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Bug Player - Chapter 6

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I Alone Suck All The Honey by Exploiting Bugs Volume 1 Chapter 6 Act 3 Our lord is different! – part 1
‘As expected, the lord is different! He slept in the office for the first time in 10 years, and he is checking the documents in the training ground this morning right?
It has been an hour since Jared started walking in the training ground.
Haze did not understand
Just until yesterday, Jared was a lazy person who didn’t even bother to move from the bedroom to the office.
But to move and go out somewhere and walk for more than a few minutes?
It had never happened
Given that it was the most he had walked his entire life, it was the best time to go out to inspect(視察) the territory.
It was because in order to get on the carriage, he had to get out to the front door of the mansion.
It was only a few minutes to at most
‘How did it happen? Did my prayers get through? The butler and the other maids are saying the same thing as me! That the lord has changed.’
The Jared remembered by Haze was a man who never liked to get tired and whose daily routine was to always get drunk.
And the only thing that could make his face happy was when he was eating delicious food.
But now, she couldn’t find the blurry eyes she used to see.
She can only see eyes full of brightness for everything! It was a huge change.
‘Did my prayer really got through?’
Haze recalled.
Thinking of Jared, who was bright and full of life when he was a child, she hoped and prayed that her lord will return to his old and handsome self.
Everyone shook their heads and gave up, but Haze believed that the lord would come back someday!
And now that belief seemed to have come true. Like everything before yesterday was a lie.
‘Still, I still like it even if I don’t know what changed.’ I shouldn’t make a fuss, I should calm down!’
Haze thoroughly reminded herself.
She felt so good, but she wanted to be more careful. Jared was a precious person for her.
“Damn body! Even though I walked very slowly, I was breathing roughly. Wow, I’m sweating even after walking on this cold day? My stamina is really bad.”
It has been more than an hour since I walked through the training ground.
In fact, I thought I would never get tired because it was slower than a walk, but I was sweating all over my body.
Regardless of my will, my body kept sending signals that it wanted to rest.
Most of all, the sweets was very alluring.
In my previous life, I didn’t like chocolate very much. If I liked sweets, I was on the side that liked candy.
But this guy’s body was looking for sweet chocolate every few seconds.
Yesterday, while adjusting my diet, I kept away from the meat and sweets I always ate, and I felt like withdrawal symptoms was occurring.
“When I think of the syrupy sweetness, saliva collects in my mouth. But when I thought I couldn’t eat it, my hands trembled.
“Don’t do it, you can’t eat. I can not eat.”
I suppressed my soaring appetite, and kept scrutinizing the papers.
Documents related to the territory, which were long documents on the territory’s internal affairs.
It was a document that Haze had to bring back yesterday evening, but it took quite a while to read it all because there was so many.
And as I finished reading the last page.
Right then.
The system message that I was waiting for got displayed.
[Succeeded in reading information on the Cribia Territory.]
[Jared’s current information on the Cribia Territory will be updated.]
Looking at it, it was information that I saw a lot through the Yeongjichang when managing the estate in .
‘The game system followed the system of from my previous life. Of course, it is only for me!!’
It was easy to realize that this information window was special because I had all the awareness of the present life.
It is subject to the game system. This is the privilege that only I can enjoy.
“Let’s see……
[Territory Information-Cribia Territory] [Rating / Country : F / none]
[Domestic Administration – Agriculture : 015 / 050]
[Domestic Administration – Commerce : 016 / 050]
[Domestic Administration – Safety : 075 / 100]
[Domestic Administration – Science :017 / 100]
[Domestic Administration – Loyalty : 018 / 100]
[Military – Total : Now 228 soldiers]
[Special Affairs 1 : The Cribia Territory is adjacent to the Nightmare Forest.
Every year on the 1st day of the 7th month, Juseong(Main Star 主星) and Gaekseong(Guest Star 客星) are aligned in the sky.
A massive invasion of beasts on the Cribia Territory takes place..]
[Special Affairs 2 : Horgus, the lord of the neighboring Mayorca territory, publicly accused the lord Jared of the Cribia estate as an unbelievable author!!]
[Special Affairs 3 : Bandit King Volcas sent a letter saying that if they could exchange their corn and the spirit stones of the Cribia territory for one to one, there would be no bloodshed..]
‘Is this a territory, or is it just the land that was thrown away? Did the lord look like a pushover? The bandit king even sent a letter with something like this?’
I was amazed to see the updated estate information.
None of the figures were correct.
Still, security looks high?
I don’t even know.
