Novel Name : Desire (Mogma)

Desire (Mogma) - Chapter 19

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The deed has to be done on the floor.
Faithful to what she said, she controlled Ajin’s thing with her own body while she is inducing pain unto Ajin. After a moment, she saw his eyes begging. She then immediately pulled out her body and kept her silence. With her blatant action, Ajin felt humiliated when he made her look like a spectacle and just made him feel good with the use of her hands instead. She shook her hands, and there was a sticky sensation and deep smell that had been released. The room was only filled with a mixture of male and female carnal desires.
“Don’t be mistaken and don’t act cocky.”
When Ajin was done with the third round, Heuk Seolhyang was no longer willing to cooperate. She sat on the bed caressing his reddened flesh, he exhaled and his thing rose up again, with his fluids still dripping. The floor, which was supposed to be cold, turned hot as his cum dripped on the floor.
“This is nothing more than an act to satisfy our own sexual necessities. This has nothing to do with the affection of ordinary men and women or a gesture of animals for the preservation of their kind. It is just an act of a starved female who covets and eats men.”
Heuk Seolhyang lifted her hand that was touching his junior and brought it up in front of his eyes. There is a sticky transparent thread between her fingers that forms into a web. She giggled at the sight and reached out to Ajin.
“Did you have fun?”
Looking at her hand that was approaching his face, Ajin opened his mouth. As if it was normal, she put her fingers into his lips.
“Is your junior in good shape?”
His way of talking sounded broken due to her finger poking inside his mouth, but it was still understandable. She burst into laughter with his answer.
“You may have felt humiliated, but your thing is still happy. It’s not like conquering is something only men can do after all.”
Ajin thought and didn’t feel surprised. The way Heuk Seolhyang made him feel humiliated and made him suffer is enough to regard her as sadistic. Ajin twirled his tongue, tasting the fishy taste hovering inside his mouth. He carefully tasted the fingers of Heuk Seolhyang and tickled it with the use of his teeth.
“If you don’t like it, consider it as a reward for your hard work. Or you can be in a position like eating pizza. Haven’t you tried to taste your own seed before?”
He hasn’. Ajin opened his eyes thinly and reached out Heuk Seolhyang’s knuckles. He was satisfied. Their deed may have been done satisfactorily out of desire, but also his mental satisfaction was still there. He thought that someday, he’ll make her his lap dog. He thought that all the holes are indecent and will make her mouth scream in a pleading manner, and make him sprinkle all his seeds that she called insignificant, all over her body. Ajin promised to make her do that to her.
“What are you doing with Sake?.”
After stirring her fingers in Ajin’s mouth for a long time, she asked him, while pulling her fingers out. She crossed her legs as she rubbed her sticky fingers that had Ajin’s saliva on a blanket. She moved her legs, grabbed his thing and started to rub until her legs were completely red, looks like Ajin was still holding it good.
“…I want to learn magic from him.”
“Hoo Haven’t I already given you Heavenly Demon Arts and Mara Chenle Technique. Now you want magic too? Isn’t your appetite too big? Magic huh…”
Heuk Seolhyang frowned while grabbing her forehead
“It’s not bad to learn magic, but it’s hard to get good at it quickly. Martial arts and magic are two completely different prowess. It may not interfere with mana flow in your inner space, but it takes a lot of effort to make it happen.”
Ajin remained silent while he listened to every word Heuk Seolhyang uttered. Although her personality was terrible, she is still his master who is several steps higher than Ajin, and more familiar with this world than Ajin, who is an NPC/ Player.
“Alright, but I won’t recommend it. Whatever you learn, it’s your right as a player. Think of it as a piece of advice from a Lord to his servant. It’s good to know magic, but it is hard to do it in comparison with martial arts. If you have power other than your qi, the amount of qi that can be re-gained with energy drain will decrease and if you try to take both, you might end up being a dainty moron who is not faithful at all.”
“…yes, ma’am.”
Ajin bowed his head deeply to Heuk Seolhyang. It was quite unexpected for that arrogant woman to give positive advice, but Ajin thought that it really didn’t matter. Learning magic is only an excuse for him after all.
He had no intention of learning magic.
“Oh, are you here already?”
Sake looked pleased as he opened the door. As soon as Ajin saw Sake, he bowed politely, and Sake waved his hand to dissuade him.
“Thank you for accepting my favor.”
“Ho ho…this person really…Why would you say that? I also in need of an assistant.”
Sake replied while he scratched his grayish hair head. Whether he was just doing an experiment, he was rolling up the sleeves of his robe that he normally used along with his new silver glasses. Along with the smell of reagents, Ajin’s body has been emitting that kind of scent lately.
Ajin took out a bundle and handed it to Sake. He took the bundle from Ajin and opened his eyes wide.
“This is…a lot.I think this is much more than the last one you gave me, was collecting Hanemos the only thing yo did?”
“I wanted to help you with your research…Don’t you need it?”
“No, that’s not it. It’s just too much. I’m just feeling sorry for giving you a hard time.”
