Novel Name : Desire (Mogma)

Desire (Mogma) - Chapter 2

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Editor: krishy
“You bitch!”
Lee Do Chung rushed towards Ajin. The red inner strength burned like a flame on his fists. It was that Deadly Flame Ghost Martial Arts that brought Lee Do Chung to the top ten Murim masters. Ajin stood up as he stared at Lee Do Chung rushed towards him like a bear. Ajin’s eyes narrowed and he moved his arms. His wide sleeves wavered and revealed his thin forearm. Compared to Lee Do Chung’s muscular arms, Ajin’s arms looked as weak as a twig.
“Crash!” Lee Do Chung’s strike and Ajin’s hand collided. Their Inner Forces crashed, their clash shaked the whole room. It was Lee Do Chung that was pushed back! Appalled, Lee Do Chung looked down at his aching hand. It was a strike that he poured all the Ten Stars Techniques into but, he was pushed back? It was unbelievable. He, one of the top ten masters of Murim. He was the Deadly Flaming Ghost.
But instead of staying shocked, Lee Do Chung started objectively to judge the situation. His daughter’s death, a trusted General’s betrayal. All those things made him lose his mind, but he was a Murim Artist. In a battle, getting agitated was never a benefit. It was in fact more like a poison. If he was that irrational, he would never have acquired the Deadly Flaming Ghost Martial Art name and would not be a part of the top ten Murim masters.
“This cold air… it’s the Ice Hands Demonic Martial Arts!”
The Deadly Flaming Ghost Martial Art was an extremely bright power. It was the Martial Art that burned the opponents’ insides and bodies into ashes in a single strike. However, when hit with it, Ajin’s hands were not hurt at all. Besides, in that short moment of collision, Lee Do Chung felt the coldness on his hands. That snowy white hand… It was certainly the Underworld Ice Demon’s Martial Arts, the Ice Hands Demonic Martial Art.
“You.. You continued the Underworld Ice Demon’s Art!”
“I never even saw them before.”
Ajin answered plainly and as he did he lowered his body slowly. He then jumped up in the blink of an eye. As soon as he did, Ajin’s body multiplied into illusions and swarmed over Lee Do Chung.
“The, The Heavenly Demon Illusion Step!”
Lee Do Chung yelled, appalled. It was The Heavenly Demon Martial Arts that was only passed on to the sect leader of the Heavenly Demon Sect. In a single step, it could make illusions that each one could move in different directions. How was the Heavenly Demon Sect Leader’s Technique passed on to Ajin? Lee Do Chung froze. Ajin used The Heavenly Demon Martial Arts meant that he was not a matter that could be treated lightly. The Heavenly Demon Sect is the High Division Murim’s arch-rival and anyone who was part of the Sect was to be executed. Perhaps Ajin stood by Lee Do Chung’s side to betray him in the very first place! And He was a part of the Heavenly Demon Sect!
“No matter how horrifying the Heavenly Demon Sect’s Martial Arts is, my Flaming Deadly Ghost Martial Arts is not easy to defeat!”
Lee Do Chung roared. The red Inner Strength of the Flaming Deadly Ghost Martial Arts swirled like a storm and destroyed Ajin’s illusions. Simultaneously, Lee Do Chung swung both of his hands. His hands, embraced in red force, flew gracefully towards Ajin. Ajin scoffed and twisted his back mid-air and flailed his legs. “Bang!” With an explosion, Ajin’s body changed its path of falling.
“The Flying Dragon’s Eight Movements!”
Seeing that, Lee Do Chung’s dismay grew even larger. But he could not let that affect him. Lee Do Chung calmed himself and spread his hands, following Ajin’s movements. “Bang! Bang!” The red force of The Flaming Deadly Ghost Martial Arts shot off from Lee Do Chung’s hands, chased after Ajin.
“The Exploding Flaming Deadly Technique is surely unsurpassable but..”
Ajin let out a scoff and twisted his body in mid-air. Ajin swung his arms and shattered the force of the Flaming Deadly Ghost Martial Arts. Ajin moved freely using Gonryun’s Techniques, the Flying Dragon’s Eight Movements, and swung his legs. His raised legs dropped towards Lee Do Chung’s head.
“No, it’s impossible.”
Lee Do Chung’s fist pierced through the air in vain. The only thing he destroyed was a blurry illusion, like a petal, Ajin floated in the air! Thump! The petal fluttered along with the wind, creating fierce sounds, and kicked Lee Do Chung’s chest.
‘The… The Blossom Phantom Technique!’
Lee Do Chung chewed on his lips while swallowing his blood. In faltering steps, he moved back and swung his arms. Boom! His arms came together like a storm and pounced on Ajin as red waves. Calmly, Ajin landed on the ground and spread his hands.
By Ajin’s hands, Lee Do Chung’s Storm Cosmos Destroying Technique was blocked. Ajin’s arm then drew a circle. Crash! The red force shattered on the ground and dispersed.
“The Infinite Taegeuk! How is he performing the Shaman’s Technique? What The hell!”
Lee Do Chung roared as he pounced back on Ajin. Ajin dodged his fists with ease using the Heavenly Demon Illusion Step, and instead of backing off, rushed towards Lee Do Chung’s chest. Ajin turned his fist right before he hit and struck, his fist facing up. Bang! Lee Do Chung’s body was thrown over in that single strike.