This is because the level of security required is very low because it is only an F-class territory.
The maximum amount of security displayed on the right side of the slat of the estate window is 100 It is also boring if it is displayed as!
In other words, Jared’s territory management was a mess until I took over.
In short, it was neglect.
It’s not an idle game. If you do this in real life, you’ll all die. Didn’t he know that?
‘Loyalty 18……. Really, I’m even ashamed to curse at the previous Jared.’
The citizen’s loyalty was as bad as the shame that I felt, I’m so unlucky.
To this extent, it would be a curse and a bad remark to me when I eat or drink, or when it comes to side dishes and snacks in my mouth. It means that you are full of complaints.
‘Okay, let’s not panic. I knew it in the first place, I am in a barren land and the operation of the territory is a mess.’
I calmed my mind.
It’s not like I didn’t know it before, and I knew there was a long way to go from the moment I woke up and saw my body.
This is also a burden to bear and overcome. There is no need to be so discouraged.
I have the experience of transforming a territory that was worse than this in 〈Paradiso〉 into an s-class manor!
Of course, it was when I was at a high level, but it wasn’t impossible anyway.
‘First, let’s check if there are any useful characters in the estate..’
I will begin by scouring the information in the documents.
The reason that the province’s status has been messed up is probably because the talents weren’t deployed in the right place..
If the tasks had not been entrusted at all, the operation of the estate would not have been possible.
Seeing that the work wasn’t paralyzed, there was a high possibility that it had only an assortment.
I read the papers and after a while.
“Wa, You sent this man to a farmland?”
“No, why is this one assigned to commerce when he was a soldier for his entire life?”
“You entrusted the territory’s safety to a notorious man?”
“The one’s that are leading the territory are only taking looking after profits. The ones working at finance has no experience too!”
I was astonished.
There was no person assigned to the right place.
It was all miss matches.
Looking at the summary of past activities, it was clear in which field this person was interested and competent in.
But it wasn’t considered at all.
When operating a territory in 〈Paradiso〉, it was common sense to assign talent according to each individual’s disposition, stats, and suitability.
The synergy effect is amplified the more you can work in the field you want.
This is common sense.
However, in 〈Paradiso〉, there were many cases where the manpower assignment was messed up and the management of the estate was ruined.
In order to prevent such an unforeseen situation, users needed to interview them from time to time to identify complaints and to identify the desired field of work.
However, even that was annoying, and many users left them as it is.
Of course, the end of such a users were obvious. They lost their territory and became wanderers.
I am confident that I would have become the top tanker in if the manor management was such a simple matter that it could be done in such a way.
It is difficult to manage people that much.
‘First, let’s have a meeting with the vassals. Since I have the Mind’s eye skill, it is now easy to understand their disposition.’
-Give it to me!”
“Isabella, have you not gone yet? Stop it. Mind’s eye is essential for the operation of the territory.
I will never return it.”
-Let’s see how long it won’t be returned!
“Take it when I die. I don’t know when I’m going to die.”
-Give me my eyes!
I turned to the office, ignoring Isabella’s words suddenly popping out and distracting me.
I first need to perform personnel reorganization.
Now that the territory is on verge of downfall.
First of all, I had to stop it.
“Let’s see……
While waiting for the vassals..
I once again checked my status as a wizard in the office.
Until now, the magic stat is not high, so I can not use magic to my heart’s content.
However, the degree of understanding up to the 4 class magic was full and overflowing.
Papat. Pat Pat
Magic spheres appear and disappear on my hand.
I was repeatedly canceling at the casting stage, but fortunately there was no problem with the mana flow in my body.
It is because he trained the Eucalis family’s mana training, which has been passed down from generation to generation.
Since I was young ‘I’ trained in Eucalis’ Mana, and after the age of ten, I became accustomed to the extent that his mana cycle could be achieved just by breathing.
Because of that, after the age of fifteen, even though he gave up training due to the shock of my father’s death, my body was repeating the process on my own.
The I heard a knock.
“Everyone come in.”
As they heard my voice, the vassals called to the meeting began to come in one after another.
‘What does this smell?’
After hearing my voice, the vassals called to the meeting came one after another.
At this serious place where the lord summoned the vassals.
I somehow smelled alcohol.
‘It’s a real mess It is necessary to reestablish the authority of the lord.’
Both of my fists clenched.
In fact, the lord’s authority is also linked to the loyalty of the vassals.
It is said that they liked good things, they drink alcohol like water.
I stood up.
And shouted to the vassals.
“Who is it? Who came to the meeting after drinking in broad day light?”
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