Novel Name : Desire (Mogma)

Desire (Mogma) - Chapter 27

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When I logged out, it was already dawn. My body is still motionless, but my mind continues to deteriorate and I’m getting hungry so I don’t have a choice. I am thinking about eating only ramen. Although, I don’t have to worry about the malnutrition crisis because I am taking supplemental medicine for that reason. He decided to cook as it has been a long time since he had eaten.
It’s not that grandiose, even though it is expressed grandly just because of the effort he had exerted for it. He took out the instant rice that was in the refrigerator and put it in the microwave, then brought out the frozen food in the freezer and cooked it. Then he went to the table, not using a plate or table cloth, and just ripped off the bag.
That’s the meal. Ajin tore off the wooden chopsticks and ate the rice. Being not in a hurry, he slowly chewed it. There’s no need to rush. He’s going to take a break for the next four to five hours anyway.
I planned what he will do later. It’s the same as always. Eat a meal. Wash. The food he ate is cheap. He went to urine, shit, and masturbate. He collected the information and cleared up the garbage and slept.
When he wakes up? It will be the same. If he doesn’t feel hungry, he still has to eat meals and nutritional supplements. Drink plenty of water and do his job. Wash up and log on to the game.
That was his daily lifestyle for six years. All he focused on was provided for his own needs and his game generated dry life, but he is still satisfied with it. There is no conflict regarding his satisfaction.
Six years ago, his parents died. It was a common accident. Without a moment to despair about it, Ajin who was 18 at that time, was thrown into reality, and understood immediately that the house was handed down by his parents, along with a certain amount of wealth and insurance money came out along with it.
For now, however, there is no enough money for him to bear for the rest of his life.
Ajin himself commented on the boy of Ajin at that time, the boy had nothing to be greedy about. No, it was less, to be exact. He wanted his comfort and that is all. He didn’t mean to be luxurious or to have a family to support him. Nor is the hopeful about the future just like Lee. He studied well, but he didn’t have the desire to get the job he wanted based on it.
He finished high school. Going to a good university. If he tried, he might get a scholarship, or might fail and spend tuition. What about after that? After graduating from college and had specs, what about next? The answer is employment. After he gets a job? It is the old source of the pyramid of society. No, it’s a caste. He has to look up at the top of the social caste and enslave him. Make money, make money, and repeat it once again. With the repetition of going to work and leaving work, there is an accumulation of experience while he goes through it.
‘It’s the same as the game.’
Ajin laughed at the cold reality. The reality is not much different from the game. To build up and grow with light and ruggedness. Skill levels could be replaced by studying or skill. The higher the growth value for it, the faster the growth. The thought of growing up, Ajin doesn’t know about that.
It didn’t take much trouble to decide to drop out of high school. At that time, an 18 years old boy understood society and understood the system that could eventually be described as a society, whether it be a pyramid or caste. He understands that if efforts are added, he can start a little higher than the bottom. He has no thoughts of marriage, nor the intention of having children. He wanted to live alone and die alone. He didn’t even intend to have a luxury in his life. If that happens, the travel expenses needed to reach death would be minimal. If he has a decent job, he will have no issues living alone with the inheritance left by his parents, insurance money, and even if his goddamn pay.
But Ajin quit. He just finished high school. He didn’t think about going to college or getting a job. Because he thought it would be boring.
He chose virtual reality instead of reality. The same thing is a pyramid or what he thought of caste. He thought virtual reality would be the best. It certainly seemed to be interesting. At least he had a desire to do what he wanted to do. No, to be exact, the focus of his greed is on virtual reality.
There is no law there. No one can stop his low and straightforward desires. NPC? That doesn’t matter. He’ll kill them if he tries. Still, it’s a world that doesn’t matter. Ajin, who stuck up in the trash can, focused on virtual reality. Because he felt the need to make money. He chose to be a target reporter. He earns money by playing games to the fullest. He tries one thing or another to explore fun he had never experienced before. That’s the best job for him.
He had been like that for six years. And with that, the 18 years old boy had turned into a 24 years old adult. But the only thing that has changed is his appearance that has passed by time. Nothing changes from his nature.
He is still lustful and he only knows himself.
He went back to his room with a towel on his head and accessed the Post Homepage. There are still four hours for him to use to rest. Sleeping for three hours is only enough for him. So there’s an hour left. During that time, Ajin is thinking of looking up the hunting video Daisy said.
Many users were wasting their time chatting uselessly on community bulletin boards. Stupid bastards. Ajin laughed as he looked at the real-time posts. They’re going to play games while going to do something like this? Oh is that it? The beta test will be initialized in a month anyway, so you don’t intend to be enthusiastic? He laughed at that remark. If that’s the case, those bastards who wasted their time here are idiotic. It’s certainly different to be on a path you’ve never experienced and get hurt when you stumble on a path you’ve already taken.
