Novel Name : Desire (Mogma)

Desire (Mogma) - Chapter 16

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Editor: Anuvrat
Didn’t she just say that the village blacksmith’s name was Ricks? He left Raconda’s house and returned to the square, he thought about visiting Ricks and contemplated whether to kiss his furry face or not. But of course, he stopped with agony. Ajin quickly passed Ricks Shop, and immediately left the village.
His heart was pounding mixed with excitement and expectation rising his body temperature. He wanted an opponent, he wanted to test the heavenly demon’s power that he just learned from Heuk Seol Hyang. Ajin had been a little impatient so he wanted to use it on whatever is in front of him even if it was a rabbit or fox.
But he didn’t do it. Rabbits or foxes are far too low. It would be difficult if a monster dies just like that when he is trying to verify his true power. Coming into the raging forest, Ajin immediately stepped into the territory of the black wolf. There were several attacks from red wolves along the way, but Ajin knocked the wolves down by swinging his fists recklessly. He used so little energy that he felt like he was still filled up to the brim.
The forest was still bleak and dark. There were rustling sounds of the wolves, and insects chirping. He took a deep breath inside the familiar forest and then got back on move.
He tested his new power on a black wolf. He chose it as a red wolf’s level is high, and he hasn’t encountered a blue wolf yet. On the other hand, he was used to hunting it until he wore out, and its physical strength was quite high, so it was perfect for the test.
As he searched for the wolf, Ajin checked the floating skill window.
Heavenly Demon Art: Thousand Miles Footwork Technique: Level 1 (0%)
Heavenly Demon Art: Heaven and Earth Splitting: Level 1 (0%)
Heavenly Demon Art: Thousand Star Explosion: Level 1 (0%)
Heavenly Demon Art: Blood Corruption: Level 1 (0%)
He just learned it and never used it, so it was natural. Ajin recalled the Heavenly Horse used in the Breeze of Murim. Heavenly Demon Thousand Miles Footwork Technique, when it reaches the peak, it produces dozens of visions by moving the feet once, and each moves differently and dazzles the eyes. However, as his level is too low so the power has been reduced due to the lack of knowledge of the heavenly horse mind method, which is quite welcoming.
Heavenly Demon Heaven and Earth Splitting, it’s a passive skill that doesn’t match the name. Unlike ordinary martial arts, the martial arts of the Heavenly Demon are not divided into separate techniques. It was the same with the Force. No matter what technique he uses, the power comes from the Ki manipulation. It was the same with the Heavenly Demon Thousand Star Explosion. Since the Heavenly Demon’s foundation itself is based on the Ki manipulation built on the basis of the Heavenly Demon Method, so there is no need to make preparations and setting limits. It is an art or technique that cannot be found in other martial arts, but the Heavenly Demon is strong enough to take the power for granted.
‘Heavenly Demon Art Blood Corruption would be hard to use right now.’
Power breathing exercise is a powerful technique. However, it consumes a lot of internal strength. The internal strength of Ajin now may be important at this level, but no matter how much he does, he can’t use Power Breathing Exercise on his own will. In the meantime, it may be better to give up raising the skill level of the Heavenly Demon Blood Technique.
‘It’s better to leave it in the bloodstream.’
The Kumdo* is strong. And it is strong enough to destroy anything in this world. It would be a great help if he hid it well and used it as a technique.
At that moment, the wolf fell down, with a whimper. Ajin immediately used the Heavenly Demon Arts Thousand Miles Footwork Technique . His feet slid back on the grass. A dimmed vision, torn by the wolf’s claws.
‘Is there only one thing I can do?’
It doesn’t move as I thought it would. It’s probably due to his low level and reduced power. However, the use of speed technique alone has made it possible to move more efficiently and faster than when the land was dumped in the past. Ajin did the Heavenly Demon Art Heaven and Earth Splitting and rushed towards the wolf that was standing on the ground. As the internal force escapes, the extended palm stretches out.
A loud sound came, like a bomb going off and the wolf’s body flew up into the air.
‘Strong Sun!’
Ajin was surprised to see the wolf lying around. The output was much more than expected. Of course, the amount of energy that is lost is large as well. This is only 20% power of one star right? But it’s not hard to understand; Heavenly Demon Arts is a technique used by the masters of dark entities and is one of the most distinguished of many martial arts.
But it didn’t seem to be powerful enough to kill it in one go. Ajin checked the remnants of the missing wolf while staggering. If he uses it too often, he will soon run out of energy. However, the temptation to use it is too great because it is so powerful. How can he replenish the energy as fast as possible?
..Energy drain…?
Ajin felt as if he had been hit on the head. He’s been using energy drain, overpowering monsters, and holding them by hand. But it is not necessary to use energy drains each time. The energy drain can be used if it comes into contact with the other person’s body. Can’t he apply this skill to monsters too? He thought it was worth trying it out. Ajin clenched his fist as he rushed towards the wolf.
The Heavenly Demon Thousand Star Explosion, is controlling the use of ki and suppressing the power. Nevertheless, he extended his hands to increase his strength and speed.
The head of the beaten wolf became limp. At the right moment, he used energy drain. Ajin trembled after being surprised by the energy flowing into his hand. He became joyful.
