Novel Name : Desire (Mogma)

Desire (Mogma) - Chapter 23

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Should I knock?
While standing at Runia’s door, Ajin thought about her for a moment. It’s certain that he killed someone, but isn’t his next victim a Lady? Of course, Runia is not a noble birth woman. There is nothing bad about opening the door and going inside rudely. It’s just that he thought he might get cursed at and get a slap on his cheeks. So he smiled and grabbed the doorknob.
If that happens, she’ll die more painfully.
“Huh? Who—Ajin?”
Runia is sitting at her study table, writing something down. She then looked back with a surprised face. Ajin did not answer the question and strode into Runia’s room. Runia pulled her chair and stood back, while she had a frown on her forehead.
“What are you—without even knocking? No, why are you even coming here in the first place?”
He didn’t answer. Runia backed away unconsciously, stepping back as she watched the coming Ajin.
“Wait, don’t come in—!”
His actions are different from the usual. Runia noticed it when she saw his expressionless face. Ajin, whom she remembered is always such a shy man who smiled awkwardly at her. He is a timid man who can’t even properly make eye contact and stammers when he talks to her. But what about this kind of Ajin now? Instead of imposing a timid smile that he always had, he instead kept his mouth shut. His eyes are slightly open and were not shaking even if he was not facing her properly.
“Hey, what–”
What’s wrong with him all of a sudden? When she asked, his movements changed and it got faster. Smash! The fist that he yielded struck her head. The glasses she was wearing fell off and smashed along with her skull. Squash! Runia, who couldn’t even scream, fell on the ground. He swat away his fist and looked down at Runia.
‘ I know it’s fascinating when it happens in reality.’
He doesn’t have to. Yes, he does have sexual desire, but he is not crazy enough to get swayed by uselessness. What he values the most is efficiency at it’s finest. The only reason he killed Sake was because he wanted the mana he possessed and the mana of Hanemos, which he collected. There is no other reason besides that. It was not a murder out of resentment, but rather it is driven from desire. There is no difference between the intensity of catching and killing people for money.
‘Let’s just say it is out of courtesy to a poor wizard.’
Ajin thought as he looked down at Runia, who had not even moved. Well, if she is a good looking woman, then she will be granted a bit of fun, but then he already killed her, so he doesn’t have to do something unnecessary. I don’t have a preference for playing with a dead body, but if it is anything else, then that’s a different story.
Ajin stood up and carry Runia’s body on his shoulder. He left Runia’s room and entered the basement where he set the fire. The moment he opened the door of the basement, the flame hit Ajin. The flames had not yet reached the stairs, but the heat is inevitable. He closed his mouth and went down the stairs.
And now he will just wait until their bodies are moderately burned. He climbed the stairs and closed the basement door. It’s a little early to set off an explosion in an instant. He just needs a little more time, until it burns down. He thought that he had too much time. How long has it been? Probably less than half an hour and thought that it is almost time to leave the house.
He strode away to the house, while he is dancing his shoulders up and down and turned around.
How much production would it take for a magician to get perished just like that?
Ajin held out his hands and activated his Heavenly Demon Blood Corruption. His hands were covered in red like liquid but were red as a flame at the same time. He wrapped his hand with it and had a smirk on his face.
There is no one around.
No one will see it.
It’s perfect.
Crash! The fire blew the house and Ajin laughed menacingly when the house exploded with a loud noise and quickly went away. After he went away to Sake’s house, he went to the territory of red wolves instead of the village and went straight to a tree right in the right branch. He then turned his head on his hands.
As he activated the Blood Heart Attack, it circulated his hand. The energy he sucked from the wizard and extracted Hanemos’ mana, was then carried into his body through energy drain. First gives you real-world experience, but the only exception in that world is the avatar. The sucked energy is replaced with mana and is deposited in the dungeon [inner body], which increases the total amount of MP in his avatar status. Even if it is consumed into pulp, it can be recovered if he had a meal.
Likewise, if he performed Blood Heart Attack while activating the Heart Law and increases the internal part of his body little by little.
Kururung!! There was a huge amount of mana flowed through his veins like a clap of thunder crashing into his body that was transmitted through the Mara Chenle technique. The speed that he received through this method was the same as always. Though with the help Heuk Seolhyang, it had broadened and polished the airway that the amount of mana run smoothly than usual.
It didn’t take too much time for the mana to get in his body. At present, his level in Blood Heart Attack is Level 9. The reason behind it is because after he received Mara Chenle Technique, he continued to use it when he is collecting Hanemos. The rapid growth of his mana was due to the Mara Chenle Technique and a large amount of internal energy he had collected just like now. His inner body that had sucked from Sake and Hanemos, were nearly twice as large unlike before.
[Explosive Blood Heart Attack had reached Level 10.]
[Explosive Blood Heart Attack had grown into Bloodstream Technique.]
[Heavenly Demon Art turned into the Bloodstream Technique.]
