Novel Name : Desire (Mogma)

Desire (Mogma) - Chapter 28

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Translator: Skye
‘Haguro is a great tanker.’
He isn’t as good as a dealer like Luke, who is sturdy to the core. There is no aggro system in this game, but the wide range of the Heavenly Roar of Lion is responsible for our victory . A monster that is almost beaten will be agitated. Believing that it is what the monster would do, with his iron body’s steel-like defense, he focuses and holds on to the monster.
But it’s also incomparable to Luke. Haguro may be better at dealing with multiple monsters, but Luke is better at dealing with large monsters or powerful monsters. Haguro can clean up small monsters, but he can’t deal with powerful boss monsters.
‘Healer’s skill positioning is better on Lina’s side.’
But that’s all. Their sense of sight and how they deal with the monster is greater than their side. Luke’s party- he won’t ask a favor to their healer. Their magicians don’t shout their incantations. Unconditional trust in party members? It’s just because their skills are supported. Moore’s senses are perfect. The timing of the healer is perfect. He can also deal damage by using attack magic. The Buff Magic Merit is dominated by Lina’s side, but her overall competence is no match to Moore.
‘Daisy’s position as a dealer is fine.’
But she lacks power. Daisy’s attack is quick. Luoyang’s Song of Binding and Luoyang’s singing style is focused on pleasure. Her spear that stretches out in an instant draws countless ripples to pressure the opponent. But its power is weak. The Law of Heart Attack Technique produces a core for mana, and it is not specialized in producing explosive power.
Of course, the problems pointed out may naturally be resolved over time. The lack of Haguro’s dealing method can also be resolved if the level of the Roaring Lion is raised. Lina’s sense can also be resolved with experience. Daisy’s Luoyang’s Song of Binding and Luoyang’s singing style can also be expected to rise in power if the skills grow. Their level may be lacking compared to Luke’s party, which is still close to 20s.
Then should I wait for them to grow up? While they are growing steadily, will Luke’s party stay still? A competitor always runs ahead and does not wait for the competitor who is left behind. It’s all the same, even in sports. The striker who catches the ball does not wait for the defender to follow. The runner does not wait for another competitor who is behind.
All they see is a goal. Running in hope of reaching the goal before anyone else. Even if they are in the same boat or even if Ajin is ahead, he will not be considerate of those who are left behind.
While this side grows, that side grows even more.
“…the subject is me.”
Ajin smashed out the cigarette.
I decided to join Daisy’s party. I have no intention of getting out of it right now. But their party’s growth is slow. Focusing on solo play all night like this would help him grow, but Daisy’s party would fall behind. In the end, he will be alone again, and he will have to take risks on his own.
There’s a long way to go. The owner of the wild forest, The Indigo Cliff and The Blue Volcano. He has to challenge the monsters that are present there with his bare body. Perhaps they will meet a powerful enemy that is impossible to escape from, and he might die. Then he’ll throw away four hours all over again.
If he belongs to a party, he can minimize his death rate. He’s a tanker to death. He might run away when the tanker is dead. It’s not just a tanker. There’s no such thing as healer or dealer. Everyone can be used as a shield.
‘Well, that’s the worst case scenario.’
Ajin raised his body. He thought about something for a moment, but he decided this might be better. He squinted her eyes.
If the team he is with falls behind, he won’t be able to avoid getting dragged with them.
* * * * *
“How many did you eat?”
Standing in the backyard and smoking, Heuk Seolhyang asked toward the approaching Ajin. He’s not so stupid as to not know what the question means. Ajin bent his knees and hit his head on the ground before responding to her.
“I saw the Lord.”
“Okay. Stand up.”
Ajin stood up right away after she responded. He opened his eyes thinly and uttered something after inhaling some air.
“I asked how many you ate.”
“Two before the latest one.”
He talked about the previous incident he had experienced. She burst into laughter as she blew the smoke to his face.
“You’ve had your fill. Well, he wasn’t a sloppy wizard. Though I don’t know why he died in your hands.”
“I don’t think he’s good enough to avoid being hit on his back.”
Hearing his response, she put down her cigarette and clapped several times. She nodded her head with a look of satisfaction.
“By all means, you had a dagger. That’s the only way you could kill him.”
The rumbles of Heuk Seolhyang came to Ajin. As she approached, he made a stunt. This is the same battle as usual. Heuk Seolhyang smiled at Ajin.
“Sake was a brilliant wizard. He was just so stupid and nice. You are lucky this time.”
“I know.”
He has never fought a sorcerer in this game. But he had fought with a magician in a previous single player game. He also once became a wizard. So Ajin knew how fearful, dangerous and powerful the existence of a wizard is.
A wizard needs that much preparation to exert his or her power. They need time to cast,and time to implement their magic. Aiming at that moment may be the standard for killing a wizard, but a prepared wizard cannot easily get killed even if there is a difference in ability. They have to bear some losses.
Likewise, an unprepared wizard can be killed even if the difference in skill is large.
“I don’t think it was a bad choice. Was learning magic a lie too? It’s not a pleasant feeling being lied to, but…”
The approaching Heuk Seolhyang stopped in front of Ajin. He shook his hands ready for the question and answer portion. His fist full of past experiences swung through the air and flew to her direction. Smash. The fist he wielded was blocked in vain.
