Novel Name : Cinderella Wasn't Me

Cinderella Wasn't Me - Chapter 7

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“What? Even before you organize a formal wedding?”
“I was afraid Mr. Gretel would object. His Excellency is very appreciative.”
“Oh, my God. So the real story is that Young Master Daybrick cheated on her?”
I couldn’t help but hold a smile.
The two people, who did not know, continued to talk.
“To Miss Rihan?”
“Because it was Winterglass back then. If he had known this was going to happen, he wouldn’t have dared do that.”
“…that will be crazy if the Duke finds out.”
“I know. It’s scary just to imagine the power of the Duke of Rihan, no one else…”
I’ve heard it all. Even summed up in one line, Jemon Daybrick had an affair.
As I calmed down inside, I exhaled slightly.
Then I reached for the balcony door and turned my head.
Come to think of it, here was Cesium in the same space.
There was a stain of shame on my face, because I had heard the whispering together.
“Excuse me.”
I leaned in slightly and came off the balcony.
Two people who were talking about me immediately caught my attention.
I didn’t know when I heard the voice, but I remember seeing Countess Oysters’ face.
They like to know other people’s secrets, but they don’t make up unfounded lies.
When our eyes met, their faces were whiter than usual.
“Mi-Miss Rihan.”
I laughed with my index finger in my mouth, which meant they should shut up.
It was a gesture that said I had no intention of getting angry.
Were you afraid of my face? I didn’t think you’d be scared.
The smile wasn’t worth it, and I walked past them both with the corners of my mouth pressed against me.
Meet lightly, part with a good opportunity and play with it from the beginning.
“How different the two are.”
I knew for a long time that Jemon was not a good man, however, this caused a great tsunami.
He had an affair.
No, maybe he didn’t even have that perception…
Jemon hesitated only when he finished me, but otherwise he had no shame.
I might be the only one who thought we were dating.
He’s like that, too.
“Even though Miss Terryl was so fond of him, he was just hanging out with her, and he never thought their relationship was serious.”
I wouldn’t have been talking about someone I loved.
When I discovered that the priority was far behind the Marquise, I thought I knew enough about the difference between Jemon and my way of thinking.
It was an illusion.
First of all, there was nothing in his mind worth my weight.
After all.
“Terryl,you’re still beautiful. But you’re not as beautiful as my mother.”

