Novel Name : Desire (Mogma)

Desire (Mogma) - Chapter 1

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Editor: Seven
A man walked in as the door shattered down. His hair was red like blood, but his eyes looked even redder with boiling animosity and murderous intent. The man breathed heavily and looked around the room, and every time he did his face brutally distorted.
The room was full of corpses. A body with a severed arm, severed leg, severed waist. It was a horrible scene, but it didn’t bother him. Quite simply, the man was furious.
“What useless bastards!”
The man stumped towards the nearest corpse and kicked it.
Unluckily, when the skull shattered, the brain splattered too, but it was a corpse, so it didn’t matter. The man wiped the gray brain matter of his cheeks with the back of his hand and spat.
“How dare they call themselves guards…!”
He gritted his teeth, displaying his fury but he soon calmed down. This was not the time to be distracted. There was not a damn thing known about the intruder, but whoever it was, he came to the wrong house to rob. Looking at the severed guards, the intruder must have an outstanding skill but that’s only until now.
Who was he? He was the Flaming Deadly Ghost Lee Do Chung, the head of this family and a master at his peak, fairly having his name under the top ten Murim masters.
Lee Do Chung roared, stumping towards the wall and swinging his fists.
The thick walls shattered down. The guards he had assigned his daughter, Lee Na Hee, were trained directly by him and so he had some attachments to them, but it was incomparable to the attachment he had to his daughter. Rather, he would have killed them if any survived.
Breaking down walls that were on the way, Lee Do Chung moved towards Na Hee’s room. The closer he got, the more corpses there were, ranging from guards to maids and servants. Every time he saw the bodies, he felt his blood boil but also, on the contrary, his mind sank coldly. The stench of blood was thick, but the blood pools were still warm. He could tell from his life-long experience that it had not been a long time since their deaths.
Then, a door appeared. Lee Do Chung brought up his internal force to prepare for an attack. In front of the door, there was a body severed into two, from the shoulders to the waist. The face was a very familiar one to Lee Do Chung. The Lee family’s great disciple.
He was soon going to wed Lee Na Hee and would have become the next successor of the Lee family. He was known for his highly skilled martial arts that no one his age could ever reach, but he died like this? Lee Do Chung gritted his teeth as if trying he was to break them and swung open the door.
Then even he was in shock from the scene before him.
“Your raging cries were too noisy, I couldn’t even focus.”
The man perched on the bed smiled shamelessly. He was fixing his rumpled clothes but did not get out of the bed. Lee Do Chung could not say a word, only glaring at him. Then suddenly, he came to his senses and looked at the bed.
Lee Do Chung’s precious jewel. One of the three flowers of Murim that Lee Do Chung cherished, Scarlet Snow Flower Lee Na Hee. She was leaning on the wall, her red hair flowing down beautifully. Her naked body bloomed red and her eyes were empty. Her lips were bloated and torn, forming blood and her breasts were covered in violent handprints.
“..ah, ahh… argh..”
Lee Do Chung could not continue his words. He had a temper, but to his daughter, he was an unconditionally kind and forgiving father. He gave whatever his daughter wanted and had even quit drinking when she requested him to. After losing his wife 10 years ago, he poured all his love into his daughter and that daughter, that daughter…
“General… Ajin…!”
By no one else but the Lee family’s General, Ajin. Right, he was the evil poison. Killing the Lee family’s servants, guards, the great disciple that was going to wed Lee Na hee. An evil that took pleasure from Scarlet Snow Flower. Lee Do Chung could not absorb this fact.
Ajin was a devoted man who stood by his side ever since Lee Do Chung settled here. Na Hee followed him well, he was basically family. Though not related by blood, Lee Do Chung always considered him as his brother. He was smart and fast in calculating but he was not outstanding in martial arts. Despite that, giving him the position of General was Lee Do Chung’s affection and trust.
And Ajin, loyally, never betrayed Lee Do Chung’s trust as a General.
But, how could he?
“Why.. why in the hell…!”
He deserves to die in a single strike. No, it wasn’t enough.
First, his arms and then his legs, giving him the greatest pain while ending his life as slow as possible was the right way. It was enough to hear excuses then. Such thought came to his mind. His overflowing inner strength could tumble that devil in a single strike.
But even so, Lee Do Chung shut his mouth. It was because of the bitter betrayal. To that question, Ajin stared at Lee Do Chung for a while and tilted his head smiling.
“I just thought it’s time to start ending it.”
“End what!?”
“You wouldn’t understand even if I told you. Ah, by the way.. it was quite fun. Indeed Scarlet Snow Flower, her body is beautiful as well her face. If you came a little slower, I would have taken my time enjoying her.”
Laughing in a low voice, Ajin stretched his arms and groped Lee Na Hee’s body. Ajin’s hands were on Lee Na Hee’s snowy white thighs, groping them. Every time he did, Lee Na Hee’s lips shivered slightly but she could not speak and her empty eyes could not see.
“Well, I have no choice.”
It was then that Ajin’s hand seemed to move.
His suddenly stretched hands pierced through Lee Na Hee’s chest. Scarlet blood bulged out but Lee Na Hee could not even scream once, only could collapse.
Scarlet Snow Flower.
At that moment, she fit her martial artist name so well. Her snow-white body was dying, splurging scarlet blood. She was indeed beautiful like a red flower blooming in a snowfield.
But Lee Do Chung, as a father, could not feel the beauty and instead suffered as if he were in hell.
His daughter was dead. Her innocence violated, betrayed by the one she trusted.. she died that way.
She was soon to wed, always smiling at the thought of living with her loving husband. She was his one and only cherished daughter. And she…!
Lee Do Chung’s head spun.
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