Novel Name : Cinderella Wasn't Me

Cinderella Wasn't Me - Chapter 5

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I wonder if the greetings weren’t enough for her.
Or is it because she was only the daughter of a baron?
As Elizabeth looked at her face, Izzlette was nervous and unable to swallow her saliva.
Fortunately, the Duchess spoke quickly again.
“Don’t worry, Miss Winterglass, you know I’m ill. This life will soon be cut short, and in a few years, Mademoiselle will be able to return to the capital.”
“Thanks for the words, but it’s okay. I’ve been prepared to be here all my life.”
“Unfortunately, the ladies are a workforce I don’t need if I die. It’s a matter of decision to return.”
The Duchess’s words, which fell flat, were very firm.
“I cannot believe what you say. Yes, I’ll write you a contract. The period of validity is 22 years, but that will be enough.”
Murmuring to herself, Elizabeth pulled something out of the drawer.
It was a contract with a stamp on the corner of the stall.
It was the first time she’d seen it, but Izzlette could see what it was.
It’s a magical contract that can make people lose their lifes if they don’t live up to what they sign.
She read the contents of the blank contract.
From the point of Elizabeth Hazel Rihan’s death, Izzlette Winterglass would not be subordinate to the North.

Rihan wouldn’t go after her.
And just before Elizabeth was about to sign the end of the contract, the door opened without knocking and a man entered.
It was Rashed Rihan, Elizabeth’s son and owner of the castle.
“Mother, I didn’t tell you not to write a magic contract for this shit.”
“Don’t fool me, Rashed, this lady came all the way to the north at the risk of her life. Neglecting those who came for me is nothing less than hurting me.”
“Don’t lie. You didn’t write it to other maids.”
“Are you going to say I’m biased against the first person I met?”
“If you can be honest and tell me you’re guilty of chasing a dead maid, I’d rather understand.”
The cold words made him stop and breathe.
From my mouth, I breathed repentance.
“Yes, this lady looks like Abby. The one who lost her life by the claws of the masquerade instead of me.”
In the voice of the grieving duchess, Izzlette looked at the two of them, not knowing what to do.
“If you don’t want me to sign it, do it. Isn’t it because of you, the lord of the castle, that all my maidens have been attacked?”
After casually sharing a miraculous conversation, Rashed Rihan took over his mother’s contract.
It was only then that Izzlette came to her senses and held her hand to dissuade him.
A contract at the risk of a person’s life, he didn’t need something so terrifying.
“Oh, no, Your Highness. I can trust you enough just by telling me.”
“Just a few words do you believe in a stranger? You, what’s your name?”
“Her name is Izzlette May Winterglass.”
“Yes, Izzlette.”
Rashed took Izzlette’s hand calmly and finished the signature.
“I’ll give you some advice. Don’t trust people too easily.”
That was the first meeting between Izzlette and Rashed.
Elizabeth always left Izzlette in Kahai, so she often met Rashed.
Contrary to his cold appearance and rough language, he was a rather friendly man.
The two had good chemistry and could be friends even with a big difference in status.
In fact, Izzlette’s feelings, even in words, were more than friendship.
Izzlette often suffered from the severe cold, but her illness made her feel more lonely.
Rashed’s warmth colored her feelings in full color.
It was the same with Rashed, but Izzlette, who did not know what he was thinking, suffered alone.
“Rashed has been talking about marriage with others.”

In fact, even though she didn’t have an engagement, she had someone who could be called a fiancée.
It was ridiculous to have anyone else on her mind.
Even if he didn’t have a girlfriend, Izzlette wasn’t worth it.
Because he owned this castle, and Izzlette was a maiden who would have to leave the North when her work was done.
She tried desperately to clear her mind and keep her emotions from running wild.
However, to her surprise, Izzlette’s problems were solved in an instant.
When a man who visited the Duke’s castle joked with Izzlette, his eyes turned to Rashed and he threw him off the second floor balcony.
And then.
“If you’d rather give that guy a chance, you’d better choose me.”
Izzlette held back what she wanted to say.
One thing didn’t mean that all the problems were gone.
Rihan’s elders’ association was still trying to control the young duke and was constantly pressuring him for a marriage.
In the end, beyond what Rashed could bear, he was forced to dissolve the Elders’ Society and hold an engagement ceremony with Izzlette.
And on the day that should be the happiest.
“I’m just asking you, don’t you want something like a child?”
“I don’t need that troublesome thing.”
In Rashed’s eyes, Izzlette was as weak as ever.
She had a cold because the day was long and she staggered when she slept, having a child with that resistance could do something bad to her.
In fact, in the north, there were some people who died in childbirth.
However, that absent reason, as Rashed said, only meant not giving Izzlette a future.
She responded with a smile.
“Yes, I’ll be careful.”
And around that time, something else happened to Izzlette.
She was starting to feel a little bad. She hoped not, but the evidence became clearer every day.
Eagerly, Izzlette continued to probe the importance of the child to know the exact meaning of Rashed’s words, and the more determined he became.
“I have to choose between a child or that person.”

