Novel Name : Desire (Mogma)

Desire (Mogma) - Chapter 15

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All kinds of thoughts passed through my head. The 43rd principal of the Magistrate–the serpentine witch’s Heuk Seolhyang. Raconda introduced herself like that, but Ajin’s couldn’t take it as a fact.
Is there a Magistrate leader in the First World? He didn’t know anything about that. There was no explanation for the world view on First World’s homepage or within the manual. Perhaps, somewhere in the vast world of First, magic exists. There may be a Murim, in  a midfield. Wizards and knights… his train of thought continued and fictional characters came to his mind, coming to the world of the First.
It doesn’t fit.
Just looking around at NPCs in this town, all of them are Westerners. The same as Lucelle and Carls whom he met in the forest. Carls is a knight and Lucelle a wizard. Yes, the existence of knights and wizards can be confirmed, but not the Murimians.
Then what is the identity of the woman in front of him? Raconda… No, Heuk Seolhyang. She said she was the 43rd leader of the Magician Sector, what the hell is she? Is she a NPC? Or an operator?
“Ricks asked me to teach you.”
The Heuk Seolhyang flopped back into the chair. Crossing her legs, she looked at Ajin, still on her knees. Only his right pupil narrowed as he looked at Ajin. Ricks? When Ajin looked at her with curiosity, Heuk Seolhyang frowned her thin eyebrows.
“The village blacksmith’s name is Ricks. You didn’t know that either.”
“…Ah, is that so?”
That fucking bastard. Ajin swallowed the swear words hard. He didn’t know the name of the blacksmith. The wriggling heart immediately impelled him to slap her in the face and spit out curses, but Ajin suppressed it firmly. Rather, this is an opportunity. Whatever her identity, she is called the leader of the Magic Sect, and it is not ordinary to see her knees being squeezed by just shouting. Even now…
Ajin was feeling the pressure on her skin. Such a huge presence has rarely been felt in Breeze of Murim. There were many contenders that Ajin had met in Breeze of Murim, also he became such a person himself. But none of those people Ajin met had a presence like Heuk Seolhyang. Ajin, who has grown rapidly due to his character, has never been as good as her. The sword zone , the power zone , and Heavenly Demons. He thought of many absolute masters that come to mind right now, and he also thought of the days when he became the leader of the Heavenly Magistrates and the leader of the Murim. Then, he tried to substitute it with Heuk Seolhyang.
There’s nothing to see. It’s a must-win. He won’t win if he doesn’t use cheats.
“I tried to give you a proper lesson, but I can’t give you a rough sketch from history. I can’t believe it’s an explosive blood method. You, who have entered here with that kind of skill, are you part of the higher authority, and why are you giving me a little lesson?”
The Heuk Seolhyang smiled, raising the corners of her mouth. Yeah. That’s why he called it an opportunity. What Ajin has mastered is the explosive blood method. The explosive blood method changes to the blood flow method when it reaches 10 stars. Every time he gets through 10 levels, the test changes to something else. It varies from explosive blood method, Vina method, intoxication method, Thema method, and Heavenly Demon method. In the end, it all ends up in Heavenly Demon level as it is the highest level of all.
If she really is the head of the Heavenly Magic Sect, she is no different from Ajin. He thought that it’s a chance that he can’t let  pass on just like that. He has to make the most of it.
“…and I will also serve you.”
Ajin hit his head on the ground. He didn’t feel humiliated. If he wants to get what he needs, he can bow his head many times, and if he wants to die, he can just cut his own head instead. This is a game. Either he lives long or dies and comes back to life. It is an opportunity that will never come again. He wouldn’t just think about it rather do it rigorously .
“Hoho. Are you going to submit? It’s good not to be bothered by anyone.”
Looking at Ajin whose head was down kissing the floor, she started giggling. She relaxingly crossed her legs and spit smoke, from a pipe that is in her hand. The hazy mist blurred her face.
“Who am I?”
“My master, 43rd Lord of Heavenly Demon Sect, Heuk Seolhyang.”
“Who are you?”
“I am Ajin, your humble servant.”
At the answer, Heuk Seolhyang grumbled and laughed. At the moment, the house seemed to be quivering from a loud burst of laughter. After a long laugh, Heuk Seolhyang  tilted her chair back.
“Good. That’s for the best. It’s been a long time since I’ve been called that, to be exact 20 years since I have fallen here… It was just too long. It was such a disgraceful day that I hid myself, abandoned my name and left everything behind. I thought I’d never hear that name again, so I gave up my doubts. What a great feeling this is.”
The chair creaking came to Ajin’s ear with his head down. 20 years… 20 years is before virtual reality games are commercialized. But he could comprehend or just can’t believe it as it is. If she’s NPC, then that’s kind of a setup included in the world view.
“Lift your head.”
At that remark, Ajin immediately lifted his head. There’s nothing good about being hesitant. If he chooses to benefit from bowing his head, he can throw away his pride. Throwing away his pride more clearly and perfectly then he can get a big price from it.
“Okay master.”
Don’t humiliate yourself. Show natural obedience and let them know. Don’t hesitate. Rather than playing dumb, play the faithful and outstanding servant instead.
