Novel Name : Cinderella Wasn't Me

Cinderella Wasn't Me - Chapter 1

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People called me Cinderella.
My boyfriend, Jemon Daybrick, is the second son of Marquis Daybrick.
His soft blond hair and light blue eyes were as gorgeous as a prince in a fairy tale, and the Daybrick ancestors really made him a prince.
On the other hand, I’m just a noble in name, I have nothing.
The only woman who ended up with the prince was Cinderella.
Then, after Cinderella’s fairy tale ended, I wondered if I had this epilogue.
“I’m sorry, Terryl.”
Even as I said that, Jemon’s face was dark. With eyes as clear as the autumn sky, there was no sense of regret or guilt.
It’s a shame.

I just pointed to what was in front of him.
It was the front page of the Glensa newspaper, I knew what was written.
[“Marquis Daybrick’s second son and Princess Lobtina Gretel, get engaged, Where’s Cinderella?”]

You can’t say it yourself, can you?

I was furious about the rude headline.
Trying to keep it together, I swept my hair down.
“So you’re going to marry that woman?”
“It’s a engagement right now, but after a few years it’ll be like this.”
“Then I…”
“You know what I mean.”
“Speak for yourself! Why do I have to find out this news first from the newspapers?”
An unbearable rage broke out.
I didn’t know anything until this morning that I saw that newspaper.
The fact that I had a conversation with Jemon about his new engagement, and that he decided to break up with me.
How rude is that?

Sometimes when I imagined my marriage to Jemon, I knew it was practically impossible.
Compared to him, my situation was too bad.
Being in the baron’s family, it’s no big deal. Neither is being the daughter of a single mother who doesn’t even know who her father is.
I also failed several times in the imperial exams. I don’t have money, power, honor or even a good lineage.
That was my honest situation, being Terryl Winterglass.
My self-esteem sank in the swamp a long time ago, and one day I could accept it if I was notified.
If only Jemon had respected me.
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t tell you in advance. I couldn’t tell you because it was a sudden opportunity.”
“An opportunity?”
“Yes, the opportunity to secure the succession of the Marquis title.”
Jemon took a deep breath.
His breath mixed with anger at someone. He was always talking about me, trying to get carried away by his compassion.
“You know, Terryl. My mother and I had a hard time. Because of that kid, my mom was treated like a crazy person and I always had to be anxious because I didn’t know when I was going to be kicked out.”
“I’ve had enough and I can’t take it anymore. So what does it matter now?”
“You need power to keep your title. The Duke of Gretel will make me the Marquis.”
The grip on my hand was tense.
That’s what I expected before I heard it from his mouth.
Because he’s always told me the same thing.
He has a brother.
The name of the Marquis’ son, Cesium Daybrick, who was said to have joined the family even before Jemon was born.
Everyone knew he couldn’t be the successor because he couldn’t walk or talk.
However, just as much as the latter, the Marquis was suspicious of him.
Although his personality was quiet and gentle, he used to shout that he would steal everything from Jemon.
Because he was raised by his mother since he was a child, Jemon always kept his brother under scrutiny.
Only two people did.
It was an incomprehensible feeling of alertness, but I loved Jemon, so I’ve dealt with it.
But in the end, that became the source of trouble.
Even though I knew it was unpleasant, I asked:
“Was it a lie that you loved me?”
“No, it wasn’t, Terryl. You’re still beautiful, but…”
Because if there was one last conscience left, Jemon would avoid my eyes.
His eyes wobbled.
“You’re not as beautiful as my mother. I have to be the Marquis and protect my mother.”
The words were brutally struck to my heart.
Why am I here listening to this?
I guessed all the facts from the moment it was published in the paper, and now I have a feeling there’s no turning back.
I was caught off guard, because I kept feeling hopeful or sorry.
I hate it, and above all I hate Jemon.
Because of the turmoil, there was no decent, rational response.
I took the tea cup in front of Jemon, and poured black tea over his head.
“Damn you, Jemon.”
Embarrassed, he called me, but I left the room without looking back.
Boom, there was a loud noise as the door closed.
The hall is silent, but the looks that fall on me are annoying.
The Marquis’ servants did not show their feelings on the surface, but it was clear what they felt.
I am sure they will be very happy to know that their young master would be engaged without knowing where that source came from.
My heart was pounding.
I struggled to harden my expression and walked straight.
It was miserable and embarrassing.
I felt a heavy feeling in my chest, which made me even sicker.
Finally, I was about to leave, and I was filled with hatred for the bondage that had brought me here. However, the pain and sadness overwhelmed all those emotions.
So we broke up after all. To Jemon, I was someone he could throw away at any time.
My eyes were burning. I knew I would be a laughingstock, but I couldn’t hold back the tears.
Contrary to my mood, the sky outside the mansion was clear.
It was like Jemon Daybrick’s eyes, the color of cold blue.
Frowning at the intense sunlight in the middle, I belatedly realized that someone was standing in front of me.
“…. Ah.”
Were you taking a walk in the garden?

