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Bug Player - Chapter 8

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I am a player who sucks honey with bugs- Chapter 1 Chapter 8 Act 3 Our lord is different! – part 3
[Rakis has been assigned as the new Guard Captain of the territory.]
[Congratulations! Rakis’ special tendency, ‘Orderly’ is activated!]
[With the effect of ‘Orderly’, the security level of the province will never fall below 70!]
[Thanks to the effect of ‘Orderly’, the rate of increase in the security level of the province is tripled!]
‘After all, the Peace and Orderly disposition has a good synergy with the Guard Captain position! Very good!’
Outwardly, in order to maintain dignity, he did not openly express it, but Jared was delighted at himself.
After grasping the disposition of the vassals in his mind, it was the moment when the dead character of 〈Paradiso〉, is maximizing efficiency by placing the vassals to their correct place, was unquestionably revealed!
As time passed, Jared could feel a strange sense of awe from the expressions of the vassals staring at him.
Obviously, when they entered the meeting hall, their gaze, which seemed to ignore or look down on him, disappeared.
Rather, one of them was in tears, and Jared immediately recognized his name.
He, who is in charge of farming in the territory, was in the field until being called to the meeting, and his clothes were all covered with dirt.
Jared got close to Abilla.
Then Abilla tried to step back, as if a little surprised, and then lowered his head and wiped his tears.
“Yes, my lord. Sorry. I’ll stop crying.
“I gave you a lot of trouble. It hurts to think that as the lord, I assigned you to a position not fitting for you. I felt that way, especially when I saw the clothes covered in dirt. Now, please stay still.”
Jared casted the 3rd-class magic Clean.
Then, the clothes that were full of dirt and dust became clean and changed like new clothes.
However, Jared sat down on his knees, frowning to see if there was anything unsatisfactory.
Startled, Avila looked down and found that her shoelaces were loose.
And Jared was tying it up by hand.
“Ahh,my lord!”
“The vassals are also the faces of the manor……. You have all suffered a lot because of your incompetent lord.”
“My lord,please do not say that!”
“This is an expression of apology, respect, and gratitude that I show you directly. At the same time, it is also a commitment not to repeat the same mistakes.”
Jared’s apology was sincere.
He thought that the mistakes Jared made in the past belonged to him in the end, and to apologize was also his job.
Jared didn’t regret it because he thought it was right to go over the past mistakes(過誤).
After tying Avila’s shoelaces back like that, he didn’t know what to do, and tears fell.
It was the tears of sincerity that seemed to be a long-standing vassal of the territory.
Before long, Jared stood up.
And exhaling quickly, the action of squatting knees and waist interfered with breathing due to obesity. – I checked Abilla’s condition with my Mind’s eye skill.
[Abilla – Lv. 12]
[Strength : 13]
[Stamina : 15]
[Mana : 3]
[Wisdom : 33]
[Agility : 8]
[Charm : 35]
[Physical Defense : 3]
[Magical Defense : 3]
[Special Disposition : Special Product Development A]
[Normal Disposition : Health, writing]
‘Avila is a D-class trail even if you hit it high. Those are talents who have no place to use, except for commercial affairs. Unfortunately, it can’t be helped. Because now we have to solve it with the vassals in the territory.’
Jared sighed inside.
I’m sorry, but Abilla raised the level of internal affairs in commerce, developed and managed specialty products, and that was the highest level of competence.
If I were to leave the management of the territory to him or a large-scale deal with other territories, we would likely lose a lot of money.
This absolutely cannot happen.
So I made sure to let him know what his role is, and decided to lay down the grouㅜdwork so that he could concentrate only on the development of specialty products.
I can do that much.
Jared immediately gave the order.
“Abilla, from today onwards you will be in charge of the commercial part of the estate. Do you remember the promotion of specialty products directly at the top of the estate, which is a proposal you submitted to me before?”
“Of course, lord. How can I forget? My thoughts on the Cribia Spirit Stone are still the same.”
“As expected, my predictions are correct.”
“However, I thought that I could not presumptuously express my opinions.
“So you must have saved my words. I understand that of course. We will provide financial support for the province, so try promoting specialty products.”
“That will be your first project after you’ve been hired. I look forward to it.”
“Then, who will be in charge of the agricultural division?”
“Lord O’Bren will be in charge. He hasn’t arrived at the meeting yet, but when he arrives, I’ll talk to him myself, so don’t worry.”
“Sir O’Bren is a reliable person! I heard that he has continued to focus on agricultural land development since he retired.”
“This is an exquisite idea, Lord!‘
“I strongly agree, lord!”
Opinions were quickly unified..
Jared quickly cleared up the arrangement.
The only people whose positions were removed today were Gragas and his gang, who neglected their work and are corrupted.
The rest were relocated to a location deemed the right place according to Jared’s judgment.