“I’ll forgive you for that. It was no harm to me and you got what you wanted, and by getting him I decided to count on you.”
Ignoring the seized fist, Ajin stretched out his hand again. Heavenly Demon Arts : Heaven and Earth Splitting. But even that was blocked. Ajin’s arms were both caught by the Black Seolhyang.
“I knew you weren’t a petty, honest bastard. You are a liar and a hypocrite, a man who puts the swamp of abyss deep in your heart and puts your cunning personality in it. If you were a decent person, I would have killed you with contempt.”
Suddenly, her face came to Ajin. Ajin pulled his hair back, feeling her breath.
“You’re a madman.”
She uttered in a whispering voice and an alluring breath. Ajin gulped down his saliva.
“I’ve got the Heavenly Demon Arts deep in your chest. And I am your teacher. But it will soon come to an end, that’s why I’m happy that you’re not stupid. It’s a pleasure to see a scumbag that doesn’t mind doing something evil to get what they want.”
“…Thank you.”
Though it was a slanderous remark, Ajin smiled and smirked. He knows that he is a scumbag.
“Kneel down.”
As she let go of his hand, she commanded him that. He immediately knelt on the ground and put his head on the ground.
“Bow to me nine times.”
Bow! Ahjin felt lightning in his head. It’s not that I don’t know what this means.
The only opponent who can make him do nine bows is his teacher.
Bang, smash, bang. Ajin bowed nine times, crashing his head on the ground. As he lowered his head, she held him into her chest with her arms.
“Who am I?”
“The heavenly witch, the Heavenly Demon Lord, my earthly existence. Heuk Seolhyang, the Heavenly Demon Woman.”
“Forget it.”
She spewed that out briefly.
“Forget all the titles you know about me. Don’t you call me teacher. Now, you are my disciple and I am your master.”
“…yes, Master!”
Ajin said, as he lowered his head. With that, Heuk Seolhyang put her hand on Ajin’s head.
“I won’t teach you anything other than martial arts. I already gave you the Heavenly Demon Arts, taught you the Mara Chenle Technique, and promised to teach the Flesh Transmission Technique. It looks like I have told you everything I had. I have given you everything that a head of Magic Sect teaches to their apprentice.”
Heuk Seolhyang leaned on him and whispered in his ear. His shoulders trembled when she whispered like that.
“I mean, you have everything a teacher assistant has to have in order to be a teacher.”
“There is no magic in this world.”
She said as she raised Ajin’s shoulder. Stumbling, Ajin stared into her face who was looking at him.
“There are also no hundred thousand mountains in this world. There is no pro-western force that follows me and no clerks who respond to my murmurs. It’s just me and you who exist within. Ajin, my disciple, it’s just you and no one else.”
Heuk Seolhyang turned around. She walked ahead, flapping her long black hair. He silently followed in her footsteps.
“I’ve given you everything that one can give to their apprentice, but I can’t give you magic.”
Her words felt sad and bitter. He stared at Heuk Seolhyang, who seemed to have become a little smaller.
“So you make it.”
Heuk Seolhyang stopped walking and turned around. She squinted her eyes at him.
“You should make a manifestation in this world. Paint the heavens and earth with blood with your words alone. Create a group that embraces them all. And conquer it all.”
Heuk Seolhyang spread her arms wide. There was a surge that sprang out from his body.
Ajin stumbled back unwittingly, and fell to the ground.
“You don’t have to follow the steps. In the first place, even these techniques do not believe in me. Evil needs no Doctrine. There is just an absolute law. Blind loyalty to the leader, the existence of a master will completely capture a small mischief and drain the seeds. Strong Core. Only a strong core is necessary for a magician, who reigns above her because she is stronger than anyone else.”
Heuk Seolhyang standing in front of him seemed different than before. She is not the shrouded woman who tamed him and made him do carnal desires with her faithfully, nor is she a sadist who laughed while enjoying his suffering. She is a woman that had Heavenly Demon Arts, and a leader of Magic Sect.
“Make the law. Make a territory governed by your law. Make subordinates that will follow you and challenge…”
“…challenge what?”
“The God.”
Heuk Seolhyang said. What she said was an overwhelming responsibility. A heavy manifestation that would crush space, and had an absolute will combined with hatred. Ajin gulped down his saliva. He felt, for the first time, that he could die from her gaze alone. He is relieved that her murderous aura was not directed at him.
“I’ve decided to count on you. I’ve decided to put my trust on you, not just a trifle.”
Her murderous aura dies down. She twisted her lips as she lowered her open hand.
“But that’s not enough. So you prove it.”
“…what kind of proof do you want?”
“Kill the master of the wild forest, the Howling Beast.”
That’s what she said before. But he still listened to her without protest.
“Prove yourself with it. I expect you to prove whether I did or did not make the right decision of choosing you as Heuk Seolhyang’s disciple.”
“I’ll kill it.”
“If you fail, challenge it again. You’re a player, you’re not going to die anyway. Try again and again and again, and even if you fail, challenge it again. And, kill it as much as you can.”
Heuk Seolhyang smiled brightly.
“I will give you everything.”
* * * * * *
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