Novel Name : Desire (Mogma)

Desire (Mogma) - Chapter 13

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Translator: Skye
Editor: killme (Krish)
I’m thinking of going to Game Fantasy in the beginning and Fusion in the end.
When it comes to revenge…
Please wait a little longer. Haha;
At the moment of access, the first thing he saw was a large square. Clear water was spilling from the fountain in the center, and a few people gathered nearby to talk about this and that, though he couldn’t distinguish if it was a player or NPC, and were talking about things. Some were dressed in stylish armor, others in thin skirts that seemed useless as a defense tool.
Standing still, Ajin looked around. There were lot of shops lying around the square. Some ran fast, and some flew in the air. That one is a player, Ajin thought, when he saw a character.
After waking up from the alarm, he immediately logged onto beta tester as soon as the four-hour death penalty was over. He was a little worried that he might fall into the forest again, but the bug seems to have ended with the first one. The village of the beginning. There was no explanation for the geographical names, but Ajin thought that really was the place.
Ajin moved right away. He thought about what to do before he started. On the website, a friendly and stupid player had launched an attack that could be made in the village of the beginning. For once Ajin was going to follow it. He thought it was better to use the information because he was in the place to use it. Ajin laughed inwardly at the player who gave that information. What’s the reward for doing such kindness? What’s the benefit of the unpaid information? Fame? Popularity? That’s of no use.
First, he bought a map at a nearby grocery store. A map of the wild forest, including the village of the beginning. As he bought it, the first 100 gold he had flew away in an instant. But it wasn’t a waste. He doesn’t have to buy equipment because he didn’t use weapons anyway, and he can replace the potion with energy drain. Better buy a map and light the way than buy something useless.
When he bought the map, Ajin opened the inventory window. In the inventory window were 10 rye breads, three stamina potions, three reflux and three psychotropic potion to restore the inner strength. That was the end of the items that are paid to beginners.
“Don’t you need black wolf teeth?”
Ajin, who arrived at a nearby armory dealer, asked the bearded man who appeared to be a master. Black Wolf Hunting. When he would get back with the collected teeths, he’ll get a reward and EXP value for it. The monster level of the black wolf was 8. Ajin’s level was 9, so there won’t be much trouble carrying out the quest. Moreover, it was a repeatable quest and could be combined with hunting, making it the most efficient for Ajin right now.
“Oh, I’ve never seen you before. How did you know I needed black wolf teeth?”
“I’ve heard the rumor.”
When he was asked by the man, Ajin replied, putting up a humane smile. It was important to increase the level of favorability with NPC. NPC’s AI was no different from humans, and a person puts as much rice cake if he gets close to him. With Ajin’s laugh, the man smiled face to face and nodded his head.
“Hmm, is that so? I did need the teeth of the black wolf, as you said. If you collect them and bring them with you, my child, you will receive a good reward.”
“Okay, sir.”
Ajin grinned with his head down, and turned around. And he immediately followed the map along the road. He had learned all the quests he need to receive rewards, and memorized the location of the NPC.
Ajin got three quests. Black wolf teeth in the forest that was ran by the blacksmith’s barn. Blue wolf, received from the vigilante of the village. Hanemos, ordered by the sorcerer, sake.
The wolf teeth was the most efficient quest that could be carried out at the immediate level. Upon receiving the quest, Ajin left the village. No other quests were needed to be carried out at the immediate line.
‘For now I should raise the level.’
He had made some plans. Now, he had to focus on levelling up. Absorb the energy of monsters with energy drain, and carry out explosive attack method in combats. For now, the target level was 15. After that, it raises the attack to level 10. If it became level 10, the heart attack would change to explosive heart law method. Then he can move and attack fast, turn and grow to level 19.
‘The more items I have, the faster I finish the quest.’
It’s just like rolling a snowball. It’s slow to grow when you roll the first small snowball. But from the start, when you roll the snow balls together, the balls stick more and grow faster. What’s needed for immediate explosive growth was the amount of skill and the energy drain.
After he left the village, Ajin headed straight to the forest. There was something like a rabbit or a fox running around in the open grassland, but none of the players cared about it except Ajin. The level to catch such a thing was low. Ajin bit his lips as he looked at the players who could be seen from time to time.
‘They’re all competitors.’
And all of them will be at a higher level than Ajin. Ajin’s pace grew faster and faster.
The Raging Forest
As soon as he entered the forest, Ajin was attacked by a wolf. A red wolf that was hiding in the bushes hit Ajin. Ajin was neither hesitant nor surprised. He immediately readied his fist, and the fist with a MP, instantly crushed the wolf’s head. At the same time the energy drain quickly sucked up the wolf’s energy. With the first blow, a little energy was quickly sucked into Ajin. As he kicked the wolf, which was only skinned, Ajin continued to go inside the forest.
