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Bug Player - Chapter 5

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I Alone Suck All The Honey by Exploiting Bugs – Book 1 Chapter 5
Act 2. The trick to my strength! – Episode 3
Haze, who spoke energetically, felt a passionate determination.
Haze was really looking at me like a sunflower. The reason for this is the Special Disposition “Devotion”.
Because with Devotion, you dedicate everything to the person you are devoted to blindly.
Your heart, and even life. No matter what.
‘As soon as I am done checking the territory, I need to change Haze into class that suits her aptitude. That special disposition should not be wasted by being a maid.’
Jared thought as he wanted to find a place that suited her aptitude better.
Her work as a maid is perfect, but she has greater potential than being a maid.
When it comes to running the territory, ones talent is more important than one capable maid.
“Haze after you bring the soy meat, please bring all the documents that needs to be reviewed.”
Jared said to Haze.
As soon as the meal was over, Jared planned to have a thorough review on the information of the territory.
“Shall I try it first?”
It’s an uncomfortable diet, but Jared lifted his fork and ate all the fruits and vegetables.
“Ugh, I hate the smell of cucumber.”
“Ha, there are eggplants, too.?”
“Carrot, this is really thin.”
“There’s no killer. They’re all criminals. Ah really! Do I have to live like this?”
It was all good when I was only planning it, but when I was trying to eat, it was all vegetables, which I absolutely hate.
“I really want to cry.”
I sobbed halfway, and forcibly shoved the vegetables into my mouth and started munching like a cow.
Then, a strange scent began to pour out.
It was okay when I was eating familiar vegetables.
“Puk……! Wow, what is this that it tastes like chewy rotten cheese?”
“It smells like flying from my armpits in midsummer.
Unique plants that only exist within〈Paradiso〉-These plants amplify the effect of diet, so Jared must eat them. -Every time he ate it, he had the irresistible urge to vomit.
It smells like chewing and eating larvae that live only on rotten bark.
It has a strange texture as if chewing the snot flowing along a runny nose.
Mixing soybean paste with spoiled milk, and even a terrible rumbling as if sticking your nose into it.
Even when he thought that it was to stay alive, it was so bad that he couldn’t keep it down.
Eventually, Jared couldn’t stand it and spit out everything he had in his mouth.
It was fortunate that he didn’t vomit, but the taste was horrible.
“No, I can’t do this at the start. Let’s eat again and again.”
He smacked both his cheeks hard, and reaffirmed.
“euk. uk. Ugh and for a while.
In the office, his disgusted voice were constantly heard.
[The effect of eating meline herbs promotes the ‘activated fat breakdown’ obtained through acupuncture.]
[The effect of eating aspa leaves helps in “improving metabolism”. You burn twice as much calories as usual!!]
[Intense stimulation is activated. 450g of fat was immediately decomposed and released!]
“Wow, I lost weight again!”
As soon as he finished eating, a system message appeared saying that Jared lost weight.
It was worth it being vegetarian.
The system was a sure reward for weight loss.
In particular, the taste was bad, so the meline herbs and aspa leaves, which are used when taking a bath, were the first contributors to fat breakdown.
The medicine that is good for the body was also used as food and the results are showing.
Fortunately, by the end of the meal, the soybean meat that Haze had prepared was so delicious that the bad memory from the vegetarian diet disappeared.
For the time being, he ordered a special stir-fried bean meat made by Haze for every meal.
Haze came into the office while Jared was contemplating about his horrifying meal with a cup of tea.
There was a file folder over his hands.
“Ahuhuhu, I’m sorry. I have a small body and small hands…”
As she said, Haze was really small. Her hands were thin and small like a child.
Well, not all of them were small, but anyway!
“Come here. Give it to me.”
I took over the papers from her.
However, Haze looked frightened.
“Lord! I’m sorry! I have to work properly……
“Why? If you don’t have enough hands, I can help. Do not worry about it..”
“Well, the old lord said whenever this happened……
Haze blurred her words..
And Jared immediately noticed what she meant. Because it was what he did to her.
In the past, he was a fool, who get’s annoyed at people with the smallest reason
But it’s not important on who he used to be, but who he is now. It will never happen again.
“Did you suffer a lot? I’m sorry, Haze. It won’t happen again. If I did anything wrong to you in the past, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize again.”
I sincerely bowed my head and apologized to her. It wasn’t an empty word.
It was an expression of gratitude to her for her dedication and not complaining about me, who was a mess in the past.
“My Lord………. Oh, my. I’m sorry. I was moved and tears came out.”
“A lot will be different in the future. There will be a lot of work for you too, so be prepared.”
“Yes, my lord! Please find me anytime!”
Haze was very energetic.
Seeing that she is full of joy and energy, Jared thought that he should work hard for the time being.
In order to grasp the situation of the territory, there are a lot of things that needs to be checked, so Jared thought that he would need a good helper.
After a few hours.
Pikudok, pikudok.
“Argh, really.”
While sitting in a chair and looking at the papers, he woke up nervously.
Because of his weight gain, the chair was tightly attached to his hips.
So, he sat on the floor and kept looking at the documents.
The documents were brought and neatly arranged by Haze, it contains information about the territory
The more he looked at it, the harder his expression became.
And at the end of the day, when he checked all the locations of the provinces on the map.
“I remember this territory, what kind of territory it was. I think it got ruined? Hwa.”
A sigh erupted as if the ground was going to disappear.
The Cribia province, the territory where I am the lord.
This is a place classified as an F-class province among the provinces.
The words that can be easily compared are as follows.
Cold, despair, beast, poverty, pillage, raid, run away, nightmare.
