Novel Name : Desire (Mogma)

Desire (Mogma) - Chapter 18

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Editor: anuvrat
“Does it hurt a lot?”
Heuk Seol Hyang whispered in his ear with a hint of whining. Ajin bit his lips hard. He couldn’t talk, and just screamed.
‘Don’t say anything. You know what a booty is, right? Since I am a player, I can’t afford to be called a limp, but you can’t avoid losing all the hard work you’ve scratched.’
That was the warning by Heuk Seol Hyang yesterday. A player comes back to life even if he dies. Therefore, he will not become a fool out of himself with coins filling his mouth. But… he can’t wait to see the ultimate level of the energy drain that he had collected so far. So, Ajin put up with it. With his mouth shut, he endured all the excruciating pain he felt whenever she moved her fingers.
The original virtual game either cancels all the pain felt or controls it into a very slight tingling. But it wasn’t for Ajin. He commissioned the modification of the capsule to set the pain just like it is in reality.
The reason was simple. Because it’s much more realistic. Because it’s more fun. He accepted the pain he felt in this world, as he built only a safety line that would force him to cut off the signal when pain couldn’t be handled by his brain.
‘I think I’m going to die, but it’s bearable.’
It was rather crazy. If the pain was unbearable, the capsule that caught the brain’s danger signal would have blocked the pain altogether. If the pain is not at that level, so the pain he felt is it seems to be. Ajin put strength in his eyes with a cold sweat.
‘Fuck you, bitch!’
The giggle of Heuk Seol Hyang, and her breath that comes to his ears. Heuk Seol Hyang is enjoying his current situation. She enjoys inflicting pain on Ajin’s body, while he is shaking in pain. What a crazy bitch! Ajin thought while shivering.
‘After four years, you will surely lay under my body.’
But right now, it’s impossible. Heuk Seol Hyang is so powerful that it is impossible for Ajin to dare to do anything about it. When he was the strongest man in Breeze of Murim, he would still be easily defeated if he were against Heuk Seol Hyang. No matter how hard he thought about it, there was no way to do anything about her right now.
‘Not yet, but one day…!’
After the hellish pain, Heuk Seol Hyang’s hand fell on Ajin’s body. She whispered in Ajin’s ear as she patted his shoulder.
“And that’s it.”
And with that, Ajin breathed in and out harshly. He still struggled with the terrible pain that lingered in his body. Heuk Seol Hyang went back to Ajin with a giggle and sat on the bed crossed her slim legs and picked up the pipe beside her.
“You’re pretty patient. Well, it’s for your own sake after all, and it’s actually fun.”
“T-thank you….”
Ajin spat out in a harsh voice. He took a few deep breaths and straightened his lower back. Looking at Ajin like that, Heuk Seol Hyang smiled fishy.
“As I explained yesterday, this is the Mara Chenle method handed down to Magicians. Originally it is only allowed to be used by a lower member of the Magic Sect, which requires permission from the Senate. In fact, it’s common for a master to give cirrhosis for a later man, but the Mara Chenle technique is a shame to compare with such a miscellaneous thing.”
Heuk Seol Hyang said while spewing smoke. Then, she stretches her finger and flick on Ajin, without saying anything, crawled to the front of Heuk Seol Hyang on his knees. Heuk Seol Hyang hung over Ajin’s shoulder, raising her legs as if it were natural. As she put her leg on his shoulder, Ajin immediately raised his hand and began to rub her leg.
“The Mara Chenle technique, go through the inner parts of the body and penetrates through blocked veins by forcibly widening the thin path through which the mana flow. I can’t get you through the lymphatic vein, but I’m going to widen all the way to it. Do you know what this means?”
“The mana in my body are flowing in search of a path without floundering.”
“That’s right. Blood and mana flows at once and fast enough because the road is already open. It also means that the speed of turning the inner air around is increased, and with that, it is faster to raise breathing methods and to extend the attack.”
As Ajin’s hand touched her thigh, Heuk Seol Hyang shivered and groaned shortly. She stretches and was dumbstruck. Ajin carefully moved his fingers and rubbed where he felt Heuk Seol Hyang is sensitive.
“…well, it’s… The Mara Chenle technique creates a body that is optimized for flow. You will have to practice this trick for three days. Tomorrow will be the last day. I warned you before, but you must not manipulate or modify anything in your internal until this technique is finished. Not all of the facets have been opened yet, so carrying out the process in rush for no reason could ruin your efforts.”
That’s why Ajin didn’t use the explosive heart attack method. There is no problem with using the Heavenly Demon technique. This is because the long-term method, power method, and security method have already been passed down the appropriate path. However, if he let the internal parts flow through the body’s veins through the screening process, his efforts to endure pain yesterday and today will be futile.
“When this is over… I will teach you by looking at your attacks. The deadline is until you stay in this town. Most of the users have already left this town and gone elsewhere, and that’s what you’re going to do.”
Ajin replied, moving his hand while touching her thigh. At that moment, Heuk Seol Hyang reached out and grabbed Ajin’s wrist.
“A little more, up.”
Ajin felt the blood on his lower body when she said that with a strange smile. Heuk Seol Hyang’s bridge Calf, thighs, toes… It’s all so soft that he can’t think of her as his master. Ajin has no choice but to feel excited. Ajin swallowed his saliva and carefully groped her dark-scented thighs.
“If you leave, I won’t have to stop you. You and other users came to this world for it anyway. But you’d better stay in this town a little longer.”