Experience is important. Even if the beta test will be initialized, the experience accumulated between the beta services is a property that can never be ignored in later formal services. It is painful for Ajin to reset the beta service, but he stood to gain the experience when he is this desperate for the game.
Ajin, who looked at the community bulletin board for a few minutes, concluded. These bastards are garbage losers. It’s not worth the competition and didn’t want to think of them as a competitor. Of course, most of them have a higher level than him. But does that matter? He thought that those bastards waste so much time to rest and he will eventually reach a place higher than them.
So ignore it. He entered the video bulletin board. There were quite a few videos uploaded by players. Most of them were images of Sanyang, such as exploration, conversation with NPC, and execution of quests. Most of them were showing off to everyone, or revealing information about attacks. These bastards are idiots. Why are they releasing information that cannot be sold and it’s for free? The reverse desire to show off? A desire for fame? It’s all worthless.
As he used the search function, the video that he wanted to find came out immediately. It was a video of Luke’s party. Ajin played the most recently uploaded video.
This time it was uploaded three hours ago. There is no difficulty in terms of the camera paneling as it focuses on the place where it should be focused on. Ajin watched the hunting video intently.
What is it?
The monster that was chosen as the target of the hunt took his attention. It’s a monster he hasn’t seen before. It was a huge tree, with hideous sharp fingernails. The roots became feet, dragging and moving its huge body slowly. Its arms were fast and violent. At one blow, the ground is emaciated, and the view makes him tremble with his mouth agape. It’s a great deal of pressure.
Four players took a stance against the giant monster. He saw familiar oysters. Luke, Asela, Moore, and there was a face he hadn’t seen before. Ajin looked at the woman standing without a single weapon.
Is that Sylves?
He ignored conversations going on and off at the party. Ajin is going to check it out later. The first party to advance into the Silent Forest. The first party in First is a place where you enter the port city first and use it as a base. How strong is this party that they consist of the top four rankings?
‘—They are not simple tankers.’
He thought as he watched Luke collide with the three, throwing himself all over. That giant monster stumbles back and steps back. That was a powerful clash. With that level of aggression, he’s not just a tanker. Besides…not only powerful but also fast. He stretched out his hands and let the tree back down. Instead of avoiding the swinging attack, he grabbed and pulled it. It’s a power of ignorance. He gritted his teeth as he recalled Luke’s rush.
And Asela. She was shooting with her crossbow as fast as she could. She is much faster than he had seen her before. Of course, if one goes into the game, one may be able to cope with it with an extended sense and strong status, but he can’t deny that Asela’s skill level has grown more rapidly than before.
‘They didn’t even use a sword.’
The only thing they used is a crossbow. Do they mean they don’t have to be close? Well, putting a close-up deal against a big monster does have a huge risk.
‘There isn’t a healer either.’
The focus of the camera was on the girl who was wearing a large cone-like hat, and enchanting spells with her long cane in front. The difference in performance with Daisy’s party was obvious. The members themselves have different specifications. Unlike Lina who poured in Healer’s buff magic, there is a lot more room for Moore’s magic skill. When he looked at the flow of battle, one must use the most appropriate magic when you needed it the most. It’s not like you hit a hill in ignorance. That also means one had to manage their mana while watching and coping with the flow of battle. Also, Daisy’s magic causes the flames to explode and turn the ground upside down, in other words, she is a healer and dealer at the same time.
‘This bastard.’
He poked his hands in his hand pocket and glared at the woman standing still. There was a woman with long silvery hair and was wearing a suit that is suitable for a party rather than armor. Her hands in her pocket are not moving either, so it’s doubtful where she is involved in the battle.
But she is actively attacking.
A silver knife floated around Sylves and rapidly shot at the tree-like. It’s not all that, pebbles and sand were rolling over the ground, and it’s about to go in the direction of the tree. The attack was recaptured and attacked again. Supernatural powers, huh, is that psychokinesis? Ajin frowned.
It didn’t take long for the monster to fall. The video was over as soon as the monster fell. He kept his mouth shut and checked his feelings and grasp.
The first thing to think about is the direction of the party. That party was being held fully by dealers. The tanker Luke also presses the monster with a strong offense, and even the healer, Moore, uses attack magic. Of course, it’s power is no match for the main dealers, Asela and Sylves, but everyone is in charge of their roles and attacks, the hunting speed was incredibly fast.
‘We can’t compare.’
Ajin naturally compared Daisy’s party to Luke’s, while he was holding a cigarette to his mouth. It’s too much. There’s nothing to weigh about the party itself. What is the meaning of balance of their party, when the members themselves are not that balanced?
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