Novel Name : Desire (Mogma)

Desire (Mogma) - Chapter 8

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I’ll try to be true to my desires.
00008 Access ========================================================================
Acacia changed her attitude in a second. She became a lewd prostitute, sat on the base of Ajin and fluttered her waist. Her groan is already full of cum. Then he rubbed her bottom with his hands and held it out, sucked her chest and chewed it. As Acacia, who was out of breath, was moving back and forth, Ajin couldn’t hold out for long. Perhaps, it was the fastest he ever had.
After that, Acacia became a rather modest lady. She groaned from time to time, and looked up to him with wet eyes.  His hand was hugging her waist and her chest was being touched. Acacia held Ajin’s back and gave him a low moan in his ear. Ajin seemed to know a little bit about what was going to come forth.
The original idea of checking the energy drain and testing the senses had already disappeared. He devoured the body of Acacia frantically, and Acacia lived up to it and embraced Ajin. She cradled her legs, and put her arms around his shoulders to hug his body like a sloth. She let out a sweet breath, had drenched skin and subtle fragrance on her.
‘What a hell of a woman.’ Ajin thought. Though his mental strength was already exhausted, he kept copulating with Acacia. He also forgot how many times he had intercourse with her. He also forgot that he had to play the game. Acacia was a terrific woman and an addictive drug. She knew too well how to drive a man crazy. Acacia, had an uncommon physique and different attitudes every time she repeated her actions, was a born helper and a whore. But at the same time, she was also a genius in acting.
“More, more, more… Let me, let me die!”
Acacia exhaled in a hoarse voice and Ajin bit her breast with his lips. Acacia screamed as she tilted her head. The screams of Acacia, who got bit like a candy, was not in pain, but joy. Her tight skin rippled, squeezed, and was at the end. Acacia’s body looked like a swamp. She was  sinking in Ajin’s man-swamp. Ajin had never experienced such an NPC woman with an incredible body.
Is it possible because it’s a virtually built body? Even in Murim’s Wind, which was said to be the most popular single player game, he copulated with all kinds of NPCs, but there was no woman like Acacia.
She was the best woman Ajin had ever had. It was when Acacia stopped urging him to finish. She let out a limp and gasped breath, and Ajin pulled out what she had just squeezed and sank into the position.
“My back is shaking. How long has it been since you’ve been so eager?” Ajin looked at the lying acacia with her legs apart, shaking her dizzy head. A waterfall was pouring down between the open bridges. The red-hot skin was bursting with swell. As soon as he saw it, Ajin once again felt a desire, but he suppressed it.
As he lowered his hand to plug the hole, and pushed in the running water with his fingers, Acacia giggled. It was the highest tribute to the man who had finished his act. Ajin sighed, as she swept up her wet hair with sweat. She was the woman who gave him that level of pleasure. Ajin felt a sense of consideration to bring her a glass of water for the last time, but unfortunately, there was no place around to get some water to drink.
“I was satisfied, but… Are you satisfied? Did you get what you wanted from me, a helper NPC?”
Acacia staggered up asked as he was stroking her clear chest with the use of his lips and teeth. She flipped her eyes and groaned like crazy, but her current expression was as neat as it was when he first saw her. Ajin glanced at his stator window first before answering the question.
LV: 9
Physical strength: 2000
Mental strength: 3200
Endurance:  4100
Energy Drain LV.8 (24%)
His Physical strength, mental strength, and internal strength greatly increased. It seems to be due to the fact that they have been doing energy drain many times.
“Come to think of it, I couldn’t confirm it because I was concentrating on you, but I heard an annoying alarm repeatedly. Surely this way is more efficient than simply knocking down a wolf and grabbing its head to use energy drain.”
At Ajin’s reply, Acacia stood up, tottering with a smile. She went through the mess they had, and then grabbed a pure white dress, which was no different from the first one, wounded around Acacia’s body.
“I’m glad to hear that. That’s the end of the tutorial.”
Acacia declared with a broad smile. At the end of the word, the wild scenerio of the forest was distorted, and it turned into a pure white space where Acacia and Ajin first encountered each other.
“I gave you everything and told you what I am supposed to.  Ajin, were you satisfied with the tutorial?”
“It was the best tutorial I’ve ever had. The NPCs that I’ve met so far haven’t taken care of me.”
At Ajin’s reply, Acacia smiled brightly and raised her hand.
“I’m glad to hear that. From now on, you will experience the world of First in earnest. It is a world of infinite freedom without any restrictions. I hope your freedom there will be full of joy.”
Argh. Acacia bumped her fists and made a sound, and at that moment Ajin’s body floated up.  And Ajin’s body disappeared with a bright glow.
“I hope to see you again.”
The tall, smiling acacia’s voice wouldn’t have reached Ajin. Acacia gave a giggle in the white space where she was alone. Thud, she put her hand on the bottom of her head and put in the dripping semen. Then she turned his head round and stared at the blank white space.
