Novel Name : Desire (Mogma)

Desire (Mogma) - Chapter 20

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Desire CH 20
On the second day of being Sake’s assistant, Ajin reduced his hunting time and only hunted the wolves that were coming his way, and the rest of his time was devoted to wandering through the forest gathering Hanemos. While walking he realized that his feet were on the boundary between black wolf’s territory and blue wolf’s territory.
Ajin pulled out the map from his inventory. It was a map made through the capture function within the capsule and the maps distributed in the village. It was perfect and detailed beyond comparison with those simple maps and bulletin boards that are circulating in the village right now. In addition to that, he also sold the information he collected to the bulletin board.
‘3 million won.’
It’s not too much for the profit of just selling a map and it’s also not too rip off. How many people will start the game as soon as it’s released? Unless one can make inroads into other villages, users will eventually end up in this village. For such users, a wide forest is certainly worth it.
He will sell the information, and the target site will buy it. By publishing it, the target site catches novice users. There’s nothing bad either ways in the end.
‘It’s a map of a forest that has nothing to do with my growth.’
Ajin thought while eating ramen. About a month is left for the beta. With his immediate gains, his recent sufferings have paid off to some extent. The current problem is long term turns.
‘It’s okay to sell information about the wild forest boss monster.’
A sentiment of a Boss Monster, which had not yet fallen will certainly make money. While the gains referred by Heuk Seolhyang may not refer to returns, money is still needed to make a living.
‘I’ll have to raise my earnings by the next 6 weeks.’
Ajin wasn’t that in money, but like games, there’s nothing bad about having money in reality. And if that is the case, it is better to have more than less. And in order to make money by selling information, that is sold steadily.
‘And to do that, I have to become strong.’
Ajin dipped the pot in the running water. The beta test ends in a month, and the user’s status will get reset. Although it will remain the information in his head and will be helpful when the servers are public, it would be painful for him to reset his ability right away.
I know the relationship between the Blood Explosion Technique and Heuk Seolhyang. If only I can use that even if the service starts officially…’
Reset. Will it affect NPC’s memory, too? If that happens, he must rebuild his intimacy with Heuk Seolhyang and the other NPCs. To be honest, it’s annoying. But he can’t help it as Heuk Seolhyang is the leader of the Magic Sect, and has Blood Explosion Technique, and is also connected with the blacksmith who has the black wolf teeth quest. After all, should he really be starting all over again is what he thought and had a frown on his forehead.
‘But I like this side best.’
It would be all right if there is no stuff going on in the game, like learning Heavenly Demon Art by the leader of the Demon Sect, and to strengthen his own body by using Mara Cheonle technique. All done. To be honest, the balance will break down if it is given to beginners. But there is also a hidden piece of the game’s story, so it’s better to use it.
“Let’s get it started”
I brushed my teeth, drank water and did my business. After finishing his preparation, Ajin chewed his fatigue medicine, vitamins and drank water again. Then he went into the capsule.
[Welcome to the First World]
With that voice, the darkness was lifted and the world that he saw changed. Ajin stood in front of the fountain where he logged out and checked the time. The time of First runs just like the in the real world, but now the world is strikes before noon.
‘First, Heuk Seolhyang.’
At noon, he visited Heuk Seolhyang and got himself educated. It’s the promise that they will meet sharp at noon, and if he is late, Heuk Seolhyang lecture will be very harsh. No matter how helpful she is, he doesn’t enjoy getting beaten up. Ajin immediately went straight to Heuk Seolhyang’s house.
Instead of entering the house, Ajin headed to the vacant lot behind the house. Mara Cheonle Technique is already over, and her education has been changed to Sparring Discipline. When he arrived at the vacant lot, Heuk Seolhyang was smoking.
“You’re on time.”
Heuk Seolhyang spoke in a calm manner as he watched the approaching Ajin, who immediately kneeled down and put his head on the ground.
“I am here to see my Lord.”
“Okay. Get up.”