There were no complaints.
Rather, it was said that I was in charge of the work I wanted to do before, and most of the times they bowed their head and thanked me! It wasn’t just that.
Jared was able to smile as he was satisfied with the reaction of the vassal as he watched the messages continuously printed.
[You have assigned Abilla as the new commercial manager for the estate.]
[Congratulations! Abilla’s special disposition, “Special Product Development” is activated!]
[With the effect of “special product development,” the average basic grade of Cribia Spirit Stone produced in the province is raised by one level. Expected earnings to sell gemstones increase by 30%..]
[Abilla is very pleased with the new assignment. For one year, the status of ‘Great Awakening’ is maintained.]
Jared’s expression became even clearer.
‘It means that I even activated a great awakening trick unintentionally. Good. In the future, let’s actively use this as well. Finding trails placed in the wrong places will have a dramatic effect.’
Great Awakening states that the person exerts a 100% increased ability in their main field.
It was also one of Jared’s frequently used tricks in Paradiso in the past.
It was a method of inducing a great awakening by deliberately forcing him to be placed in a place that did not fit the character’s disposition to increase the degree of dissatisfaction, and then to induce a great awakening by making people move to the desired place later.
Of course, to do so, it was tricky because they had to be in charge of unwanted tasks for more than a year.
Anyway, as Abilla’s special disposition was activated, it entered a state of great awakening, so the synergy would be significant.
Probably, in a year, the expected income will rise by much more than 30%, and the grade of the spirits will often rise to two levels.
‘Good. The level of the vassals are not very high, but we need to put out an urgent fire for now. Let’s watch for a month, while increasing my mana and continuing the diet.’
Jared collected his ideas. First of all, it is now time to solve the problem of the heavy body and prepare an ultra-high-end means for recruiting talents in the territory.
The morning of 1st day of the 2nd month, 1414, was bright in the Nass continental calendar.
“No, we’ve been eating and living well so far, but why are you capturing us all of a sudden!? We are innocent!”
“Innocent? Do you not know that you were charged a place tax from merchants, and some of the money was bribed to Gragas?”
“No, it’s an implicit practice.”
“Practice? Since I’m the lord, I never allowed it, what custom are you talking about? What are you doing? Grab all these guys!”
As my orders fell, the soldiers arrested all the members of the criminal gang.
“Wah, Hurray!”
“Long live the lord! Long live, Captain Rakis!!”
“It feels like the lord is very cool! When did he get so handsome? Hahaha, marry me!”
The citizens who watched the scene of the criminal’s arrest all applauded.
My name, the lord and Guard Captain Rakis, are always included.
Then Rakis approached the residents and said loudly.
“The lord honestly admitted to his past mistakes and said that he would take care of the lives of the young people as a top priority! Killing criminals is just the beginning. Don’t forget the heart of your lord, who considers you very much, and always live with gratitude!”
“Wahhh! Long live the lord!”
“Thank you very much! Just catching those wicked guys and putting them in severe punishment makes us happy!”
“Long live! Long live!”
The citizens cheered.
[Citizen’s pride and satisfaction with Lord and the territory is increasing.]
[In response to malicious and negative rumors, the resident’s reaction becomes more calm than before.]
[Develop the state of affairs of the estate and meet the expectations of the young people..]
The system message also welcomed me and set the beat..
Since the appointment of Rakis as the Guard Captain, the security of the territory in the Cribia has been improving.
We persistently pursued criminal gangs to their roots, and all their members are subjected to strict legal judgement.
The young people who had spent trembling days in Gragas’ and the criminal organization reign of tyranny cheered.
And they have a different opinion about me, who openly admitted my past mistakes.
It may be because at a glance it was possible to correct the discipline of the estate while punishing all the officials who were corrupt.
“It’s really good, lord.”
“I am ashamed of not knowing that the Lord is the person who loves the territory like this.”
“I am proud to be a soldier belonging to the territory.”
All the soldiers of the guards praised me.
In fact all the members of the security forces are feeling a sense of pride.
With a proud expression, Rakis bowed his head to me, smiling at the soldiers who were polite and continued talking.
“This is all thanks to the Lord’s placement in a position that suits my aptitude. Everyone should have a heart of respect for the wise lord, who is not bound by his position!”
The voice of Rakis, who spoke hard, contained sincerity.
And all the soldiers who accepted it were nodding their heads.
I fell happy.
Just a little deep attention to the territory will make such a dramatic change happen.
In time, Rakis came close to me and continued talking with a reddish eyeball and a trembling voice.
“Lord, thank you very much. I feel like I’ve waited a long time and found the right clothes for me. I am really happy.”
“If you are satisfied, I am satisfied too. I hope you will continue to take responsibility for the security of the province.” I replied.
“Lord, I report!” A soldier hurriedly ran to report.
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