“Good. You’ll have to call me that each time in the future. I won’t allow you to call me names other than master.”
“Yes, master.”
At Ajin’s answer, Heuk Seolhyang smiled contentedly. She lifted herself up, leaning back against the chair. There was rattling on the chair. Her bosom was exposed in that tight black suit. The Heuk Seolhyang asked, turning back her black hair that had stretched all the way to his shoulders.
“Think of this as a great opportunity. Me, who is the 43rd lord of the Heavenly Magic Sect is going to teach you directly. So be glad that because the thought I had right now would never happen again, too. I’ll teach you, and think of you as my disciple.”
“Thank you, master.”
Ajin bowed his head deeply as if he was moved. Ajin’s lips smiled with his head down.
“Did you say that you learned about explosive blood attack and energy drain? What else is there?”
“None so far.”
“Do you know how to handle weapons?”
“I don’t want to be like that.”
Ajin answered honestly. The use of weapons will increase attack power, but it is bothersome for match equipment. Then he thought he’d better master his fist.
“Good. I don’t mean to degrade weapons such as swords or bows or spears, but in the end, the weapons most used by people are their own hands and feet. If he has deep strength and familiarity, this body that is made up of blood, can be sharper than a sword, faster than a spear, and heavier than anything else.”
It was called dissuasion.
“Your skill is aiming at the heavenly demon art. Heavenly Demon method is a martial art based on the Heavenly demon’s Ki method. Do you know anything about it?”
“…I know some.”
“The real name for that is Heavenly Demon. It is a method of heavenly demons that can only be learned from the Magic Sect. The lords are called Heavenly Demon God. This includes Heavenly Demons White Young Lord swordsmanship, Heavenly Demon Bloody method, and Heavenly Demon’s thousand palms method. Ajin once learned it when he became a master of a demon. So he knew how scheming and powerful the martial arts were.
“I intend to teach you, among the Heavenly Demon gods, the Bodhisattva, Yu Long, the Mighty and the Strong one. Of course you can’t have your own method because you haven’t mastered the Heavenly Demon method properly, but that’ll be enough.”
-That’s awesome. Ajin hid her laughter as he felt his head was flinching. He can move faster and more efficiently if he learns how to do it. If he properly learn how to play the game and the laws of it, his attack becomes more powerful. But the biggest of them would be Water Ki method. It is a method of using water. If the level of judgment is high and the Ki is profound, not just energy is naturally expressed, but also makes the path to forcibly lift a strong energy even if they are not the same level, and makes it more powerful and efficient to use it.
“It may not be easy to teach this in the First method, but… You’re different as a player.”
Heuk Seolhyang strode and approached Ajin. Her stretched hand came to Ajin’s head. Ajin did not avoid it, but opened his eyes quietly and watched her scented hand rose him.
“I’m still not used to this kind of method.”
Ajin closed his eyes as he listened to the grumbling voice of Seol Hyang. He felt something going through the center of his body from the top of his head. At the same time, Ajin’s head heard a system alarm.
[Lord of the Magic Sect, Heuk Seolhyang passes on a skill. Will you accept it?]
He let out a small whisper of an answer. I felt like there was an explosion inside him. Ajin’s shoulders shivered, and the system’s alarm went on and on into a momentary dazed mind.
[You have learned theThousand Miles Footwork Technique.]
[You have acquired the Heavenly Demon Heaven and Earth Splitting.
[You have acquired the right to attack heavenly demons.]
[You have acquired the Heavenly Demon Thousand Star Bombardment Technique.]
[You are connected to a Magician]
[The Heavenly Demon Art is adapted to the lowest level.]
[Your power as a Heavenly Demon is reduced to 20% because the player’s level has not yet reached Heavenly Demon level.]
Ajin couldn’t hide his bliss. As the tail of his mouth went up, twisting, Ajin immediately put his head on the ground. Smash! His forehead is throbbing at the loud noise, but he could bear it as much as he could.
Right now, the Heavenly Demon can only produce 20 percent of its original power. But that’s enough. Ajin had a huge confidence, and it could grow as much as it could if he used energy drains. Furthermore, if the test evolves by growing to explosive blood attack, Heavenly Demon God’s power will become stronger.
“Thank you, master!”
Ajin shouted loudly. For now it seemed as though he could crawl on feet between the legs of Heuk Seolhyang, and lick her whole body with the tip of his tongue.
“You may go back now for today, but come see me once a day.”
Looking at Ajin’s head-stabbing Ajin, the Heuk Seolhyang said, and puffed smoke again, biting the pipe in her mouth.
“I will see your level for myself and help you. If you stayed at a very low level after learning the Heavenly Demon Art, it would be a disgrace to my face.”
Raconda sat at the table with a long puff of smoke. She gazed at Ajin, who still had his head in the ground.
“If I don’t show the growth I want, I’ll kill you and destroy you. I will take away all your Ki and get back the skills I have given you. No matter how much you play, you can’t avoid it.”
“Yes, master.”
It was a gruesome warning, but Ajin answered with certainty. He did not have any intention to stay at this level or to remain insignificant. He will be stronger than anyone and go farther than anyone. Ajin recalled the faces of Asella and Luke.
He hasn’t won yet on that bitch for the humiliation she gave him.
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