Novel Name : I Need Sponsorship

I Need Sponsorship - Chapter 1

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[I am thinking. Therefore I exist.]
It’s a famous quote, but at this moment, I felt like I wanted to go away and disappear.
‘How did this happen?’
I drooped with my arms folded and my head down.
All this incident started with me borrowing the book.
In the age of about a million unemployed young people, I was also an ordinary job-seeker, belonging to that million. But my future belonged to one of the darkest people.
Because I was an orphan and a high school graduate.
Without a solid background or a decent academic background, I felt like I was going to get a normal job.
Luckily, I got a job at one of the smaller companies.
Although I didn’t get paid much, I was still a full-time employee with all four insurance policies. At the moment when I thought that I had finally found stability because the working hours were just right.
The company went bankrupt. To be more accurate, the company’s partner went abroad with all the company’s money.
Thanks to that, the company was ruined and I was put on the street again.
I couldn’t bear to let the nursery know the news. Because I was the head of a family in a nursery where I had a hard time making a living.
In fact, as an adult, I was no longer a member of the nursery.
I could have gone out to live alone, but I could not avoid it because I knew about the situation at the daycare center. Because it was my house, anyway.
So I am desperate to hide the fact of being unemployed and passed around to work in a certain time.
Regardless of my efforts, however, the nursery was closed and the children were scattered.
I should be relieved because I have less mouths to feed, but somehow I felt like I was feeling lost and helpless at the time.
A sense of remorse for not keeping it bothered me.
I walked around the streets without any work. There was no reason to make money.
It was at the 24-hour comic book store where I killed time. I wasn’t bored because I could eat and sleep with little money and read a lot.
I sat there eating and reading all day long.
It was a novel that caught my eye when I was tired of comic books. It was a romance fantasy novel. It was an unfamiliar genre to me, but I read it with great interest.
The title of the book is the “Indelible Scar”.
Unlike the abstract title, the content was familiar. It was a typical cliche novel.
The male lead and female lead were both from the same nursery school, and the head of the nursery was a huge evil director. It was one of the evils of bullying and engaging children in crimes.
The title “The Indelible Scar” refers to a scar on the thigh of the female lead, which was created by the head of the nursery school.
Ironically, it was this scar that led the male lead, who had been away for a long time, to recognize the female lead.
And the male lead, who rose up in revolt and became emperor, finds the head of the nursery who is working in the mine to avenge his childhood.
The story is about dragging the head of the nursery to the palace and tearing it apart in front of the female lead.
When the head of the nursery school died brutally, I frowned at the cruel description, not like everyone, but it was clear that it was brutal anyway.
The next story is about the male lead and female lead, which had a heartwarming reunion.
This is the whole book I know.
‘I’m screwed.’
It must have been quite interesting to read. But maybe it’s because I read it because it’s so funny.
“Why did I become the head of the nursery?”
The last memory doesn’t come to mind. I ran out of money and came out of the store, but nothing came to my mind after that.
‘Screaming on the street!’
I knew that if I died, I would say loneliness or death.
I was expecting my end to be not so good because I lost my goal and didn’t work properly. I didn’t know I’d suddenly die because of a scream.
‘I have to go without pain and say that I am glad.’
I was grateful for that. I don’t want to be sick.
‘What’s the point, the male lead’s going to tear me to death?’
I lamented.
Being possessed as a character in a book. Okay, what is the big deal that becomes a character in a book that is much already dead?
But, by the way, it’s not a bit of a person who is supposed to be a cruel death! It’s enough to die once!
‘I can’t die like the book says.’
I thought about what to do in the future.
At that moment, I heard the bell ringing at noon.
I got up from my seat.
It’s time to feed the kids.
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