My eyes met those of a man sitting in a specially made chair.
Platinum blond hair that swallowed the sunlight as it was, and golden eyes that condensed its light color brilliantly.
It was a color bright enough to forget my misery for a moment.
It was Cesium Daybrick.
After a moment of daze, I realized that his expression was strange.
A curious look clung to my cheek and did not go away.
Only then did I realize that my face was covered with tears.
The more I wiped my face with my hands, the more tears fell.
When I didn’t know what to do, she pulled out a handkerchief.
But I didn’t respond.
A dejected smile came out of my mouth.
“I look miserable, don’t I? I read the newspaper article, they left me and I was about to cry. I know I knew it was going to be like this, but stupidly I…”
A contradictory complaint can be funny, but he just shook his head. Something came up in a fit of emotion.
“Do you feel sorry for me?”

This time without nodding, Cesium looked at me with a soft look.
Still stretching out his handkerchief.
There was no word.
Of course, there’s nothing to write about now.
But I was able to calm down a bit by looking into his eyes.
You’re a fool, Terryl Winterglass. I let out my gasping breath, took the handkerchief and wiped my face.
“I’m sorry to vent my anger. And sorry about the used handkerchief.”
The cloth rose quickly.
It was soaked with tears, so it would be rude to return it now.
While I hesitated, Cesium bowed to me and turned around.
It was like saying: “It’s okay if you don’t give it back.”
Looking into the distance, I moved my lips and turned around.
This summer is especially hot.
Originally it was very hot, but this season was worse than ever.
My head is spinning.
Maybe there’s something wrong with my shame at being abandoned by Jemon.
That’s how I got home.
In the little house, which can’t be called a mansion with empty words, there’s a single mother and me living alone.
There was no servant, and even the house belonged to my uncle, but there was someone who valued me more in the world.
I wanted to see my mother soon, but I realized that my face was still a mess.
The tears have been wiped away, but my eyes are still red and it is clear that they will still be swollen.
If you look closely, you’ll notice.
I’m sure you’d be worried if your daughter, who doesn’t cry easily, had cried.
Inevitably, I have prepared a good excuse.
I didn’t think you’d believe me. But the moment I arrived in front of my house, the excuses I had prepared were whitewashed.
The atmosphere was strange.
There was still a poor fence and a yard where the weeds were flourishing, but a large carriage was in front of it.
It was bigger and more colorful than what I saw at the Daybrick mansion, and the crest of a family that seemed to be seen somewhere was engraved on the side.
Several black horses were twice as big as the horses I knew, and the gentlemen next to them wore new uniforms.
Who the hell are they? My mother must still be in there. What happened?
The hair all over my body was bristling with anxiety.
I thought I’d push them off and see what was happening to her, but I had to figure it out for now. I looked carefully and screamed, but at that moment the eyes of everyone in front of the mansion turned to me.
I was breathless in the eyes of ten people.
But was there something wrong?
The moment they looked at me, their eyes opened like mine.
The tension eased a little.
“Who are you?”
The voice that came out of my mouth trembled as if it were my own, but not beyond my comprehension.
Then, someone came to me through the gentlemen.
A man in his thirties, with gray hair, and wearing a monocle, was like a nobleman.
“I’m so surprised to see you up close… Oh, excuse me. My name is Danil Rontar. You’re Miss Terryl Winterglass, right?”
“How do you know my name? Who are you? What are you doing here?”
“Don’t be too surprised. We are…”
The sound of something being torn apart, silenced the gentleman.
When I turned my head in amazement, I could see two men and a woman coming out of the broken door.
One was a large man, and the woman holding her arm against him…
Giving a loud cry, I ran to her. My mother’s face was blue, and that was the first sight I had.
My heart was pounding, but I looked at the man holding her.
An old man similar to the one identified as Danil Rontar.
His hair was dark and his face was cold and hard, as well as terrifying.
It was obviously the first time I had seen him, but strangely enough, I had a sense of déjà vu. But the moment his eyes were on me, I couldn’t think anymore.
My lips trembled under pressure, and I had to have the courage to open my mouth.
“Let go of that hand right now. What are you doing to my mother?”
The man’s eyes have become thin.
I had a cold sweat on my back, looking up and down at me.
It was like being naked in front of a beast, I couldn’t contain my tremors.
“You really don’t know. I–“
“It’s not that little girl!”
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