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Bug Player - Chapter 3

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Volume 1 Chapter 3
Act 2. The trick to my strength! – part 1
-You! You dare harass me?
“What do you mean harass you? You told me to think about the most important thing to me. So I just thought about it. Is that so wrong?”
-No, some crazy fucker in the world thinks that the most important thing is his own purity!
“Such a guy, is he in front of you?”
Jared responded naturally to the angry Isabella’s question. She was perfectly beaten.
Isabella was angry, but she can’t do anything, this is because it was part of the contract to ask something important from the other party, and in order to fulfill the contract, it needs to be taken unconditionally. How on earth did he know the contents of the contract? It was surprising and scary. He would not think of such a thing without knowing in advance.
Dedicating one’s lips without being mad-bringing purity that has never been stolen! I didn’t even want it!
Anyway, she had a business that lost money.
She could have just left, assuming that the ability of Mind’s Eye was good, but Isabella was so angry that she couldn’t do that.
-I can’t.
“What can’t you do?”
-I will follow you until you die and regain Mind’s Eye. I’ll bother you until the day this shameful experience is forgotten, I will be relieved when I haunt you!
Isabella snorted and expressed her feelings harshly. She was back in the form of a ghost, so that she won’t be visible to others.
This is because evil spirits are usually visible only to those who summoned them using some medium. It’s a kind of concept like a dedicated ghost.
“Well, follow along. It’s okay because I’ve achieved my goal. Do whatever you are comfortable with. Well then!”
He waved his hand at Isabella with a deep expression and headed straight out of the office.
There was nothing to be disappointed for Jared as he achieved his purpose inexpensively through trickery.
Jared headed out of the office to the basement. It is important to know the current status of the estate, but he wanted to use tricks that could be used first.
Jared was planning the trick for diet in his head, after the acquisition of the Mind’s Eye skill.
It was indispensable plan to solve the abnormal condition of ultra-high obesity that came along with his massive figure.
Perhaps it could be said to be a more important task than managing the estate.
-Give me Mind’s Eye! Give me Mind’s Eye!
Isabella persistently screamed wails into Jared’s ear.
However, Jared whistled Lululala and slowly went down the hall to the basement.
“Once I activate it, my weight will start to decrease. Let’s leave out the iron horns for now. Now is the best time to go to the basement and calm my mind before starting the ‘revolution’.
It wasn’t a very pleasant experience when I did it in in my previous life, it was to use a trick that had been effective in losing weight..
First, the iron door in the basement was locked. And he threw off the clothes he was wearing.
Did he take off your clothes and do something weird, not really.
That was the only way to use it from now on because it is a work that needs to be carried out in naked state, that’s why they came to the basement where others couldn’t see.
If I try and get caught in my room or office where maids might come in, it won’t be nice to be treated as pervert.
‘Lipolysis needle.’
What he was trying to do for his diet was Lipolysis needles.
He didn’t learn it formally, but it was a private acupuncture that he learned over the shoulder from a colleague in .
The principle itself was simple, put the Lipolysis needles on the abdomen and thighs where the most fat is concentrated.
Before that, disinfection must be done, it is a must. Pre-disinfection work!
It wasn’t difficult to complete the preparation, as there was a very thin needle in the basement that could be used for a similar purpose to the finish needle.
Anyway, the needles that is placed like that is to help the decomposition of fat in the body and activation of the action by injecting the power of 4 elements through mana for each needles. Probably, I am the only one in this world who is trying to diet in this way.
It’s a world where acupuncture doesn’t even appear. The process of getting the acupuncture trick was simple, after opening the Oriental Clinic, a user of Oriental medicine who enjoyed during his spare time succeeded in developing acupuncture skills. The user had a peculiar taste. Instead of using acupuncture for treatment, he was devoted to realizing the fat breakdown customization that makes the character slimmer! As a result, after several months of experiments, he was able to acquire the skill to break down fat using Lipolysis needle. That was the birth of “diet acupuncture”.
In 〈Paradiso〉, Lipolysis needles were a good cost-effective trick. The weight loss effect was very good, and it costs very little. On the other hand, the body slimming pills sold by merchants and game markets were so expensive, that you have to think twice before buying. The same was true of this world, in order to lose weight quickly, he had to receive a buff spell called “Blessing of Suffering” from a priest or high priest instead. The problem is that the amount the High Priests ask for in exchange for using the buff spell is an astronomical number. Since it was a rare blessing, they are able to control the price and it was close to the price of a common house. Besides, even if he paid the money, he had to wait for a while. It was because one high priest could only use it once a day due to the enormous consumption of divine power.
It was not a good solution for him, whose financial condition was not very good.
‘The effect is at least 15kg per month.’ First of all, if the lipolysis needle is activated effectively, the minimum weight loss per month is 15kg or more.
In addition, if the Lipolysis needle is well inserted in the right place, there is an effect of immediately break down and secreting body fat and waste products.