‘In the end, it was the right choice to try it out.’
Ajin came to a late realization. Energy Drain and Martial Arts, It’s a simple skill handed down, but now it’s his main ability now. And his prowess can vary as much as he wants, depending on how he uses the skill. It’s the same thing as making a sentence by combining tirelessly memorized English words.
‘Reduce consumption by distributing internal strength. And if I use energy drain with each blow…’
Maybe it can result in longer-term battles but if he reduces the power consumed compared to the amount absorbed by energy drain.  He will be able to build up the energy consumed in the dungeon by filling up with each of his attacks…..
But this result is better. Rather than finish hunting quickly by consuming an abnormal amount of energy, it is better to take advantage of what can be gained even if it takes a little more time and effort. The improvement in the stats due to level-up is attractive, but the high level is not necessarily that important. As evident, Ajin almost killed Asella, who was twice his level. Even if there is a difference in level, and the stats are generally above him, the win or loss can be reversed depending on how he uses his techniques and skills. If he added the energy drain, the martial arts power, and the size of the internal strength…
‘Hmm, I need to get used to it first.’
Ajin decided to set it aside first. To be honest, it was still difficult to use energy drain with each strike and to distribute his strength. That’s not the only problem. If he is mentally exhausted, he cannot use this skill.
‘I’m going to carry a psychological strength potion from now on.’
Since he is not spending on his equipment, he can afford the price of a single potion. Ajin moved as he solidified his thoughts. He had to go beyond the black wolf’s territory, to go into the blue wolf’s one. He had never dealt with blue wolves before, but since he had mastered the Heavenly Demon Technique, it was unlikely that he would face a catastrophe in this difficult battle.
‘I’d rather not disclose this information.’
He can be caught by Raconda through the wolf tooth quests that were given by Ricks. Ajin decided not to disclose this information. If he sells it, he’ll make a lot of money, but if he does, the benefits for him will disappear. Among the 1,500 beta players and countless users that came in when the server is officially public later on, Ajin may be the only one to have this kind of technique. If that happens, Raconda may pass on the Heavenly Demon Technique to them, while wondering what his relationship with the Leader of Magic Sect is like.
If the information that the highest level of martial arts can be obtained is released, everyone will learn how to study the heavenly demon technique and get to visit Raconda. That makes the Heavenly Demon technique taken by Ajin will be too common. Ajin didn’t want that.
‘Most far, most high. They can only see and hear it from far away.’
The higher he stands, the more popular he becomes. The scenery is different from the one below, so he can’t help it. Ajin laughed, with twitching lips.
‘It takes a lot of time and effort to grow into an ability that is chosen from a tutorial. He’d be better off not disclosing the information about how to skip it at all once. He should be the only one to keep it.’
He may rest assured right now. Raconda said Ajin was the first beta player to visit her. But later when the servers are public if another player learns from her… That’s inevitable. He can’t stop the information from being released so it’s natural.
‘But for now, it should only be kept for me.’
He is already deep inside the forest. The trees became so tall that now he can’t see the sky well, therefore the surroundings became dark. Ajin crossed the black wolves’ territory and had come to the blue wolves territory.
Before a full-fledged hunt, he decided to look for Hanemos in the meanwhile. Hanemos could easily be found. Is it because he is in the deep forest? He saw some blue flowers at the bottom of the tree. Ajin carefully picked Hanemos.
‘Magic Material.’
He dug-out Hanemos by hand, Ajin thought he didn’t know what the use of these flowers was, but Hanemos is a flower that bloomed with mana. After hearing the explanation from Sake about Hanemos, Ajin felt that it was worth testing.
And the idea was right. As soon as the energy drain was activated, Hanemos lost its vitality and started to fade, the mana that had been in the flower a while ago flowed into Ajin. He twisted his lips as his pupils filled up with power.
This is great.
Ajin thought so and abandoned the skinny Hanemos. Then he picked more, which was blooming closer to him, and put them in a bag for collection given by Sake.
Using this is a little bit better.
As he gathered it, Ajin explored the territory of the blue wolvesf. The monster level is 15. Unlike the black wolf that fell from the tree, blue wolves roam in the forest. They are similar to the red wolves in skills but much stronger.
But Ajin thought it didn’t matter.
The blue wolves are easy to find. Beyond this area, the strongest silver wolf in the wild forest is said to travel in groups. But up to the blue wolf region, they hunt for food by themselves without forming a herd. So it won’t be difficult to deal with. Ajin narrowed the distance little by little, watching the cautious blue wolf with his eyes open. The direction of the wind is blowing their way. The strength of his will not be passed on. He was walking, and there was a murderous sound…
And then he took off. When he was sure he could approach with one leap, he took off. As Ajin jumps up and falls on the blue wolf, sensing the sound blue wolf turns its head.
The moment the wolf’s golden eyes saw him, Ajin fell from the air and extended his wide open hand forward.
The force decreased because of the strength limitation, but the sound was still loud. But he didn’t lie around. The frightened, retreating blue wolf revealed its teeth and attacked him. One attack has been made, but the distribution of energy drain and internal strength has not yet been good. He had no choice but to continue.
It takes effort to get used to it.
*Kumdo- a modern Korean martial art derived from Japanese Kendo.
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