What Izzlette decided to give up was the man who wouldn’t give her the future.
By chance, there was someone who noticed and helped Izzlette run away pregnant, and by chance Elizabeth died.
It was a peaceful death as if she were sleeping.
During the funeral, Izzlette seriously comforted Rashed and left the north the next day.
By the time Rashed realized this, Izzlette had already headed for the capital.
Being bound by a magic contract, he could not pursue her, and understood it to be valid for 20 years.
“Yes, it’s only 20 years. I’ll wait for you as long as I want.”
With his blood-stained eyes, Rashed muttered that.
* * * * * * *
Episode 1
Terryl Winterglass, who left the capital, returned as Terryl Rihan.
Depending on her state, her place of residence had changed.
The previous house, which only filled the second floor, to the Duke of Rihan’s residence in the capital that was a four-story mansion.
The achievements of the north are different, so I quite liked this place.
It was a pity that I had to prepare to leave before I could look around this big mansion.
Tonight there will be a dance to mark the accession of the new Emperor, so it’s not possible.
While the maids were picking out the clothes and straightening his hair, Sir Greenel came over.
“Aren’t you tired?”
“If I’m tired of riding in a carriage for about four hours, I must change my name.”
“There will be another dance. You must attend as soon as you come to the capital…”
“When the rumors come out, no one will be surprised.”
The redheaded gentleman couldn’t understand me and blinked.
“You know how it was when it was Winterglass, you know the attitude better. I wonder what they’ll look like when they see me.”
Cinderella was a nickname she received as a joke because she was someone who had nothing but a little piece mind of the Daybrick.
Gossip and ridicule were commonplace examples, and I had heard that to my face.
Some even made a bet about when Terryl Winterglass would be abandoned.
But when Cinderella comes back as Rihan, how will they react?

I knew it was a childish expectation, but I couldn’t do it because I wasn’t such a noble person.
I was a little embarrassed when I took it out of my mouth.
“Is it too childish?”
“I’ll kill you if you say so.”
“There was someone else who was really childish.”
“That it was a joke.”
It’s a strange joke. I smiled, but I got a little shaky.
“First, I have a report for you. Shortly after you headed north, someone came to your house.”
“Go on.”
“He was a tall, blond man in his 20s. I hear he’s been looking for Terryl Winterglass.”
The passing moment
I felt bad hearing the description.
“When I got suspicious and put a man on it, he said he was from the family of Marquis Daybrick.”
“Oh, I see.”
The expected person was right, but there was no pleasure in getting the right answer.
Jemon Daybrick came to see me?

It wasn’t an act that I could understand what a guy like him would think, visiting his ex-girlfriend after being engaged to Lobtina Gretel.
She’s the Duke of Gretel’s youngest beloved daughter.
After being engaged for at least a few years, he said he would allow her to marry him, so he had to crawl to Lobtina.
Thinking that Cesium might threaten his place, he left me and promised to do that reckless thing.
I don’t even know why he came to see me in the first place.
Don’t think I’m going to leave it behind.
Even though I was uncomfortable, it wasn’t a big deal.
Even if he’s crazy and annoying me, he’s the only one who create this mess.
I’ve loved him for three years now and cried to be with him.
I felt so heavy at the time, but now I don’t mind thinking about him.
If he said love in a plausible way, maybe it was just a passing feeling.
If he had betrayed me, it would have been different, but as soon as a proposal came along, he broke up with me.
The end may have been rude, but it was too bad to let go.
“I still don’t want to see strange faces. Should I go today?”
“Yes, it’s a memorial dance for the crown, so maybe… If you don’t like Jemon Daybrick attending, I’ll break his legs.”
“I don’t want to hurt you, but your jokes are not my taste.”
“I’m not kidding this time.”
“I’m sure I can do it naturally.”
“I’ll just pretend it was a joke.”
* * * * * * * *
It’s been less than a week since Katriye, the 18th emperor, died.
During that short period of time, the imperial family celebrated his funeral and Avilos was crowned as the new Emperor.
Thanks to a simplified process, the Emperor’s death was quickly buried.
Avilos, however, was in a hurry for his hasty coronation.
He must have felt it. It may be simply to erase the Emperor’s death as soon as possible.
The ball to commemorate the accession was decorated in a grand and splendid manner.
When I think of the Emperor’s situation, who was only a puppet, the shiny appearance was even wet.
When I entered the ballroom, that’s all I felt.
Sir Greenel, who entered, handed an invitation to Rihan’s servant.
He shuddered noticeably, then stammered and called out.
“Princess Terryl Rihan, daughter of the Duke Rashed Rihan; and Viscount Andorra Fenrillhart Greenel are here!”
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