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Bug Player - Chapter 7

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I am a player who sucks honey with bugs – Volume 1 Chapter 7 Act 3
Our lord is different! – Part 2
‘How the hell did this happen?’
‘I can’t believe he is presiding over a meeting, and even reading the submitted documents.’
‘He was a lord who didn’t care when you came after drinking or playing with a girl.’
All of the guards were looking at Jared with eyes wide open in amazement.
In a day he changed, it’s also 180 degrees difference.
And the first thing the vassals saw is his cold piercing gaze, it was unprecedented.
“Gragas, are you having fun in the Guard Captain position I have entrusted you? You came into the meeting drunk. Are you crazy?”
“L,Lord. T,That’s not it. What are you saying. Ehem.”
The tongue of Gragas, who is in charge of the safety of the territory, was moving at will.
As Jared said, he was on the verge of becoming drunk and is indeed currently intoxicated.
“As a vassal, don’t you know how serious it is to be negligent of the position entrusted to you by the lord?”
“S,sorry. But I got a really precious drink, so I have just one drink! I only had one drink! Heuheuheu, Lord do you want do drink?”
“Let’s have a drink! We had a drink before right?”
“Crazy x.”
My thoughts burst out without any reserve. I didn’t even think about filtering it.
His discipline is a mess.
“Ehem, uh, that, I’m getting drunk.”
Gragas staggered, trying to move towards Jared, while moving forward and backward, repeating several times.
If you look at it carefully, it didn’t happen only once or twice.
“This won’t do.”
Jared created a grayish-white magical sphere above his right hand.
The vassals, including Gragas, had no idea what the magic was.
This is because Jared had rarely used magic in front of his vassals. To the extent that they forgot that he was a wizard.
But they knew. This is Paralyze, a fourth-class magic.
It was a magic that paralyzes the senses to prevent the whole body from moving, but leaving the mind clear.
The target is not able to do any action except blinking their eyes.
Therefore, wizards also use this magic in order get information and is essential for torture.
The moment Jared pointed his fingertips, the Paralyze magic immediately enclosed Gragas’ entire body.
At the very next moment, although Gragas has quite a big body and was in charge of safety of the territory, he screamed in a flurry, then fell forward in a stiff state.
Keung! Gragas, fell forward to the floor, and he could not scream properly.
What was even more embarrassing was that he couldn’t reach out while in the process of falling and his face collided with the floor.
“So, were you satisfied with your position as Guard Captain and indulging on all of your self-interest, exploiting the merchants and taking money from them?
However, Gragas, who was already paralyzed, couldn’t budge even a single finger, and he could only blink his eyes with much effort.
“Because of your greed, many resident’s lives have been devastated. They couldn’t believe in the lord, and their precious wealth got taken away!”
This time, Jared created a third-class spell, Fireball, and he put it in front of Gragas’ face.
If he moved his hand a little bit more, it will be able to burn all of the skin in Gragas’ face.
“Gragas, be grateful that I decided to follow procedures in order to strictly enforce the territory’s laws. Otherwise, this fireball’s flame would have blown your face away.”
Jared threw the Fireball straight into Gragas’ back..
At that moment, a beam of fire rose, at the same time, the clothes Gragas was wearing quickly burned and disappeared, the skin on his back was burned and turned ugly.
The office became quiet, no one was willing to open their mouth. It was because of the appearance of the changed Jared.
All of them were amazed, he wasn’t the Jared they were familiar with.
Previously, every time he was the first to get out of the office, signing the documents submitted by the vassals without reviewing them, with his nervous eyes wriggling around.
But today, unlike before, he relentlessly punished Gragas.
The other vassals did not reveal it, but in fact, everyone was very worried about Gragas’ negligence.
Especially, his corruption was severe, in the process of administering the safety of the territory, he used to exploit wealth in an unjust ways in connection with criminal organizations.
Gragas muffled his mouth as if he wanted to continue to say what he was saying, but he couldn’t say a word.
“My lord!”
“Please forgive our negligence! Please punish severely!”
Everyone knelt and bowed their heads without saying who was first.
He was a lord, who had never shown such dignity before, and they saw it slowly, and it felt like my spirit was flashing.
Jared cast 1 class of magic and magic missiles again.
Then, he pushed Gragas with his toes and made him lie straight.
Then he spoke in a cold and authoritative voice.
“Gragas, from this day on, I will deprive you of your position and will thoroughly investigate all corruption. Guard!”
At Jared’s call, the guard immediately entered the office.