As he groped the inside of her thighs, Ajin blew. Even the tops of the thin clothes, he could imagine her thighs, and how they were within his own hands. Heuk Seol Hyang answered with a fine groan.
“The master who rules the Breeze of Murim has not yet fallen.”
“…what do you mean?”
Instead of answering, she pulled Ajin’s hand. Ajin’s hand came up to her waist. Heuk Seol Hyang moved Ajin’s finger to hold his pants dance.
“A monster lurks in the deepest part of the forest, the user who left the village chose to go over to the Silent Forest instead of challenging the monster. Beyond the Silent Forest, there is the port city of Locester. And in the vicinity of Locester there lies Forest of Pain and Oblivion.”
Listening to the explanation of Heuk Seol Hyang, Ajin carefully lowered her pants down. Heuk Seol Hyang moved his legs to help Ajin take off her pants. The white, slim legs were exposed as they were. She spread her legs wide over Ajin’s shoulders. Ajin felt thirsty when she saw Heuk Seol Hyang’s vagina hidden behind black underwear, which was plainly visible right in front of her.
“It’s not bad to go to Locester and challenge the monsters of Forest of Pain and Oblivion. Or maybe it’s okay to go beyond the Wild forest, to the cliffs of the Indigo, or even to the Blue Volcano that’s over it. In Blue Volcano, there is also a Singing Sea. Either way, it doesn’t really matter which way you want to go.”
Ajin carefully groped Heuk Seol Hyang’s thighs. With his touch, she folded her legs with a queer smile, bringing Ajin’s head closer.
“Lick it.”
Ajin did not resist. He delved his head forward and opened his lips. The black underwear was a little darker in the middle. Ajin carefully covered her labia majora with his stretched tongue.
Heuk Seol Hyang sheds a groan. He pulled her hips a little forward and leaned back. As the quilt rolled over, the clothes of Heuk Seol Hyang slipped out and her body was exposed.
“…hah… in the end… The choice is yours, but… The owner of the wild forest is a monster that is worth knocking down. As you’re in this town doing your work… you’re qualified to challenge that monster, and when you knock him down… You’ll get the price for defeating it. Leaving this town is still not too late after that.”
Heuk Seol Hyang tasted salty and familiar at the same time. It’s an odor of a woman’s scent. Her scent emits like she is a hungry woman. Ajin licked the place where he drooled over. It was as soft as a marshmallow and fluffy as it was pressed against Ajin’s tongue, and Heuk Seol Hyang wrapped Ajin’s head around her hand, spitting out a small groan.
Heuk Seol Hyang did not explain further. She enjoyed Ajin’s tongue moving as she tilted her body back. Ajin opened his lips and bit there. He bit the plump flesh with his teeth and rolled his tongue on the bulging organ, firm and straight.
When asked about the place, Heuk Seol Hyang moaned. Her legs on Ajin’s shoulder were convulsing. Ajin grabbed it and slowly massaged her thigh that is on his calf. Heuk Seol Hyang screamed to the point water dripped.
After enjoying it for a long time, she ordered, as if she couldn’t stand it any longer. Ajin slowly laid his back on the ground, smashing his lips from the lower mouth of Heuk Seol Hyang, staggered, stood up, and revealed her lower mouth by lowering down her damp underwear. Touching the place where black hair grew neatly, Heuk Seol Hyang looked down at Ajin lying on the floor with sticky eyes.
“…move on your own.”
Looking at Ajin standing up solidly, Heuk Seol Hyang whispered. Then she moved slowly and spread her legs with Ajin’s body in the middle. The broadened knees bent, and the waist of Heuk Seol Hyang bent.
“You, stay still. I’ll be the one who is going to move. Be grateful for that. Oh, my God, Heuk Seol Hyang… this magician leader and your master will be the one who will move.”
Squash… Ajin shuddered at the hot sensation he felt. It’s so wet and hot. It has a completely different feel from what he had with Acacia. Her hole is so narrow once penetrated, Ajin feels like he was sucked into another dimension.
“Y-you have pretty big jabber there.”
“…thank you, Master.”
At that moment, Heuk Seol Hyang’s body completely swallowed Ajin. Ajin shuddered and felt the pressure of bursting. Heuk Seol Hyang only moved for a moment and groaned hard. Her flesh quivered convulsively. She looked she reached her peak just by inserting his jabber.
“…it’s been a long time since I’ve experienced this. It’s been a while.”
Heuk Seol Hyang groaned hard on the top of her mouth. He slowly rubbed her back and forth, touching her big breasts that were exposed and wrapped with nothingness. Her breast rubbed against Ajin’s, and sticky water soaked him. The tightness of her flesh eased off smoothly.
“…h…h…h…don’t be flattered. It’s simply because I want your body…”
The speed of Heuk Seol Hyang’s movement around his waist increased. Her hole is still narrow and short. Ajin trembled, feeling her touch till the end, and feeling of tightening and pressing his whole body had gently loosened.
“If you do something unnecessary, I’ll kill you.”
Heuk Seol Hyang did not bend over. She still looked down at Ajin, and opened her lips and only moaned. Ajin immediately gave up his desire to use the energy drain because of her. It’s different from the time he had with Acacia.
“If you feel like you’re going to be in trouble, tell me. I don’t want to take your little seed. You’re just… like a toy that fills my desires.”
As she looked down from Ajin, Heuk Seol Hyang whispered. As he listened to her whisper, Ajin chewed his lips.
She’s I’m just a toy. Well it maybe not a very good deal but
Heuk Seol Hyang’s interior is just insanely great.
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