In this case, the weight goes down immediately. That’s why he came down to the basement like a thunderbolt to put the Lipolysis needle on as soon as he got Mind’s Eye skill.
This is because he needs to make arrangements in advance, and he did not want to waste his time.
“Oh my god. please.”
As he prayed to god, he prepared to put his first Lipolysis needle on his belly with a tense hand. Although it was painful to put on the thigh, putting the needle in the stomach is also scary. It was okay for others to insert the needles, but it was to insert the needle while looking at it at the same time. He had done it a countless times in the game in his previous life, but it was still different right now as it was hard to overcome ones self.
“Ha, looking in the mirror makes me feel depressed.”
Looking at the mirror in from of him, he can se himself standing in an egg-shaped state, holding his belly and trying to put a Lipolysis needle there..
He wants to know what this is doing.
It was also surprising that his two feet, which could not be seen by looking down because of my belly fat, could be clearly seen through the mirror..
“To double the effect by increasing the amount of mana circulation, I have to stick it deep.”
I checked the line I marked at the half point of my needle.
To weaken the effect, you can put it up to 1/4 point, but for the maximum effect, you need to put it in half deeply.
Moreover, even if he goes out of the basement to help activate lipolysis, he has to infuse mana into his abdomen and thighs from time to time.
Perhaps, to others, it looks like an oblivious sight of constantly rubbing between the belly and the groin. It should still be! This is because the effect of Lipolysis needles is maximized by steadily inducing activation, and waste products are constantly discharged out of the body..
“It doesn’t hurt. It will not hurt. It’s just tingling. Tingling… … Ahhhhhh!”
The moment when Lipolysis needle penetrated the skin of his stomach and into the fat layer.
He screamed and thought “I plugged it in quite well, but it felt like I was stuck in something that wasn’t good enough.”
“Whoa, it’s okay. It’s because this is my first time. Now, next. next. It does not.. Motherfuc…!”
The self-hypnosis spell that it was only tingling did not work as bitter pain spread everywhere spread along the belly.
Every time he screamed, it was a bonus that his belly fat fluttered. In 〈Paradiso〉, he couldn’t feel the pain, so he didn’t know it was this much.
“Oh, I still have to stab eight more in the belly alone. Can I hold up to my thighs here?”
Cold sweat trickled down. Maybe it’s because he has a fat body, and even though it seems like he is sweating a little, his whole body felt like a fireball..
“Whoa, whoa, whoa..”
The more pain he felt, the more he concentrated on laying down. If he let go of it because it hurts, the effect will be cut in half. No, maybe it won’t work at all.
So, he was in a trance, struggling with pain and fighting himself for diet.
At that moment,
‘What was the lord thinking? Did he stop by the office, he didn’t even go to the meeting and went to another place?’
The maid Haze was heading to the basement to collect cleaning tools. Today, there were many servants and maids in the mansion. This is because Jared, the lord, had spent the last few months leaving the room. The meeting of the deceased called the guests to the room to sign and finish roughly, and everyone had to wonder as if they were always stuck in the room.
‘Cellar……. I used to cry a lot here.’
Hayes recalls old memories.
For her, the basement was like a secret space.
Whenever there was something sad or difficult to handle while working as a maid, it was a place where she quietly came down and cried.
Especially when she was hurt by Jared, who was throwing things and saying harsh things to her.
But every time she came down here, she always prayed while crying, and then he would go back up.
She prayed that her lord comes back to the way he was. To bring me back to those bright and vibrant days. But today it seemed as if her prayers had come true.
When she saw Jared, the lord, who woke up, she felt the energy from the good days.
Although it is true that he is fat and heavy, his eyes were different.
He make the annoyed expressions with dim eyes every time. It was full of life, thinking of something.
“If the lord came back to his old form… … I think I will be really happy. It would be great if I could fill the empty seat next to lord. Lord, please come back. I’m waiting now!”
Haze put her hands together and prayed.
Her unrequited love, which began when she entered this mansion as a maid, was still in progress.
Everyone tried to avoid taking over the fat Jared, but Haze never had that thought.
When Jared was angry, laughed, or hysterical, Haze was always there.
“When the lord is away for a while, I have to clean the bedroom first. Because, it’s my job!”
Hayes smiled brightly and approached the basement door.
But right then. There was a sound inside the basement. Although it has been a long time since she came to the basement, it was a place where no one came.
Because the cleaning tools management was Haze’s job, no other maids came. Haze stopped and listened to the sound coming from inside the basement.
“Ah! Ah! Ah, I’m really crazy.. It seems to turn away. Really!! Haak!”
No matter how the tone or tone of his voice was, it was Jared’s.
However, the content of the voice I heard was unusual..
“Yes, there! Why can’t I find it there! I wondered why you struggled with so much that it would have been nice if you had put it cool earlier, you idiot!”
Hayes’ expression darkened.
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