Do you see any positive words?
If you don’t see it, you’re right.
The Cribia Territory is located at the northernmost tip of the Nass continent.
Half of the year is winter, and the other half is like early spring which can barely escape the cold.
Farming? It’s not possible.
Seeds planted often freezes and even on good days, if they do sprout they will still die from pests.
For this reason, the main source of income for the territory is not from agriculture nor commerce from grain production, but from external economic activities.
The list is as follows.
First, the taxes and tolls paid by adventurers who comes to hunt monsters from the “Nightmare Forest” in the northeastern part of the Cribia territory.
Second, a portion of the tax and profit received from the territory’s direct management.
This was all about income.
I looked at the sky outside the window and thought resentfully.
‘God, did you reincarnate me just to die twice?’
The fucking territory’s skies had no clouds and is spooky.
It is said that the number of days when the sunlight shines properly a year can be counted.
‘If time passes like this, I will 100% die.’ No, I might die twice. I was killed by natural death, and the citizens will revolt and slaughter my body! ’Kwang! Kwang! Kwang!
Jared couldn’t stand his anger and struck the floor with his fist.
From body to territory.
He don’t like anything.
‘No, no. Then he realized, there seems to be some trick related to the management of territory in the Cribia continent.’
At first he couldn’t remember, but as he thought about it, several memories came to mind.
Like the Cribia estate, the northernmost province of the continent is barren, but there are tricks that can be used in other forms.
For example, there is an underground resource that has special mineral that others have not noticed yet.
Then the minerals can be sold at a high price, so he can earn a lot of money. But.
‘Damn my level is the problem. I can’t even start doing such tricks at level 1.’
He sighed.
There are so many tricks that he could think of, and there are so many good things in the territory!
But it cannot be used at the moment.
He needed to level up, and to do that, it is essential to attack a dungeon.
But if you look at the stats except for the magic and wisdom, it is really the lowest level.
As an analogy, in historical strategy simulation game, he had terrible stats, with terrible territory and terrible military power, located at a place where it is easy to forget.
‘It’s a really amazing extra position.’
He laughed sarcastically.
Still, he had always lived thinking that he am the main character of my life, but it is a perfect extra in .
It seems fortunate that he even had the name “Jared” instead of just having a numbered name like Lord Extra 69.
‘First, let’s prepare the framework of our plan. I don’t have time to lament. If I can’t adapt to this world quickly, I will be cut off immediately.’
I died in vain from overwork in my previous life.. It will also be the last time I will die in vain being used like a company’s consumable.
Even in the present life, I do not want to face such absurd death.
In addition, I didn’t want to disappear because I was consumed as one of the many axtras in the world of Paradiso.
I don’t even want to face the same fate as other lords with a shameful end such as getting captured and beheaded by other lord.
First, let’s solve the ultra obesity condition. It’s worst effect is the permanent 0 charm when it is extremely necessary for a lord in order to get the loyalty of the people. No one would want to work for me.’
[Super obesity]
It is the biggest task on this world and is a problem that I must solve now.
‘If I don’t solve this problem, I am garbage. Completely crap!!’
He whipped himself with a strong hand..
‘Second, I must be strong by actively using the bug lists and tricks that I know. Diet and Mind’s eye skill are just the beginning. I need to be absolutely strong in the future, no matter how!’
Second goal, stat growth.
I need to strengthen my stats, which currently is equivalent to trash, I need to at least have a average stat.
In fact rebellion often occurs in small-scale territories where you can find a weak man in charge as the lord.
In 〈Paradiso〉, I heard the news of the rebellion and coup in the local subsidiary territory every day.
Each time, the names of the lords, change drastically.
Jared wondered how easily he could lose his life to his subordinates, how he could manage his estate.
But now he is not in a position to speak.
Because he is doing just that.
‘Third, I need a lot of talented people to support me by my side. In the state of the territory… … When war breaks out, it’s not possible to tell the butler to get out and command the soldiers.’
Third goal, recruiting talent.
Right now, the talent pool of the territory is as terrible as the state of barren territory.
Until I awakened, there are no talented people at hand because “they” had messed up the management of the estate.
First of all, it is necessary to recruit talent, whether they are S-class or not.
This is because, even if they are not necessarily completely talented, it is possible to cultivate them by my side.
In fact, I had a lot of experience in recruiting and nurturing talented NPCs like hidden gemstones in .
I also have the most proud memories.
It was an exhilarating experience to grow F-class talents, who were laughed at by others, to A-class
Growing people is a complicated and difficult process.
However, since I have a variety of routes and methods that have been verified in 〈Paradiso〉, I can definitely take advantage.
‘Fourth, after completing the recruitment of talent to some extent, we are going all-in to strengthening the province. The so-called wealthy power project!’
Four goals, for the growth of the territory.
In fact, this is the biggest challenge right now.
Climate, population, location.
This is because it is a very difficult challenge to transform such a territory where everything is unfavorable.
Of course, it’s not like the trick doesn’t.
However, it is something that cannot be dreamed of at the current level.
‘Once I steadily achieve these four goals, at least years before the main story begins, I will be able to withstand the assaults of the demons. Then, won’t the protagonist take care of the rest? Am I not the main character?’
I ended up thinking that way.
It is because the situation is so bad that I need to first think of my immediate survival and leave other things to the main character.
Someone may point out that the hard stuff is left to the main character of the story and that they are thinking of a comfortable sequel alone.
But for now, this is the best plan.
Because I am thoroughly an EXTRA in this world.
‘Good. Let’s do it! Jared, you’re born anew! That comes first!!’
That’s how my ambitious current adaptation plan began.
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