He had no lingering affection for the red wolf. That was a sickening kill in the tutorial. Ajin felt thirsty. In there, in that forest…he had sexual intercourse with Acacia. He tasted a swampy woman who dries and kills men. His whole body felt like his blood was boiling, but Ajin cooled down his senses.
Killing wolves several times, using the energy drain… The deeper he went, the thicker the forest became and the higher the trees rose. “Here it is.” Ajin crossed X on the map and looked at the a tree. The milestones in the map were everywhere because it was such a large forest. Beyond that was the black wolf’s territory. And beyond that there would be a blue wolf.
The quest from the wizard say, is to collect Hanemos. Hanemos, a flower that blooms under trees in the beyond area and is used as a magic material. It’s not a hunting quest, but the wild forest monsters were all ahead, so it was better to go hunting to carry out the quest efficiently. Ajin didn’t hesitate to walk past the milestone tree.
It was evident that the atmosphere had changed. Not long after walking, the forest became darker, and the sound of insects was barely audible. A cold, heavy silence only presses down on the forest. Ajin expanded his senses by keeping a wary eye on the surroundings.
The black wolf level was level 10. The red wolf was level 5, so there was a double difficulty. It’s a level that simply appears to be numerical, but as he thought about it carefully, the black wolf was twice as strong as the red wolf.
And it is said that black wolves climb trees and jump off branches. Recalling the attack that the player who had launched the attack, Ajin stepped back from the ground. Quack! The ground puffed out big on the wolf’s wielding front paws, raising dust.
The black wolf was not much different in size from the red wolf. It had dark black fur that seemed indistinguishable in the dark, and had bloodshot eyes, looked ferocious. But Ajin laughed, let alone got scared.
“Pretty little bitch.”
It’s a food to watch and hunt until it gets tired. It’s going to suck up energy over and over again, and it’s going to strengthen itself. For Ajin, Nogada was not a bore. There was a certain reward for hard work. Ajin liked the reward of Nogada, especially useful him.
Moreover, there was certainly a purpose to be strong. At first, when he started this first, he thought he was going to go further than others and rule the ocean of the online virtual reality games.
Now. He was far behind. He was there because he faithfully followed the tips posted by a user on the bulletin board. That place was already under development. It was meaningless for Ajin to try to attack. Of course, if he dug into the details, there would be plenty of room for attack.
But he didn’t.
What he wanted was a blue wolf, and again a unique one. He needed that kind of item that only he can do and that only he can sell. He had to go farther so that not anyone would be able to get it. To go that far, he has to be strong. So right now, he is patiently trying to level-up and get strong. That’s how far he wanted to go.
Further than the wild forest, even more further than the forest of silence. And…
‘Asella, Luke.’
“I must kill those bastards. I’ve already thought about what kind of punishments to give them. Asella will be raped. I will spit on her face and crush her with my feet, and tear her clothes to pieces. What about Luke? Let’s nail him down and let him watch while I rape her.”
Ajin clenched his fist. The black wolf ran at Ajin, hitting the ground with its feet. The speed was incomparably faster than that of a red wolf. Ajin spread his mana throughout his whole body as he pulled up his explosion attack. Towards the wolf, who opened its mouth wide and was about to bite him, Ajin faced him and kicked the ground.
The wolf opened its mouth, and its sharp teeth bite Ajin. Ajin, watched with his eyes dilated – the wolf’s jaw moved, and the moment its neck bent, its upper body bounced sideways. Squash!
The wolf’s teeth clenched in the air, and Ajin’s fist downed hit the wolf’s belly.
The wolf shrieked. A heavy sensation and the wolf’s body flew into the air. But it wasn’t enough. That wolf’s fur was black, not red. The wolf, which was soaring the air, turned around and landed on the ground. Then he revealed his teeth and made a screeching sound. Ajin lifted his fists, spread his legs over his shoulders, and then he turned his body to the side.
No attack skills. No weapons. Only hands and feet can be used. But he had his memory and knowledge.
Squish! As he rushed toward the wolf, Ajin shook his fist. At the moment when the wolf, who was hit on the head, staggered over his waist, Ajin stamped his left heel on the wolf’s cheek one after another. He turned his body like a top, and used his legs like an axis. He then put his right arm back up and attacked the wolf’s temple. There was a total of three times but he didn’t stop.
Against the wolf that was repeatedly beaten and reeled by Ajin who put his hands together against the wolf in that dungeon. He draw a triangle in his palms, putting it to the face of a wolf. The seal! It’s the Shaolin art. Of course its power was nothing compared to the Breeze of Murim. It’s just a form of it.
But it was enough to catch a beast.
Ajin stretched out his hand, smashing the wolf that rolled with a thin sound. He held its head and used the energy drain as he put it in the ground. How long would it take this wolf to die? How much reward can he gain? How much XP does he have?
There’s no time for thinking of that now, Ajin thought.
Textbooks are overflowing.
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