He knew it well. Ajin smiled outwardly and thought so inwardly. In order to collect this amount of Hanemos, he left Heuk Seolhyang’s house yesterday and wandered through the forest until dawn without a break. In collecting Hanemos, he had to go through the black wolf to the blue wolf area and wandered around again and again. If it became wasteful, he wouldn’t have put down his plans and his stuff for a moment and just punched them on Sake’s face.
“I’ll try to make use of all this…For now, let’s get inside first.”
When Sake beckoned him, he went inside the house cautiously. Of course, it was all just an act, and he intended to act like he was nervous and intimidated. He shrank his shoulders and walked slowly while still looking around. He thought that it would be better to look foolish.
“Are you the assistant that Sake was talking about?”
He heard a voice. Ajin looked at the owner of the voice while holding his eyes on the ground. And there he saw a tall woman with short cut black hair and had glasses. For a woman, she was average with a mediocre chest.
“That is my daughter, Runia.”
Sake introduced Runia to Ajin. He bowed his head straight and said something.
“It is nice to meet you for the first time. I am Ajin, and I am here as Mr. Sake’s assistant.”
With what he uttered, Runia had a scrutinizing look and looked at Ajin up and down. Maybe he was just checking him out as he is foreign in her eyes. Ajin hesitated a little bit due to her gaze on him and glancing at her in a sense of awkwardness.
“Hans said you hunted a lot of blue wolves. But from your looks, I don’t think so.”
“Haha, this guy must be too nervous.”
“No, I was just lucky.”
Ajin replied politely. She doesn’t have to be so bossy. There is no harm in showing modesty after all. With his reply, Runia said something while smiling wryly.
“With or without luck, taking Hanemos while wandering through a forest infested with wolves is something that is supported with ability. Well…not that I care about it. Can I call you Ajin oppa?”
“Yes, yes, I don’t really mind it at all.”
After answering, she shrugged and turned around. After a few small steps, she turned her head as if she had thought of something and glared at Sake.
“Father, it’s good to experiment underground, but…The scent is just too much. It’s a big problem if our clothes smell bad, so will you take precautions too?”
“Oh, yeah. I’m really sorry. I’ll be more careful.”
With his answer, she smiled for a bit and went up the stairs. Her room looked like it was on the second floor. When her footsteps were no longer heard, Sake glanced at Ajin, while scratching his head.
“Still she’s a woman, so she doesn’t really like strong smell. But still…I can’t help it as it is part of my experiment. Oh and you too. Your clothes won’t come out well if the smell is engraved.”
He then opened the door that was beside the stair, while saying so. The scent of reagents and Hanemos filled the house, along with the potent, the quaint scent of the basement was also strong.
“The laboratory is down there. Follow me.”
Following Sake down the stairs, the laboratory room was about the size of a living room. There were potion bottles containing reagents everywhere, and there was a spacious table in the center that had tools for the experiment. Sake pointed to the old lobes on the wall.
“Put that on first.”
Following faithfully, Ajin put on a robe. The cloth was filled with Hanemos scent. As Ajin wore it, Sake pointed to the safety gloves secondly.
“Those gloves were actually made of black wolf skin. I’m used to it, so it doesn’t really matter, but if you wore it for the first time, you might feel nauseous.”
“By the way, what kind of experiment are we doing?”
Ajin asked while wearing the gloves. He glanced and looked inside the laboratory. The first thing he saw was a pile of Hanemos on one side. The hanemos were on the floor and were inside a magic ball painted in white, which looked like it was already there for a few days since he had been pulled out, but was still fresh and green as if it was just plucked out.
“I’m trying to pull out Hanemos’ mana neatly and in high density, and make a new potion out of it.”
Sake pointed to the reagent bottles that are on display. Each of them was subtly different colored reagent bottles, and they seem to be potions that are dipped with mana that is from the Hanemos.
“I’m changing the ration and adding this and that material, but it doesn’t work that well as I thought of.”
“Potion you say…what kind of potion?”
“It’s literally a mana potion. It’s a potion. Though it is drawn into magical rather scientific. There are already a lot of different kinds of potions, and there’s a lot of Hanemos out there. But what I’m trying to make it more effective, which is a pure Hanemos mana potion. If I am successful and mass produce it, it will be a great help.”
“You really are great.”
Ajin admired the amount of potion and the amount of Hanemos will make it possible. With those words, Sake smiled proudly and nodded his head.
“And because Hanemos isn’t even a very rare grass. If mass production is successful, more wizards will be able to use the potion. Now, I’ll tell you what you have to do from now on.”
Sake pointed to the tool on the table.
“The first thing to do is to process Hanemos. For now, I’m thinking of doing it artificially rather than by using magic. We have to dissect, boil…or maybe burn it. The first thing to do is to find out which one is more efficient while trying every way we can. It’s a simple task you can do without mastery of magic, so don’t worry about it.”
“Yes sir!”
Ajin replied loudly. Sake felt that he was nervous.
But honestly, he never felt nervous.
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