“Put Gragas in jail. I myself will investigate and reproach Gragas’ negligence and injustice. I’ll keep my hands on it so that he won’t even think about running away.”
Jared’s magic missile flew right in front of his nose for the end of his speech..
Ppak! Waduduk! Ppak!
The magic missile, which struck both knees with authenticity, easily broke both of Gragas’ legs.
Even in the midst of that pain, Gragas, under the Paralyze magic, could not scream properly.
Jared looked down at Gragas with contempt and ordered the soldiers
“Take him away.”
“Yes, I will take orders!”
Gragas had a sad look, but Jared didn’t even care.
Everyone was amazed at Jared’s dignity, and bowed their heads again.
The vassals who were contemplating and thinking the same thoughts as Gragas changed their minds.
This is because Jared’s appearance, who never punished Gragas for his sins before, was unusual.
Right then.
Jared called someone else’s name.
“Yes, my lord.”
Jared’s call was answered by a man who stood at the back of the hall.
Jared activated his Mind’s eye skill and grasped Rakis’s status.
This is because he wanted to check to what extent is Rakis’ status compared to the documents he had read.
[Rakis – Lv. 14]
[Strength : 43]
[Constitution : 35]
[Mana : 2]
[Wisdom : 10]
[Agility : 11]
[Charm : 15]
[Physical Defense : 15]
[Magical Defense : 2]
[Special Disposition : Orderly S / Justice C]
[Normal Disposition : Loyalty, Peace]
‘I was looking forward to it, but he’s a C-class. At this level, it is difficult to take a position above Guard Captain. Small-scale war is okay, but commanding large-scale war would be impossible.’
Jared had a sad expression.
From the papers, he was a veteran soldier who seemed to have quite a few warriors, but looking at the stat, there were many points that he was short(military prowess).
With such stats, he would easily die to a named soldier which are common in large territories.
‘However, it is really suitable for a Guard Captain because there is order and justice in a special disposition. Almost 100%, or 1000% customized position, it’s okay!’
He couldn’t be a great talent, but he was sure to be an effective person in the domestic administration of the territory.
[Primary Awakening : The level rises drastically, and the stat rises sharply. You can go beyond your limits.]
If I could induce his primary awakening according to the tooltip of the system message, his use will be increase a little.
It was entirely up to him to lead his breakthrough.
Same time, same place.
‘Is he’s going to ask me to take responsibility for neglecting my duties? Did I do anything wrong?’
Rakis was nervous, afraid that Jared’s Fireball skill would fall.
He was a born soldier with thick bones on the battlefield, but Jared’s magical power just before was beyond his imagination.
Gragas, who had quite a bit of ability, was helpless and was not able to fight back at all.
‘What is he going to do with me?’
In fact, Rakis couldn’t understand the reason why Jared said called him at the meeting.
This is because his position was not at the level to attend the meeting. Therefore, he wondered if he was called for punishment, like in the case of Gragas.
The words he heard were unexpected.
“I appoint you as the Guard Captain of the Cribia Territory. You will take over all of Gragas’ position and duties, so you will take care of the territory’s security.”
Rakis was surprised and asked.
This is because this unconventional promotion was shocking.
Of course, Rakis was confident about his skills(Martial Art) and management of civil affairs, which can be said to be the top virtue of the Guard Captain.
He was originally a veteran soldier who had been in the territory for over 15 years, and was one of the people with strong trust from soldiers in the territory.
But five years ago, after posting a direct statement to Jared to take care of the manor.
He was thrown out and kicked out of his job.
Still, Rakis didn’t blame Jared.
He believed that his use was here, so he continued to manage his soldiers.
So, even if others pointed and cursed Jared, Rakis is the first to step forward and defend him.
Although he was such a loyal person, Jared used to be harsh on Rakis.
But not now.
A completely changed person.
“Lord, how am I.”
“It is the order of the lord. Need I say more?”
Rakis felt a thrill rise throughout his body.
It is the first time after getting the position of lord that Jared seemed to show the dignity of his predecessor, lord Barrett himself.
‘The sudden death of lord’s father left him in shock and wandering, but he hasn’t disappeared. How could I forget that he is a wise person who is not look at a person’s status but only evaluated skill!’
Rakis knelt with respect.
Right. No other words are needed for the Lord’s orders.
“Sangmyunghabok” is absolute.
“I will accept the order, lord.” Right then.
A new message linked to Jared’s estate information window was displayed.
It was the content that announced the good news that he was waiting for.
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