With that, Ajin stood up without hesitating. Heuk Seolhyang’s polite order, so he didn’t refuse. She inhaled smoke for a few more, and then shook off the leaves filled in the pipe unto the ground. Then she kept it around her waist and stretched her arms at ease.
“You did it yesterday, so it won’t be awkward anymore. Bring it on.”
He didn’t hesitate at all and he just kicked the ground right away. Sparring has always been like this. Ajin would come at Heuk Seolhyang and attack her. There is no courtesy even if she is a woman. Even if he exerts all his might and goes beyond his limits, Ajin could never touch Heuk Seolhyang.
He used Heavenly Demon Arts Thousand Miles Footwork Technique for approaching and went on with Heavenly Demon Arts Thousand Star Explosion. Both neither control their internal strength nor use energy drains, as he usually did when hunting wolves. His opponent is someone who used to be the leader of Demon Sect. If she uses energy drains, he will die in a matter of seconds. She was squinting Ajin’s fists.
She just stretched out her finger still.
Bang! Ajin flew up into the air. His fist didn’t even touch her, he vomited blood, feeling the pain of his gut being squashed. The voice of Heuk Seolhyang came to Ajin, who was dropped on the ground.
“Too much honesty. Do you see yourself as a wolf?”
What a load of shit. No matter how irregularly he had done, that monster would always see through Ajin attacks. So, in the end, Ajin’s attack is honest in the eyes of Heuk Seolhyang.
‘You’re such a bummer.’
Ajin sprang to his feet, while spitting blood and rushed forward. His beaten body ached but there was no room for hesitation. With a sour face, she crept out as she watched Ajin approaching. Dash! The body of Heuk Seolhyang that vanished in an instant came before Ajin, and he raised her arms in surprise. Clash! There was a pain in his waist and felt like there was a broken bone. Although he blocked her palm that flew into his head, the shock was so great. As he staggered and watched Ajin approaching, she shrugged her shoulders.
“It’s on my side that’s hard to control.”
He is glad that she noticed it. Ajin shook his fist as he swallowed curses. With the old rule of the Heavenly Demon Thousand Star Bombardment, his qi would overflow, but the power flow is different. Since he is a heavenly demon user without fixing his internal body, it changes the form of the power trajectory.  If the strong power of the heavenly demon Thousand Star Bombardment is used, it can also imitate the other power techniques. He then used Pearl Meteor Barrier Force Explosion. He then clenched his fist. Pearl Explosion’s martial arts are suitable for quick fists and blows at close range.
Bang! He stretched his fist quickly. However, Heuk Seolhyang did not move, and the counter attack that was on his fist blew in instant. Ajin sat down half way while feeling dizzy.
It can’t be helped. His current level of Heavenly Demon Art is still at Level 1. On top of that, his power has been reduced by 80%, so it is evident that he is still no match for her who is the Demon Sect former Leader, who had succeeded in mastering Heavenly Demon Arts.
“You are used to that form. Do you know anything about Explosion Technique?”
“Sort of…”
Ajin was still getting up while staggering, and immediately swung his left knee.  His knee swung diagonally, stretched out his legs and then tried to kick her head. As soon as he raised his knees, he twisted his back and turned around. Tap! He stepped on the ground with his left foot, and swung his heel on the right foot against Heuk Seolhyang.
“So it was the Shaolin’s Limitless Proportion!”
Heuk Seolhyang laughed out loud. It was a slap off, but it doesn’t mean that it didn’t help him. His opponent is far stronger than him, so he can never knock it down. By confronting the opponent, Ajin was trying to test everything he remembered. Even if it causes enough pain to death and would be in that kind of state, he knew he wouldn’t die because he’s a player.
Tak! Heuk Seolhyang, who was caught by the flying Ajin, swung her arms and stretched to Ajin. Her speed was fast, but not to the extent that Ajin could not see. As long as her leg is caught, her movement is limited, and if she twists it violently, she will lose her balance and fall down. He moved his upper body slightly, applying force to his left leg on the ground. Jeez! She dodged his attack. Next- her two arms are free.