“That was a lie.”
My stomach was twisted into a mess.
It didn’t occur to me that the previous story had been wrong.
Rather, I was so sure that I couldn’t understand you yourself. That’s Jemon Davebrick.
What I got from him wasn’t his love, but his cheating and mocking.
They said Jemon was in the ballroom.
I looked around and soon found his blue eyes staring back at me.
That’s very close too.
As if he had seen a ghost, his eyes trembled greatly.
I turned my head and pretended to know first.
“Hello, Jemon.”
“Terryl Winterglass…?”
Looks like he doesn’t know about Rihan yet.
It hasn’t been long since I came to the ballroom.
He turned to me, not realizing the faces of those around him were turning pale.
“What’s going on here? Why, I mean, what happened three years ago?”
“You’re such a good conversationalist, it’s hard to understand him.”
A slight sarcastic remark made Jemon straighten his face.
But before he could vent his anger, his look found something strange about me.
Jemon’s eyes looked at me openly.
“I wonder what clothes you’re wearing that look too expensive.”
“…what happened?”
“It’s not a big deal. I bought it with another man’s money.”
With my father’s money.
It was a little joke, but Jemon screamed in dismay.
“Are you married or something?”
“Oh, by your standards, it’s so much jewelry I have to get married to buy it. Is that how it is?”
“Don’t be so ignorant. Do you know how much that costs? Is that why you got married or not?”
“I also have a question Jemon, have you been…”
“Oh, Jem’s talking to a girl he didn’t know!”
Suddenly, a cheerful voice intervened.
It was a woman with a splendid image.
The curly hair was pink with a high saturation, and the plump cheeks were a reddish peach color.
It was a remarkable color, but her height was low and her eyes were striking, so the impression was favorable.
I had never seen her up close, but I quickly discovered who she was, thanks to Lord Greenel’s report.
Her name was Lobtina Gretel, Jemon’s fiancée.
In a strange tone, he imitated the sound he had heard without my knowledge.
You called Jemon that, right? Is that a nickname?
I lost my words and looked at Jemon in front of me.
Hard to bear the shame, he bit his lower lip like a scratch.
His ears turned red.
He spoke with a voice that had killed his temper.
“Lobtina, didn’t you say you were looking for Adwin?”
“I don’t know. I looked for him, but I couldn’t find him. Oh, my big brother’s got to be somewhere, have a little trouble with someone else or sleep somewhere else, it’s okay, he’s like that, so it’s okay. Who is she, by the way?”
“…just a friend.”
“Bullshit! Jem’s too cocky and has no friends.”
I didn’t even feel like holding it in, so I laughed.
Maybe I couldn’t get mad at his fiancée, now I was as hot as a sore throat.
“Don’t joke like that. You know people will think it’s real.”
“If Jem really has a friend, do you think people think badly of him?”
“Please, Lobtina.”
Lobtina Gretel, who was naive and made fun of Jemon, looked at me.
Her eyes turned like a frightened rabbit and she looked at me.
She could have known I was his ex-girlfriend.
I’m sure it’s not just the two of you who come out of the ballroom and talk about Jemon’s old days.
“Lobtina, this girl…”
He opened his mouth as an excuse, but could not keep his words.
You have nothing to say.
He seduced Miss Gretel without breaking up with me.
She was also a victim because he couldn’t have trusted it.
But, contrary to my expectations, she suddenly clapped his hands and smiled.
“How beautiful you are!”
That’s totally unexpected.
“It’s like a frozen lake in the middle of winter. This is the first time I’ve seen you, what’s your name, miss? No. Let me guess.”
The accolades were strange, too.
“You’re Miss Rihan!”
“Right? Well, I’ve seen the portrait of the Duke of Rihan You look like him.”
“What kind of nonsense is that, Lobtina? Terryl-“
“That’s right.”
Jemon tried to correct the facts in an unfortunate way, but I interrupted him.
I greeted her with a smile.
“How do you do, Princess Gretel? My name is Terryl Rihan.”
The brief introductory comments made Jemon’s eyes bigger.
Beyond the mere surprise, his face turned white as if all the blood had been drained away.
“What, what are you talking about, Terryl. Your last name is…”
“Hey, you were right! Just in case, I guess they weren’t even friends. How come Jem doesn’t even know his friend’s name? Did you think you were his friend?”
“Be quiet, Lobtina! Now the situation is…”
“Did you just yell at me?”
She asked with his eyes wide open.
She did not appear to be angry, but the point was clear.
Jemon hesitated quickly.
“No, I’m sorry. I didn’t scream, I was a little surprised… because you told a strange lie.”
“Did I lie?”
“You don’t even know her last name, so that’s not a lie?”
“Look around you, Jemon, how people look at you.”
He frowned, but followed her words as he looked around.
It was a cold stillness that surrounded the three of us.
The faces of the people were all frozen, and one person looked like a madwoman.
And, of course, that was Jemon.
“What? No, it can’t be. You’re Rihan…”
He was dazed, he muttered without understanding.
Taking the opportunity, I asked the princess.
“May I ask you a question, Miss Gretel, if you don’t mind?”
“Well, if I can answer…”
“Since when has Jemon Daybrick confessed his feelings to the lady?”
“Wait, Lob.”
“Because it was winter four years ago, half a year before you got engaged? But why?”
With the joyful sound of the words, the atmosphere became colder and my heart was cold.
Yeah, no surprise there.
From the moment I heard the rumor, I’ve been incredibly confident as hell.
I looked at his face with an obvious sense of dismay.
Biting his lips, Jemon was even sweating. Seeing his shoulders shaking as our eyes met, I suddenly wondered.
Would you have made that face if she were still the daughter of a Baron standing here?
The answer was obvious.
I looked into his eyes, pursing my lips and laughing.
“I’m sure he knows why. In return, I recommend you hear what kind of relationship your fiancé had with me. Even if it’s not through me, it may be through others.”
Jemon opened his mouth like he was protesting something, but the moment was shaken:
“Temria’s eternal sun, His Majesty the Emperor and Temria’s glorious moon, the majestic Empress, enter!”
Upon hearing the call, all the nobles in the ballroom bowed their heads.
The same thing happened to Jemon, who seemed nervous.
I was the only one with a stiff neck.
In the midst of the bowed crowd, I looked at the top of his head and he took a step.
A man and a middle-aged woman entered the dance.
It was the first time I had seen them, but their previous names confirmed their identities.
Had I been the same as before, I had shaken, and my current situation was a bit strange, but I paid no attention to the Emperor.
Hot and cold things alternated and I could not afford to think about anything else.
At this point Sir Greenel joined in silence after he had dealt with the drunkard.
He was an uncomfortable face somewhere. As the facial expression did not change, I was a little worried even during my anger.
No way.
“…did you kill him?”
“No, I did not disobey the order. I just…”
“What is it?”
“I was taking him to another deserted balcony to be looked after, but suddenly he jumped over the railing and fell.”
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