“I didn’t know you had a hobby.”
Crack! There was a slight shatter from the space and it made a hole. There was a hole through a white space, where there was an ink like darkness. The small light steps gradually widened the crack, and light illuminated like many rays reflected on it. Acacia kept smiling as she looked at the various people looking at her but they had hostile eyes toward her.
“You dirty, filthy bitch…”
Taak! A little girl in a red frill dress walked out of the dark. She saw Acacia, with her blood-red eyes filled with scorn, escorted from behind by flashing eyes. Acacia giggled at the girl.
“Who are you calling dirty and nasty?”
“You broke the rules!”
The girl frowned and spat out. The intense hostility that the girl showed was flushed with redness. Acacia sat in the air, calmly passing the hostility that seemed to be fired at her. She sat on the sofa that appeared and was occupied by Acacia’s body. Acacia curled her slender legs, and put her hand unto her jaw.
“I don’t know what rules I broke. There was no rule not to touch a man you like, was there?”
“You’ve done too much good for that little thing!”
“My job is a helper NPC, which is the same as you.”
Acacia’s eyes thinned. A thin smile appeared on her face and revealed a white tooth.
“The player assigned to me wanted to repeat the tutorial process, and I just listened to it. If you want to blame me, don’t even try it ,but blame the player’s stupidity that was assigned to you.”
“You shouldn’t be saying that to me. You’re… You… You dirty whore. Do you think I don’t know you’ve delivered your strength, mixing yourself with that trifle?”
“You’re telling a funny story, Primrose.”
Acacia strode and giggled at the approaching Primrose.
“I didn’t recommend skills to my player. It was the player himself who chose the energy drain. What kind of injustice was there?”
“With combining bodies…”
“It’s the player himself who wanted to have sex and used the energy drain. And it was the player who said he would test his skill. So don’t talk in such a way, Primrose. I think you’re a little bit upset.”
Acacia’s smile was distorted. Glow! The space shook as a blue current flowed through the space centered on her.
“Are you even capable of being pissed off right now? That would be great I guess, would you like to try it too? I think it’s not a bad idea to completely destroy a neutral ground we’ve put our heads together.”
As Acacia laughed and whispered, Primrose shook her fist and stopped walking as she approached. As she breathed in, she stared at Acacia and turned around a few times.
“…dirty. You lewd bitch…!”
Leaving the words behind, Primrose went back into the space where she walked in from. The black darkness swallowed Primrose, and the pupil stared at Acacia. Then the darkness disappeared. Acacia covered her lips with her fingers and laughed, suppressing the force she had opened.
“And you are so foolish.”
Besides, she’s uselessly honest. Acacia laughed and buried herself on the sofa. She didn’t use her strength properly, but her heart was pounding a little because it’s been a long time. But she still had to endure it. Acacia closed her eyes. If she runs wild just because her blood is boiling a little, she will be in trouble in many ways. If she tries to execute others, no matter how powerful Acacia is, she will still be defeated. No matter how big of a hand she has, she can’t handle all of the enemies that come from many places.
‘I’ve come to expect quite a lot from you.’
Acacia thought of Ajin. Of the 300 players, the most impressive one was Ajin. Her memories of the 300 people she led, were stored in her mind, even if she wasn’t in charge of it. There were some things that were quite unusual, but Ajin was the only one who excelled. Acacia smiled thinly.
“Good luck, Ajin.”
Thud. While she was still pressing her overflowing hole with her hand, Acacia giggled in silence.
What Ajin was looking forward to was a huge city, or a small town, if not. The player conducts a quest there or meets another NPC, and the player has to go out to the hunting ground, hunts monsters, makes money, comes back to town, stops by the store, buys equipment, supplies… RPG games usually have such a beginning.
“…what is this?”
However, the scenery seen by Ajin was completely different. He was in the middle of a dark forest. Maybe there was an error in transmission? Maybe that’s what it was.  But Ajin rejected the idea of it. Come to think of it, there is no reason to start in a town or city. Perhaps falling into such a deserted forest itself is the beginning of the game.
‘Wait a second…’
Should he wait like this without moving? Or perhaps the NPC would appear just like the script, leading Ajin to the village. But what if it doesn’t? In the end, he didn’t know. Ajin moved his steps without hesitation. The tutorial is over, and the game has already begun. It’s a waste of time to wait doing nothing at a time while being behind other players.
So he moves on. The forest was the place he saw when he got out of the tutorial. So where is this place? This game doesn’t even have mini-maps. Therefore, there was no way for Ajin to know where that place he was at.
“Flying forest… Is it?’
Maybe that’s the case.  But there was no guarantee that there would be only one wild forest in the world. After all, all he can do for himself is guess about all sorts of things, and he can’t get a definite answer. Then, can’t he just ask someone?
There was a sudden sound that came from the bushes.
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