Novel Name : Desire (Mogma)

Desire (Mogma) - Chapter 7

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Edited by: krish
Screams and alerts were heard countless times. Ajin took his hand off the wolf’s head while breathing heavily. As the level of energy drain rose to 6, the time it took to drain a wolf’s strength had phenomenally reduced. One level at a time, yes. Unlike the mental strength, the upgrade rate of energy drain was very fast as he fought. His power was also incredible. Unfortunately, the mentality needed to use superpowers was not supplemented by energy drains.
“How can I fill my mental strength?” Ajin asked Acacia, who stood against a tree and looked at him. Acacia with a strange smile, answered Ajin’s question.
“The consumed mental strength can be replenished by resting. Simply put, you have to relax your mind.”
“That way won’t work for me.”
“Then I’ll have to use the potion. Sadly, we can’t provide you with any of that.”
As expected. Ajin nodded his head without hesitation. He already surpassed the goal he was supposed to reach anyway. The original purpose was to raise the level as much as possible by checking the abilities there, where the death-proof tutorial and risk-free are included. Without having to compete and explore the hunting ground, tutorials would give as much hunting experience as they want, as long as they ask from an NPC. But that’s it, he can do as much hunting he wants, but no more red wolves can give him the growth he wanted.
Now Ajin’s level is 5. Energy Drain’s level is 6. Red wolf’s monster level is 5. The level of the first hunt for the red wolf was 3, so it could be said that it grew quite quickly. It is the same law for all games that one can gain more experience when hunting monsters higher than their own level.
“Then, let’s stop here.”
The further tutorial process was meaningless. His mastery of combat was already furnished, and the inspection of his abilities and the growth at that level has also maxed out. It’s been two days since the beta service opened, and his current level is 5. It’s definitely the lowest level compared to a player who started hunting, but his skills are well-developed and well-understood.
“Business requires capital and the knowledge of the infrastructure. There’s no heading to the battle ground without enough knowledge, and if I have made the wrong investment, I’ll get it back.” Ajin said to himself
“Do you want to end the Battle Tutorial?”
As Ajin answered, he glanced at Acacia leaning on the tree. When Ajin’s eyes met, Acacia grinned and licked her lips with her tongue. Ajin stared at Acacia without a word, and so did Acacia.
“The purpose of helper NPC is to help beginners play games smoothly, right?”
Ajin asked, and Acacia replied. Ajin approached Acacia with a giggle. Acacia laughed as she lifted the tip of her chin, leaning back a little more. Little by little, mental strength was being restored.
“There’s something I’d like to test out about your skills.”
“How do you do that?”
Looking at Ajin, who stopped in front of her, Acacia giggled. At the answer, Ajin reached out without hesitation and grabbed Acacia’s chest.  Her white dress crumpled, and her voluminous chest was groped, and filled his hands entirely.  Acacia breathed a sweet sigh as she breathed in. Ajin raised his chin and tilted his head toward Acacia, looking up at the sky.
“I’m not going to die.”
“But I wish you’d kill me…”
Acacia replied with a giggle. Ajin’s lips twitched at those words, making him laugh. Acacia looked at him in his eyes. He was not unconscious.
“I don’t know exactly why, but this NPC, no. This woman is in rut. Then I don’t have to refuse. NPC is not an outdated idea anyway.”
Women of this degree are extinctive in reality. Ajin slowly kneaded the chest of Acacia, who was caught with his left hand. Acacia’s heart was broken as Ajin moved his hand, and the unfolded energy drain slowly sucked energy from Acacia. Acacia leaned back with a short exclamation. The stretched hands of Acacia hugged Ajin’s waist.
“It doesn’t kill me at all.”
Although the level of Ajin’s energy drain was five, Acacia was different from that of the red wolf. She puts her mind to it and goes into combat with him, he would die.  Even the howling beast that rules the raging forest would dare not raise it’s head against her.
“Like a level 5 energy drain can do anything to me. I don’t feel any danger even if I go through it for days.”
“So there is no reason to resist.”
“I didn’t even want to resist.” Acacia giggled and pulled Ajin’s waist towards her.
“…what are you curious about? Do you want to feel how real First’s sensory sensors are? Or… the total amount of energy that can be sucked from NPC?”
“Well, if you insist on making me choose, then I chose both.”
Ajin whispered with a giggle, and Acacia came close to his face. There was no reason to refuse it for Ajin as he was actively approached from the other side too.
“Actually, since I first saw Acacia, I wanted to try it.”
There was a lot of going on. As Ajin pressed Acacia’s lips, he entangled the approaching Acacia’s tongue unto him. The sweet breath of Acacia came, as the hot, damp tongue tangled with his. Sex has always been the focus of many people since the beginning of the introduction of virtual reality games, and it has developed over time and is now at the point where there was no difference from reality. Avatar perfectly sympathized with the soul of the player, matching the synchronization of the senses, and implementing it for excitement, pleasure and everything else. Of course it was sex against NPC in a game, but the pleasure a player feels was guaranteed.
Does NPC also feel pleasant? He doesn’t know about it. But, the excitement of Acacia clinging to Ajin was realistic. Her dripping groans, heavy breathing, the touch of the hand which held her breast and the hard erection of her nipples. Ajin peeled her lips. The elongated saliva was then cut off, and Ajin tilted his head a little more, biting Acacia’s earlobe.
