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Bug Player - Chapter 4

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I Alone Suck All The Honey by Exploiting Bugs. – Volume 1 Chapter 4
Act 2. The trick to my strength! – Part 2
And soon her face turned red.
She shouldn’t think like this, but it was because the content of the conversation seemed to be due to something related to the forbidden area (?) that she should not know..
‘No, the lord is also an adult! Isn’t is good that he is a young healthy adult?’
Haze had a number of situations in her mind..
It was a very embarrassing and hot image altogether, but as an adult, it was also an understandable.
However, she felt strange. Haze, who has always kept Jared in her heart with a sunflower-like mind since childhood, felt a strange sense of betrayal.
The fact is… … she was angry! She never thought of Jared as his own, but she didn’t want to see or know the sight of him making love with other people.
She believed that he would never touch a woman after staying in the bedroom like a mouse and suddenly coming out. – He’s having a secret love affair!
It was unacceptable. It would have been better if she didn’t know! It was like opening Pandora’s box.
“Ah, really. How pathetic would other people think of me? If I, the lord, take off my clothes and know that I am here with you.”
Haze’s pupils shook. Jared seemed to be blaming himself and paying for it.
She didn’t know who the other person is.
If the two of them are in the basement after taking off your clothes, isn’t it as obvious what happened?
Haze shook his head..
Right then.
There was a harsh groan.
Haze’s mind turned white.
And before she could even think about it, her body move on its own and opened the door to the basement.
Haze, who frequently entered the basement, also had the key, so it was not difficult to open the locked door.
“No way! No way, lord!”
Haze screamed urgently and quickly rushed in.
By the time Jared recognized her appearance, the eyes of the two had already met.
The silence flowed.
As if time has stopped.
Jared and Hayes just stood facing each other.
However, there was a problem.
Haze is seeing Jared without wearing anything.
And unlike Haze, who thought she had captured the scene of secret love affair, Jared was alone.
That was it.
“What… Stop?” Jared asked.
At the moment, he was so embarrassed that he was halfway out of my mind, so he couldn’t think of wearing the clothes.
In his right hand, there was a Lipolysis needle he had just been trying to let go of.
His belly was full of Lipolysis needles that were densely embedded like a hedgehog.
“I know that lord and some woman are making love……. Ahhh.”
Haze blushed and lowered his head. It unintentionally revealed her inner heart.
That was good, but the problem was that it was a complete misunderstanding.
“What were you doing?’/ Take responsibility!”
“You saw my naked body……. Haze, you’re the first.”
That was true. It was a moment when he revealed his perfect naked body, which he had never shown to anyone in his previous and present lives.
It took some time for the shock of revealing the naked body to subside.
And after enough time has passed, he explained to Haze what he was doing. Without understanding the concept of acupuncture, she hung her head a few times, but accepted the situation as something not worth worrying about.
“I think whatever you did is right! I’m so much more happier with that! It’s great to see the lord taking care of himself and being so motivated!”
“Haze, raise your eyes. Where are you looking down?”
“Ahh! I’m sorry..”
“Anyway, to put the lipolysis needle on my stomach and thighs like this, I had to take off all my clothes, so I came down to the basement for a while.””
“In the future, I will thoroughly lock down on the door. Or will I stand guard at the entrance? Because in case you don’t know who will come!”
Haze took a clear stance and pretended to follow the guards. Such innocence is one of the charm of Haze.
So it seems that she liked the former owner of this body, who was stupid and ugly. Maybe she still like it now.
-Give me Mind’s Eye!
At that time, this Isabella, who was staring at him from the side, cried out.
However, thanks to this, he woke up from his concentration and Mind’s Eye naturally came to his mind.
He immediately examined Haze’s stats and inclinations using his Mind’s Eye skill on Haze.
Since the Mind’s Eye skill is a passive skill, it does not require a separate activation process.
Besides, there is no mana consumption. It’s similar to having some kind of permanent buff on him.
[Haze – Lv. 8]
[Strength : 3][Stamina : 11]
[Mana : 0][Wisdom : 13]
[Agility : 13][Charm : 25]
[Physical Defense : 5]
[Magical Defense: 0]
[Special Disposition : Devotion S / Love A / Cheer A / Cooking Master A / Irritable B]
[General Disposition : Stability, Peace]
‘Wow, Devotion? Aside from that, why does she have so many special disposition?’
I was surprised to see her special dispositions.
What if the user of Paradiso saw her disposition without knowing that she was a maid?
They would have recommended her a healer job unconditionally.
This is because devotion and cheer are essential elements for healers who must use the divine energy for healing.
In extreme terms, you shouldn’t choose a healer without both tendencies. It’s a waste of time.
However, Haze was very good with those two factors, S rank and A rank, respectively.
‘The Love at A rank means that she has unrequited love that lasted for a long time. This means that she had unrequited love for over 10 years.
It is refreshing to know who the target was, but my heart is salty. However, I have a lot of work to do as a lord in the future.
I don’t even have a little thought of giving someone my heart and having a quick relationship. I didn’t want to violate it because it was completely contrary to the goals I set while being aware of the present life. Unless there is a really big change of mind. Cooking master is also A. So, every food that Haze cooked herself taste good. In the past, I loved and enjoyed Haze’s food very much. I was always curious about her cooking skills, but now I checked it with Mind’s Eye and I am convinced. Later, Haze must be trained as a healer. Then she will be a big asset to the manor!’
