lips, which was so large, were torn on both sides, and she began to laugh out loud.
-Kahahahaa! What artifact will I get this time! Or how much money will you have! I’ll take it from you! Pretty Woman? I like it too. If you like to eat, it’s okay! I like drinking kimchi soup myself.
This is not new, because it is a reaction that I saw in &#lt;Paradiso&#gt; before.
Soon, that positive expression will turn into a poop face!
“God, please look after me.”
I prayed in a low voice and closed my eyes, as if liberated.
If you can get your heart out of Isabella, it’s because you’re prepared to sacrifice something like this.
[An eternal covenant with Isabella has been made!!]
[Acquired Isabella’s Mind’s eye! From now on you can use the Mind’s eye’s power!]
[In return for the contract, your “chastity” will be given to Isabella..]
Isabella’s surprised voice flashed my body.
Then, Isabella’s body, which only existed in shape, became clear and changed into a real shape.
And, as if attracted by a magnet, my body and my face turned to Isabella.
It was compulsory because it was a contract process, and it was like a one-way highway that could never be reversed!
-You! Why are you getting closer to me! Go away, don’t come!
Isabella tried to push me away, but she too was bound by a contract and couldn’t escape.
In the past, artifacts and gold coins would fly like a whirlwind and go to her hand.
But today was different. It was me that she would get. Me, myself and I!
This is because the most important thing I thought of was ‘the purity of a person, who has been keeping his body pure for 34 years.’
“Isabella, the contract has already been fulfilled. You can take it if you like.”
I gently closed my eyes.
-No! I hate it! I don’t like it!
I heard Isabella’s screaming voice, but I tried to ignore it and sang the national anthem.
“Donghaemulgwa Baekdusan-i……:’
Then I felt reverent and calmed down..
And after some time.
Chok. Chok. Chok.
Regardless of my will, a strong kiss with Isabella began to take place, as if I had become a puppet of God.
I can only feel the touch of a person and a piece of meat. I thought so.
-Nonsense! This is nonsense. She screamed, and I was silent.
It’s about my lips in order to get my heart out. It was a business that was eaten very cheaply.
If I only forgot the fact that I let my first kiss on a demon.
For a long time like that, “we” faithfully and very vigorously executed the contract.
TL’s note:
고인물 -&#gt; Stagnant water here.
Similar to stagnant water in worn and torn newbie. You can give it a try here. It’s fast quite fast paced.
심안(Shim-An -&#gt;) Mind’s eye’s -&#gt; google translate is Heart, 心眼 also translate to Heart. I copied Edelgarde’s translation for this, sounds better anyway. Edelgarde’s website here.
Here’s the Korean national anthem. Here’s a youtube video.
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