Novel Name : Do You Want to Reset?

Do You Want to Reset? - Chapter 1

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「Volt, zav… … .」
「The sound of coming footsteps rang through the dark passage. I went through the hallway where I couldn’t see a step ahead, relied on a precarious candle that would help me go out. Candles dripping from the diagonally inclined candle, and occasionally a tingling sensation was felt on the instep.」
“Sina, where are you?”
「When a subtle sound passed through my skin, footsteps like an answer followed. There was a limit to moving forward.」
“My poem, my moon.”
“Ha… … .”
As I reached the end of the maze-like path, a wall full of one side blocked me.
“I’m tired of tagging now.”
“… … .”
「The end of the run was despair. A black sky spread far beyond the palm-sized window. As the wind blew through it, thatched smoke shed and lost its light. There was no more use.」
“When will you be caught?”
「I held my breath at the coming sound and pressed myself against the wall. Please, I hope he passes me….」
Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. Because the crazy guy won’t pass me. As I counted the number up to five in a numbness, his footsteps stopped at some point as if he had waited for me and quickly approached me.
« I found you. »
「A shadow walked out of the black darkness. Every step closer to the faint moonlight, he shone even blacker.」
« Come on. »
“… … .”
“Sina, come on.”
Every time the madman approached, my whole body began to tremble in turn. The trembling that started from my fingertips and shrugged shoulders spread to my legs. I may get used to it through countless times, but unlike me, the protagonist who was in this situation for the first time seemed terribly afraid of a madman. A small sound leaked through my lips.
“Please, no… … .”
It had nothing to do with my will.
« I can not hear well. »
“… … .”
「The boy smiled shyly and did not stop approaching. I thought that smile was adorable at one time. Why did it become like this…」
I’m really curious about that. The protagonist and thoughts matched. How the hell is the game wrecked like this? Is there a happy ending?
“You decided not to leave me, come on.”
「He came to my nose and grabbed my wrist. The cold energy came up on my wrist.」
“Let’s go back.”
“Hate… … .”
My body shook his hand away at will.
「It’s like being caught and shackled… … .」
“please… … Please stop now.”
“… … .”
“I can’t meet anyone, I can’t go anywhere… … ! I’m sick of it now… … .”
“You’re sick… … ?”
「The red eyes reflected in the moonlight shook strangely.」
“… … Hate!”
「As I stepped back in momentary fear, he immediately caught up.」
“This is terrible… … .”
“Let me go. Stop it now.”
“No, Sina.”
「The eyes that came to me flashed with twisted emotions. He couldn’t let her go.」
“You are mine.”
「The twisted affection called love. Already he couldn’t think of anything other than her.」
“I am not an object!”
“… … .”
“Please, you said you would listen to anything. You said you would be for me and you said you love me.”
“… … Even now, I can do anything for you.”
“Not this. This is not for me. Terra… … Let me go That’s all I want.”
“I… … .”
「Even if he give his whole love, the only thing that comes back is rejection and rejection. She didn’t need him. She no longer needed him and smiled white at herself.」
“I… … I hate it so much… … ?”
“Please, please let me go… … .”
「When she begged with tears, it sadly distorted her face. I wonder if I’ll let go of it, and hope arose for a while. But hope soon disappeared like a blown out candle. He hugged me, locked me in his arms, and muttered.」
“No… … .”
「The little whisper seemed sad at first glance, but it seemed full of joy. Before even questioning, I felt something sharp. As I turned my head in fear, hisbright red eyes were filled with madness. Ah… … I… … .」
Sigh… … It broke this time again. It’s a failure. Given the keyword madness, the results were obvious. A selection window flashing like the eyes I faced floated in front of my eyes.
・「I’m sorry, aw!」
・「Save me, wow!」
I was already doing both ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘Save me’. Of course, like a spoiled scream, I had to die again and again. If you’re going to choose something like this, I’d rather choose the line in front of you. It sounds like a stupid game.
But complaining didn’t change anything. In the end, I was forced to choose the last option, desperate and sincere, in a deep mood.
When will this long game be over?
「In a moment, a hot sensation that couldn’t be felt by his side came with a sharp touch that pierced his body.」
“After all, you don’t like me either.”
「Like his red-red eyes, my vision also turned red. I could see the tail of my mouth rising beyond my sight filled with foreign objects. Is it satisfactory… … ?」
“But Sina, you are mine. From the moment you promised to be with me, from that moment on, you were mine. forever… … .”
It was a creepy line even if I heard it several times. Whether it was because of the whisper penetrating in my ear or because my life was escaping, the chill turned from near my throat. It was time to get used to it, but still dying was terrible.
“Sina, my poem… … .”
The blade, pierced deep in the chest, wandered slowly, hoping for a sure death. Another window spoke to me while struggling to hold my mind amid the hot feeling of vomiting and motion sickness as if falling to the cliff.
「Would you like to reset it?」
「Yes」 「 No」
「I will perform a reset.」
His lips as if touching, and the movement of the blade that stirs his body all stopped. With him, I closed my eyes as the sight flashed like a machine powered down. Then, a cool breeze came from somewhere. There was no terrible pain, no creepy voice, and nothing left in the place where the wind passed. As if nothing existed in the first place.
「Welcome, Sina-sama.」
Before long, a black background and white text appeared countless times.
Again, from the beginning.
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