[The player’s power is reduced to 60% because the player hasn’t reached Heavenly Demon level.]
During the process, an alarm rang. Ajin’s lips smirked and made a smile. He stopped crying and burst a short laugh. The giggle turned into a menacing laugh as it grew louder and louder.
It was an enchanting harvest. Ajin then put his head back and forth and burst into a laugh. He thought that finally the Blood Heart Attack had turned into Bloodstream. It wasn’t until five days after he started the game. The Heavenly Demon Arts had decreased from 80% to 60%, which means the Heavenly Demon Arts is as twice powerful as it used to.
That’s not all. Unlike Blood Heart Attack, Bloodstream can move and drive the ki according to the internal capacity of his body. Unlike having to focus on a small task for a long time by using his hands, he can grow more and level up by hunting. He couldn’t stop laughing.
Nickname: Ajin
Title: None
Level: 16
HP: 7500/7500
Magic: None
Mental Strength: 9100/9300
Energy: 23000/23000
Bloodstream Method: Level 1 (0%)
Energy Drain: Level 24 (56%)
Heavenly Demon Art
Heavenly Demon Thousand Star Explosion Level 1 (89%)
Heavenly Demon Heaven and Earth Splitting Level 1 (87%)
Heavenly Demon Thousand Miles Footwork Technique (78%)
Heavenly Demon Blood Corruption Level 1 (3%)
He continuously laughed while checking his status. He couldn’t hold back his laughter at the immense power he received. If he had this much mana, he will not surely get run out easily of mana even if he uses it to the extreme. No, if he continuously uses the bloodstream method, his ki can recover quickly on the spot. There won’t be much delay.
‘The energy drain is pretty high, too.’
No wonder it is high, he used energy drain when he is always hunting. The MP is also satisfactory. He couldn’t think of any other options in restoring his MP but potion but that kind of method would allow him to devote himself to hunting for quite a long time.
‘I’m all set.’
He got everything he wanted. He absorbed a huge amount of Hanemos, by killing Sake, and also gained explosive energy. His Blood Heart Attack had also turned into Bloodstream Method, and soon his Heavenly Demon Art will reach Level 2. Although my chosen technique is high and the other techniques he had is extremely low, there is no need to focus on growing that much. A strong Ki Technique can cover it.
“I’ll have to get this over with.”
Ajin got up from his seat with a smirk on his face. Even though he sat there for a long time, his body is still as light as feather. Maybe because he is in good mood, he even hummed that he usually doesn’t do. He jumped off the tree while being so absorbed in his singing. Tap! He reached the floor like a cat, and then he breathed deeply.
“—Good day.”
Ajin murmured merrily and proud.
Ajin, who collected a few Hanemos, returned to the town with a bundle on his hands, while he was humming. There were no vigilantes were seen guarding the entrance all the time, but that is not something surprising. He headed to Sake’s house with light steps.
There were many people gathered in Sake’s house. Some players were struck due to the strange spectacle, including Daisy. He tilted his head as he watched Daisy as if he was pretending he knew her.
“What’s going on? Why are you here?”
“That’s what I thought! You know him too, right? The NPC wizard gives a quest in collecting Hanemos! He died!”
He asked with a surprised face. Then he rushed to the ground, shoving away the NPCs that had blocked the way to the house. He then approached the house.
The house is completely blown away and is not recognizable. The remains of the house that had fallen all over were half burnt and covered with ashes. As he looked at the debris, he fell to his knees with a bewildered face.
“It looks like it is from an explosion while he was in the middle of an experiment.”
A deep voice approached. Ajin burst into tears as he looked at Hans, who had his hands on his shoulders.
“Keuk–h-how did this happen?”
“Whoo–I’m sorry to hear that, but—it’s quite common to get into this kind of problem when doing something related to magic. I’m just so glad that you weren’t caught up in this mess.”
“Heuk- this is for you Sake. I-heuk, I got this Hanemos for you. Why did this happen?”
“How did this happen?”
Hans has no further consolation. He shouldn’t have left. He shook his head. After crying for a long time, he raised his head and looked at Hans.
“What happened to their bodies? Runia must have been in the house, too!”
“Well, we found their bodies. There were two bodies that we found. I couldn’t check it out because it was too burnt. Though I’m sure it is him and Runia. I don’t usually like his magic experiments, though I’m trying to help him with anything. Though he seems to have been upset.”
With those words, he dropped his head and shed tears.
[Is it you?]
While crying, he could hear a voice in his head. He shuddered due to it. ‘There is a note.’ Ajin thought that there is only one person who can do this kind of message.
[I’m asking if it is you. I’m not accusing you. So just answer me. I am curious.]
It’s Heuk Seolhyang. Ajin slowly lifted his head trying to find her. She was not that far from the scene. She is wearing a black eye patch as always, with her long black hair while her pipe was hanging on her mouth, as he had seen before. His eyes met hers.
He then smirked while his face was covered with tears.
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