Novel Name : Cinderella Wasn't Me

Cinderella Wasn't Me - Chapter 6

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Silence fell over the ballroom.
That made the sound of my presentation and Sir Greenel’s echo.
Most were surprised by the appearance of ‘Rihan’, but some were different.
People who were making fun of Jemon Daybrick’s Cinderella recognized Terryl and took a deep breath.
It is strange.
The place and the people haven’t changed much, but this place that I wasn’t afraid of anymore didn’t matter.
Is it because of Rihan’s rise to power that my head has become rigid, that I have learned to sword or that my father has brainwashed me?
Whatever it is, it’s not a bad change. Some hyenas came to me, biting into Sir Greenel’s life.
What should I do until the Emperor comes?
Thinking about it, I took a glass from the tray of a passing servant.
Then I lit the sparkling champagne and could see the familiar face heading for the balcony.
I didn’t know much, but I was glad to see him.
As I walked away, I heard a familiar voice from behind.
“Huh, Winterglass?”
It wasn’t what I intended, but I called, it was a face I knew.
It’s good to have this too.
I smiled happily.
“It’s been a long time, Sir Tante. How have you been?”
“Haha yes.”
He answered vaguely, with a long face.
He was not sure whether the heir of the Duke of Rihan, who was called by a servant, was really me.
His eyes looked again to see if there was anyone new.
I personally showed him kindness because he looked amused.
“For personal reasons, my name has changed a little.”
“Wow, that’s really what you are, Miss…”
Once secured, this time there was a cunning twinkle in his eye. He changed his face completely and spoke in a soft tone.
“How have you been? Three years ago, how worried I was when you suddenly disappeared. I was a bit unpleasant at the time.”
I only asked him one question, but his face hardened.
To be honest with him, I’ve been praying a little bit for him to know.
“You’re so kind that you’ve been worried about me for three years. Unbelievably.”
“Oh, haha, yeah, I was a little worried, yeah.”
“By the way, Congratulations.”
“What? Congratulations on?”
“You won the bet. In two years, Jemon Daybrick will leave Terryl Winterglass. You used to bet, didn’t you?”
As he turned the glass with a smile, the champagne spun in a circle and lit up the face of the man who had turned pale.
Pretending to forget when you proudly speak in front of me.
“How exactly did you get two years, right? It’s unbelievable.”
“Oh, no, well, I mean, that bet was just a joke!”
I drank the liquid in the glass immediately.
“Congratulations, I’ll take my time.”
In his hardened hand, I gave him the empty glass and turned around.
It hasn’t been long since the dance began, so there was only one balcony.
I saw him come in, so he’s here.
The moment I tried to knock on the door with my hands up.
“What’s Daybrick, huh? Hey, you’re the Marquis! Can’t you talk? Why don’t you answer?”
A scream was heard from inside.
With an unusual look, I opened the door immediately.
“Are you ignoring me?”
A drunk man and a man in trouble
The last person I was looking for was there.
Cesio Daybrick, a tall, platinum-haired man in a wheelchair.
Not knowing that the balcony door was open, he was looking at the man in front of him.
Coincidentally, at that moment, I screamed and raised my arm to see if he was going to use my hand.
Cesium moved his mouth. He is a man who cannot speak, but something seemed to be trying to speak.
The railing… does it run?
No, this is not the time.
The moment I woke up and grabbed the arm of the man, Sir Greenel, who read my movement, he first grabbed the drunkard’s wrist.
A man who could not hit Cesium looked back with an emaciated face.
“What on earth is this? Are you in tune with this? You caught me getting hit, didn’t you? I won’t let you go right now!”
Without even hearing it, Sir Greenel looked at me. It was obvious what was on the fence.
“Don’t break it.”
“It’s okay.”
Instead of letting go of the drunk stranger’s arm, he grabbed him by the neck and dragged him.
There was a noise for a moment, but it quickly disappeared when I closed the balcony door.
Now the only one left was Cesium Daybrick and me.
“Long time no see. Young Master Cesium. I’m here to greet you.”
He seemed a little surprised. The young man’s eyes glow golden.
Cesium Daybrick in three years hasn’t changed much.
His face was a little thin, his eyes deeper.
It’s still a beautiful face, crafted with delicate brushstrokes.
I don’t understand, but I was very pleased with his face.
Maybe she’s excited to be in the capital after a long time.
Or was she so grateful for the scarf she received when she left the Daybrick mansion?
Unknowingly, the inside of her chest was permeated with strange feelings.
[Thank you for your help, Baroness Winterglass.]
Cesium wrote in his notebook to express his gratitude.
“It is no longer Winterglass. I mean, I… I found my father. I’m Terryl Rihan now.”
Surprisingly, his hands stopped, and after he stood still, he picked up the pen again.
[I’m glad you look good.]
It was slightly unexpected.
He did not change his face, nor did he praise me for my wealth, as Sir Tante did.
It was an unexpected reaction, but I liked it.
We greeted each other a few more words, but the atmosphere soon became uncomfortable.
I came to greet him unwisely, but first we were not very close, as we could see someone who was in a light and useful position.
I cannot tell this man how much I suffered in the north, so this flicker broke out quickly.
Since we were in an uncomfortable relationship, the gap was even more uncomfortable when Cesium wrote in the notebook.
When I tried to find the material somehow, I came to the subject of Jemon.
“Are you here with Jemon?”
Only then did I know how silly that question was.
Fortunately, he reacted as calmly as usual.
[I came with my father. Something happened and he left first.]