Jared made plans for Haze’s future that she is not yet aware of. Haze Healer Training Plan!
Occupations called Healers or Curers are so precious that they are counted in the hand in the entire continent.
The healing volume of a professional healer is incomparably greater than that of a high priest. He even felt sorry for comparing the two.
If he cultivates her well, it will be a tremendous asset to the estate.
“Lord? What do you think? Do you have any worries?”
“Ah, sorry. I was thinking about things for a second. What were you talking about?”
“I was thinking about guarding the entrance to the basement for the lord instead of the guards!”
“Done. In any case you are managing the basement anyway and I have my own key as well.”
“You don’t have to come in, Haze.”
“Heh……. is that so?”
As Hayes scratched her back, I gave her a little honey chestnut and said.
“Turn your head. From now on, I have to do some embarrassing work.”
“Yes! Then I’ll go over there and organize the cleaning tools.”
“If I don’t call you, don’t come this way. There’s nothing to see.”
“Yes! I’ll keep it in mind!! Oh, I meant to keep in mind that he told me not to come.! Not anything else!”
Haze, who just wanted to go, got embarrassed. It certainly seems that he true nature is pure and naïve.
“I,it’s okay.”
“Okay, sorry!”
“It’s okay. Go.”
Haze went through the corner passage of the basement and went inside.
Only then did Jared sighed of relief and began to channel mana onto the lipolysis needles stuck in his stomach.
‘Still, I’m glad that the old Jared guy did some magical training. Had it been a body with nothing, it would have been really desperate. I am grateful for bringing it up to the level of 4th class.’
This body had a low magic power stat, but fortunately it was a body that knew how to feel and manage mana.
Since his father was a wizard, he had been educated in magic from an early age. He is currently a 4th class wizard.
There are quite a few magics that can be used, but the problem is that the container is small.
At this time, it was impossible to cast a 4th class magic that consumes 40 mana with 75 mana.
Aside from the fact that the mana pool was lacking, he had learned a lot of spells and the mana flow is stable.
He thought. ‘In parallel with the diet trick, I should start working on the trick to increase mana. Now, rather than jumping right into a dungeon, it’s most important to expand the mana pool.’
It is absolutely unreasonable to go to the dungeon at his current state where the monsters can rip his heavy body apart.
Increasing mana stat in a safe way, and losing weight is a priority, and nothing can take precedence over this.
“Huu, huu.”
Whenever the four elements of mana are injected through the lipolysis needles his body got hot. It was cold, hard, and loose again and again and again.
Every time, sweat flowed down like a waterfall. He had prepared enough towels in advance, but otherwise, he sweated so much that water would have flowed on the basement floor.
[The body is in the ‘fat decomposition enabled’ state.]
[Lipolysis needle’s effectiveness has tripled compared to the previous one..]
[Intense stimulation is activated in large quantities.. 900 grams of fat was immediately decomposed and released.!]
‘Hwa! This is it..’
The body has responded more actively because it has definitely been deeply inserted and circulating the body.
At the moment, he felt his belly fat fell so fast that he was now able to see his toes.
“Wah! I could barely see my toes before. Now, when I exhale, I still can’t see it, but when I inhale, the big toenail sticks out.”
It was a great progress! He couldn’t even see his toenails before. He was excited and touched the needles that were stuck here and there, and continued to infuse them with magic.
“Ha, it’s the first time I’ve ever smelled pork belly from my body..”
He laughed, this is because whenever he activates the power of fire, the smell of golden meat rise over his belly.
He devoted himself to fat breakdown silently and sweaty.
After sweating for a while in the basement he went back and took a cool bath, and afterwards sat in a chair in the office, and Haze came inside, as if waiting.
Above her hand was a small tray, which was the dinner I requested.
“Lord, I have prepared the menu you mentioned for meals.”
“Thanks. You can leave it.”
“I think it’s too harsh.”
“All vegetables and vegetables, right? I’m worried about what to do if the lord falls down while eating only this kind of food. The contents changed so much overnight in the hearty meals that lord had before……
The word hearty meal sounds hot.
I certainly ate a lot.
No, I really ate a lot! It’s good to not die even after eating like that.
It was very good to say that it was ultra-obesity, and if there was a classification of “ultra ultra-obesity” in the system, it was the amount of meals that would have been classified.
Starting today, I decided to resolutely adjust my diet.
That way, the synergy with fat-degrading acupuncture would be better. This is has been verified in .
“Diet control is essential for acupuncture. That’s how the effect doubles.”
“Oh really?”
“Yes. So my diet should be observed.”
I was steadfastly thinking about implementing the steps of acupuncture tricks.
There was no doubt at all because it was a method that had already been verified in .
“Then shall we make soybean meat? I used to learn from a chef before. At that time, lord hated him, so he was fired, but now it seems okay?”
“Soybean meat? That would be okay too. Anyway, it’s made of beans, not real meat.”
“Yes! Yes!”
“Then, shall we take a look at Haze’s skill? Can you make it now?”
“Sure! If the lord ordered me, I would do anything!”
“Anything? Doesn’t matter anything?”
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