Acacia groaned. She reached out and hugged Ajin. Ajin’s hand, which was touching Acacia’s chest, moved, and groped her waist. Both hands, which continued to go down, grabbed Acacia’s butt and massaged them. The energy drain was still going on. Since there was no history of use in real game, the energy of Acacia, which was absorbed by the energy drain, got deposited in the dungeon of Ajin.
He chewed her earlobe and licked it. She burrows her head in bright blond hair, neatly cut over her shoulders, licking her cheek, chin and neck to come down to her collarbone. Acacia fretted and begged. Her hand, groping around Ajin’s waist, quickly caught Ajin’s crotch. Acacia rolled up the dress herself with her own hands, exclaiming a little at the heaviness of her hands.
“…didn’t you ever customize your avatar at all? This certainly doesn’t require customization.”
Acacia giggled and squeezed Ajin’s crouch. As Ajin drew a small breath, Acacia raised her skirt on her own and looked at Ajin, who was rubbing her body.
“When I first saw her, she looked quite innocent, but she turned out to be a bad girl.” Acacia showed Ajin her clingy finger and put it in her lips and sucked it.
“I’ll give you one tip for the purpose of being a helper NPC. The amount of energy drain is absorbed differently depending on how it comes into contact with the opponent.”
As he said so, Acacia lowered Ajin’s pants by hand.
“You know what I mean? Come on, come here. Kill me.”
Acacia turned around and touched the tree by hand. A tree swaying in the night breeze, and  the occasional cry of a small bug. While listening to it, Ajin looked at Acacia, who held the tree with one hand and held her own hips with the other. Acacia, who turned her head and was looking at Ajin, hastened with a smile, tainted with lust.
“Come on, come on. Before I dry up…”
Ajin didn’t hesitate to do it. It’s a tip from the NPC, a kind helper, and him pushing himself to try it out. He thought Jeon-hee was a little lacking, but this side is also the limit. Ajin poked it in without hesitation. It was tight, and loosened gently, and so pushed it to the end at a single stroke. Acacia screamed, shivering at her waist. She groaned as she grabbed the tree with both hands.
“More, faster…”
Acacia screamed. Ajin moved his back as she said, and leaned over and grabbed Acacia’s chest. Ajin’s eyes sank coldly as he watched her fluttering blonde hair in front of his eyes. In the woods, this was no difference from a beast. But it doesn’t matter. She wants it, and he wanted it too.
Acacia’s body was wet and slippery, and hot. Her exquisite skin was considered the best among the female NPCs that he had ever experienced while playing virtual reality games. Unlike humans, no. More than human.  And the skill, the energy drain, as Acacia said, the amount of energy being sucked was greater than when he simply grabbed the wolf’s head and absorbed the energy. His mental strength also slowly declined. Is it a matter of consuming? Well, he didn’t have to worry about it right now. They can just relax and search. The tutorial was not over yet, and the textbook was right in front of him.
The rustling of the textbook sound was greater than the cries of insects, and greater than the cries of trees swaying in the wind. The groans of Acacia were greater than that. Acacia urged him frantically but Ajin didn’t fully answer her call. It was for him to set the pace, and it was also for him to maintain it.
“You can’t enjoy it enough if you just listen to the other side. No, it’s not all about having fun. It is also for the learning of skills and the growth of energy drain.”
The boiling liquid was squeaking. Ajin grasped her fair butt exposed by hand as her dress was completely overturned. Hugging the tree and screaming, Acacia turned her head and looked at Ajin. The eyes of Acacia were visible enough under the hair stuck due to her dripping sweat. His eyes, which used to be bright gold, were now so agitated with murky color. Acacia implored, opening her wet lips.
“Don’t stop, more, more…”
The sense of conquest when he heard such an appeal was pleasant. Ajin grinned and grabbed Acacia’s butt and stabbed her strongly. The thud seemed to ring within Acacia’s little body. It reached the end of the line many times. Like he would break her if he could. Acacia leaned back as she breathed in. While touching her chest like crazy and her hand holding the tree, he tears the dress with his own hands to make sure that it’s not disturbing with their copulation. Then he groped with his hand the fair body which was revealed under the moonlight, and raised his chest up and bit it with his lips.
She was like a wild animal. Ajin decided to speed up a little as he felt the last ecstasy. He didn’t intend to be satisfied once. As Ajin guessed it with pleasure, he bowed his head and bit Acacia’s ear well.
“You don’t mind inside, do you?”
Acacia shook her shoulders at the question. Then she nodded frantically. The answer to the question was a loud groan. That was enough. Ajin continued to insert back and forth, while carrying Acacia’s waist.
Then, Acacia felt the heat filling her body. It was the first life she was given and given this body, and at the same time the climax she felt here. Acacia drooped, her lips quivering. The semen dripped off from the plunged thing on her. Ajin laid on the ground, supporting the exhausted Acacia.
“I told you to kill me… kill me.” Without hiding her panting breath, Acacia said, and laughed. Ajin laughed at it, but the character he used his energy drain still remained.
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