“Well, that’s good for me.”
If it was the Marquis who treated me openly, it was he who openly looked at me like an insect.
Although he didn’t say any hard words, his eyes were always full of contempt.
Because of my growing up environment, I was witty and could see how he looked at me.
Now to evaluate, it was an unpleasant family.
I’ll have to take this guy out.
Coincidentally, at that moment, a phone call rang out.
“His Excellency, Young Master Daybrick, and Miss Lobtina Meriday Gretel are here!”
As soon as he said it, they came right in.
I unconsciously frowned, became aware of Cesium, and slackened my expression.
“I’ll go now, then. Sorry to interrupt your rest.”
[Are you okay?]
There were no more four legs attached, but what was decided was clear.
I’m worried about facing it. Besides, Princess Gretel is with them.
She’s a nice person. I laughed deliberately with mischief.
“Why, are you worried I’ll kill her?”
[This is Daybrick’s move. He can’t lose.]
“Then the young man should be the next Marquis.”
[I… you’ve changed.]
“You don’t have to be self-conscious anymore. It’s in nature.”
Half-heartedly, but the man smiled slightly.
I laughed behind him and asked him casually if he was going to live.
“But Marquis Daybrick. Have you ever helped me? You caught something when I almost fell down the stairs…”
His face blinked, saying he didn’t know.
“That never happened, did it? I just had this weird dream.”
As I recall, I wasn’t with Cesium Daybrick that day.
The day I heard Jemon draw the line, I crawled for an hour in the living room and came home.
It was because Jemon told me he was staying with his mother that day.
I returned in a somber mood and only a few servants laughed out loud at all the people I saw in the process.
It’s too realistic a dream, so I must have been confused in my sleep.
I told him that I would leave and turned around.
But I couldn’t open the balcony door right away.
“Do you know about Miss Rihan’s story?”
Someone’s whispering about my story because it’s been told outside this door.
I had a feeling it might be an important story.
I concentrated on the sound.
The faint voice was clearly recorded in my ears when I was operating the manna.
“If I had known, would I have left her? The Dukedom of Rihan is notorious.”
“Well, there’s no way the blood went anywhere. Even when she was a Winterglass, she wasn’t very obedient.”
“But what really happened? How could a person who wasn’t even a baron’s line of descent have found a way to–“
“Shh, Miss Tembrill. Be careful.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. It was unintentional.”
It was the sound of two young women talking.
“If you don’t know now, I hope you’ll know better in the future. What if I knew you’d attracted Miss Gretel from the moment I met the Duke of Sohu?”
“What? Isn’t the family officially married?”
“Didn’t you know?”
“I thought you were just talking about that short story. When Miss Terryl was so fond of him and he was just hanging out and it wasn’t a serious relationship.”
“Oh, come to think of it, I’ve been moving my lips before. But my night life is on the other side.”
The women whispered and lowered their voices.
“Silence, for half a year before he broke up with her, he was attracting Miss Gretel. He would give her flowers, write letters, just keep an eye on something, and leave it as a gift.”
“Oh, my God, but your love story with the now princess was somewhat famous. Did you already know Miss Gretel?”
I thought it was pure.
The disappointed voice immediately denied the opponent.
“No, Princess Lobtina is a bit boring. She’s someone who keeps to herself so I guess I didn’t know.”
“Oh, well, but it’s still not a condition that you don’t have enough to covet another man. Is that why you overlooked it?”
” At first she was bored, but at some point she accepted it. Besides, you shouldn’t go somewhere else and tell this story.”
Their whispering voices got a little smaller.
“My maid’s relative works in Glensa. So I heard a bit about it, and as soon as Miss Gretel accepted the proposal, an article was published in the paper, I’m not sure.”
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