‘Bu..Buddha’s Palm..’
Lee Do Chung felt the pure inner strength flowing through his body and belched out blood. The Ice Hands Demonic Techniques of the Underworld Demon Martial Arts. The Heavenly Demon Illusions Step of the Heavenly Demon Sect.
“The Flying Dragon’s Eight Movements Technique of Gonryun.. And now the Shaolin’s Buddha’s Palm! All these were Martial Arts that were passed on to disciples as legends. How did Ajin master these? And this power, it was not mastered shallowly.”
The inner force of Ajin had overpowered Lee Do Chung’s inner force, which he built over his lifetime.
Lee Do Chung twisted his body and landed. His knees almost collapsed but Lee Do Chung gritted his teeth and maintained his posture. He breathed heavily as he watched Ajin slowly approach him. All along the time, Lee Do Chung couldn’t detect the inner force and martial arts skills Ajin hid in himself. Ajin’s acting was that perfect.
“You..You bastard.. What the hell are you..!”
“I already told you. You would not understand even if I explained.”
Ajin smirked and Lee Do Chung controlled his breath while chewed on his lips. He checked that he used all his inner strength and examined his body. He was directly hit by the strike and had a small inner injury but he could still move. Ajin’s Martial Arts skills were strong and all the techniques he used were unsurpassable but.. Lee Do Chung didn’t let his fighting spirit diminish. Even if I die fighting or even if we both die, I must kill Ajin. I will avenge for my dead daughter and servants. Promising that to himself, Lee Do Chung brought up his Birth Power, his very origin of life.
-Boom! Lee Do Chung’s body was surrounded in red flames. Ajin stared at the blinding flames and let out a low laugh.
“Seems like you are trying to kill us both.. Why must you pursue a painful death. If so, why don’t you just kill yourself?”
“Shut up, you fucking cunt!”
Lee Do Chung ran towards Ajin again. It can’t be helped then. Ajin thought to himself as he shook his head and lifted his right arm. “Yes, what should I choose. The Heavenly Demon Martial Arts’ Heavenly Demon Destruction? The Shaolin’s 100 step Annihilation? The Shaman’s Infinite Taeguk Technique?”
It was really hard to choose one of the techniques that came to his mind.
“Ah, I’ll choose this.”
Ajin mumbled softly and lowered his knees. In the meantime, Lee Do Chung’s fists flew towards Ajin’s head. Ajin smirked and spread his hands towards Lee Do Chung’s fist. The fist that flew over like a meteor met Ajin’s hands. At that moment, Ajin’s hands coiled around Lee Do Chung’s arms like a snake. Crack! Just by lightly tapping the forearm with the edge of Ajin’s hand, Lee Do Chung’s arms broke.
“The Soul-Chasing Reaper Strike.”
Ajin’s soft murmurs reached Lee Do Chung’s ears. The Soul-Chasing Reaper Strike was Gwon Sung’s…
That was Lee Do Chung’s last thought. Thump! Ajin’s fists spread out like streaks of lightning and beat Lee Do Chung’s body. Every time the loose fists hit his body, the bent fingers pierced through the skin. Thwack! Whenever the fists moved, a handful of his skin was ripped out and blood belched. The Soul-Chasing Reaper Technique- Yes, that was Gwon Sung’s self-mastered Martial Art, who ruled over Murim with just his fist. It was so strong that it was condemned as the Black Path Murim’s Martial Art but Gwon Sung shut all of them up by exterminating the Black Assassin Sect, one of the strongest sects of the Black Path Murim, alone. How is he performing those Martial Arts.. Lee Do Chung couldn’t understand. No, thinking was impossible for him at that moment.
Lee Do Chung’s body faltered and backed away but Ajin didn’t let him go. Every time Lee Do Chug moved back, Ajin slid after him. Ajin’s left arm that broke Lee Do Chung’s arms was still coiled around his arms and was grasping on his shoulder. And Ajin’s right arm continuously beat Lee Do Chung in short, precise punches. Lee Do Chung’s bones shattered and his organs exploded. Lee Do Chung gurgled blood and collapsed. Bang! and the last punch struck Lee Do Chung’s neck.
“Honestly speaking, I always wanted to beat you up sir.”
Ajin shook his hands and dropped Lee Do Chung’s corpse. And suddenly, he started giggling.
“Ah right, I don’t even have to show respect now. Good to see you like this, you son of a bitch.”
All that friendship and trust Lee Do Chung kept up until then was bullshit. All pestering jobs were pushed to Ajin and thanks to that he had to go through so much struggle. But he tolerated it. It was all because of the Scarlet Snow Flower. And after all that cherishing and protection he gave to her, Lee Do Chung was going to wed her to his great disciple? What a cunt. Ajin spat on Lee Do Chung’s corpse.
‘Anyways it was well-timed. I was thinking of ending it anyway.’
I put much effort in it but whatever. Ajin slowly lifted his hands and tapped the air. Then, a small transparent screen that was only visible to Ajin vanished away. He never thought he would use a cheat key. Especially when it was near the ending. Well that was because he chose the advisor’s path instead of a martial artist’s. It was quite fun but that ended.
Ajin mumbled. At that moment, he dispersed like a fog. Lee Do Chung could not find out how Ajin hid his martial arts skills all that time and how well-mastered he was in using the legendary techniques even after his death but
The answer was simple. This was a game and he was a player.
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