‘Ceiling of Tathagatha’s Law’ [‘如来法天花板‘]!’
 He made a triangle with both hands and stretched it out. Zoom! Heuk Seolhyang’s body lightly backed away. She laughed and put her left hand around her abdomen.
“So you use qi for the Heavenly Demon, and use other types of arts. If it’s like this, you can make a good move with the use of Heavenly Demon Arts that doesn’t have a fixed type. But there’s no depth in it!”
Flash! Her body turned red in an instant. The aura, each occupied the different direction and was about to strike at Ajin. Is this what Heuk Seolhyang’s true form is? Maybe there will be some real moves and attacks that will come at him in different directions.
But he couldn’t recognize it. Squash! Ajin fluttered down on the ground feeling shocked and blew his mind away. Looking at Ajin shivering, Heuk Seolhyang shook her fist.
“You have a good application and timing. But you still lack power and speed. In the end, you followed other types of Martial Arts, but had no depth. It’ll work for the skills, but it’ll be terrible if you are just good enough to figure out your movements.”
“I…can’t help it!”
Ajin spat out blood and barely raised his immobile body. With what he said, Heuk Seolhyang spat.
“Yes, it can’t be helped. That I understand, too. The head, who is originally allowed to master Heavenly Demon Arts, besides specializing one or more techniques before learning them. In my case, it is also right to have few demon arts and techniques. I mingled with Heavenly Demon Goddess and became a Blood Heavenly Demon Witch.”
Tap! Her quick hands reclined at Ajin’s head. Ajin, who was staggering, froze up again and stumbled again, even though he had stood up already.
“I understood all the Extreme Demonic Arts. It adds to the might power of the Heavenly Demon, and it is also called the greatest of all time. But how about you? Have you understood both the power of Shaolin words and Martials Arts regarding the Fist?”
“—Not yet.”
“Of course it is. You just followed my teachings and did not find for yourself after all. I already passed on the Heavenly Demon Arts, and trained you, but you still don’t know how to use it. It would be such a great disgrace for a mother to have a dainty moron even after teaching you.”
She smiled mysteriously.
“I don’t want to endure such disgrace. So, learn from me.”
Ajin asked back in surprise at what Heuk Seolhyang said. Through the general conversation, Ajin was convinced that she would teach him about something else.
“Flesh Martial Arts.”
And with that he’s expectations were met.
“Twenty years ago, I resolved to my heart that I will kill those goddamn bastards who dropped me here. This also doesn’t have to do with learning different classes. I don’t need to learn it. This is a bizarre way of learning martial arts, which may or may not be necessary for martial arts technique.”
She slowly stretched her hands. She laughed as she watched Ajin gulping down his own saliva.
“The flow of air should be filled in as static, gentle and explosive at some point. Extensive sensory, listening, sight and feeling and also acceleration of thought should be considered for martial arts growth. Avoiding and getting hit should also be considered. Any movement about how to swing and stretch, stab and hit, all of this would be transmitted through flesh.”
“Thank you, master—!”
“Don’t get me wrong.”
She cut off the gratitude that Ajin gave. She came up to Ajin and giggled and slapped him in the head.
Her body and his went backwards.
“It’s everything that I have invested myself, though I can’t easily give you all that in just one go.”
Blood came out of his lips, but Ajin asked him without thinking about wiping the blood he had vomited. Heuk Seolhyang answered in a light voice.
“Kill the Boss of the wild forest.”
“I’ll kill it.”
Ajin answered on a whim, because there was no need to think about it, as he decided to kill the wild forest boss monster anyway.
“When that happens, I’ll let you know.”
Feeling satisfied with his answer, she nodded. Ajin clenched his fist as he listened to her giggles. He was going to kill the boss of the wild forest for information and money anyway, because he had another reason to catch it.
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