Novel Name : Cinderella Wasn't Me

Cinderella Wasn't Me - Chapter 8

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“So I couldn’t carry out my order not to hurt him. It is because half of his bones are broken due to the height of the floor. I’m sorry.”
“Wait a minute, you mean you suddenly fell over the railing by yourself?”
“Yes, I think he made a mistake in trying to escape.”
Was he that drunk?
I tried to think about it, but I didn’t care much, so my memory was fuzzy.
“We have some witnesses. As soon as I opened the balcony door, I went inside.”
“I don’t doubt you.”
I was surprised by her drinking habit.
As I tried to confirm a few more things with Lord Greenel, the Emperor said aloud
“Oh, the new lion of Rihan is here!”
When he found me in the distance, he waved the nobles away.
“Thank you for your presence at the ball. Could you come closer to me because I want to see the lady?”
Inevitably, I approached the imperial couple and bowed my head.
“I greet His Majesty the Emperor. I am Terryl Rihan.”
It was a simple greeting, but he did not blame my rudeness. He was even more pleased and poured the wine into the glass.
No matter how much of a puppet the emperor is, the emperor’s reaction was excessive, and I realized Rihan’s power again.
As my father instructed me, I dealt with the emperor with restraint and courtesy.
I congratulated him crudely and he asked for my father.
It was a boring story.
Meanwhile, the emperor exclaimed as if he had thought of something.
“I am about to hold a hunting contest run by the imperial family. I think we should enjoy the joy of autumn.
“I understand.”
“You’re also Rihan, so you must be very good at fencing. Do you plan to participate? We have a prize for the winner. It will be good if it’s for fun.”
Since the death of the previous emperor has not yet been erased, are you trying to hide people’s eyes by doing this or that?
Autumn is a good season to hold a hunting contest.
If the Rihan’s successor is participating in the contest. People’s attention will be drawn even further away from the death of the previous emperor.
Perhaps she just wants to deepen her relationship with the Dukedom of Rihan.
Hunting, however, was a suggestion not to be reluctant to do so, because it was natural in the north.
He hastily added that he could have noticed my thoughts.
“The young people who participate in the contest offer their prey to others. It doesn’t mean much, but it’s a pretty good sight. Aren’t you interested?”
I don’t even know how much fun it can be.
I opened my mouth to refuse immediately. But, an idea crossed my mind.
“If you recommend it, I’d like to participate.
“Oh! It would be a very sumptuous contest for Miss Rihan to attend. Do you have anyone you would like to offer your prey to?”
Instead of responding immediately, I turned to Jemon.
The Emperor’s eyes and many others followed mine and turned to him.
I heard breath sounds everywhere.
What if I had known the truth three years ago?
If Jemon had confessed everything to me the moment he broke up with me, he might have rationalized it because he couldn’t help but compare his situation to mine.
Most human emotions, no matter how intense, cannot cross the time barrier.
Like a rock cut by the waves, it wears away.
When Jemon Daybrick made me fall abruptly, I felt all kinds of emotions, but now all I have left is discomfort.
So, if the truth about his deception had been revealed to me earlier, I could have erased that feeling for three years in Whitefall.
“If you don’t mind.”
First, that’s when I discovered Jemon’s true intention.
To be Rihan instead of Winterglass, and the castle and mansion more familiar than the old one.
My self-esteem has increased during my stay in the North.
I fell a little in love with Whitefall and began to appreciate the Duke of Rihan.
And at that moment, the deception that Jemon sent to Terryl Winterglass was received by Terryl Rihan.
After the love for him had turned to ashes.
The anger, shame and insult grew to a limit, and emotions were united and became vengeful.
“I would like to dedicate this to Marquis Daybrick.”
At my words, Jemon had a blank stare, and the Emperor was confused.
He looked at the Duke of Gretel, but soon changed his face.
“Yes, it is not common to offer a prey to a man with a fiancée. But not all participants have a passion for hunting, so it could be.
“I didn’t mean him.”
“What does that mean?
Before the emperor, Jemon’s face grew slowly, as if he knew the true meaning of my words.
Twisting my lips and laughing at him, I turned my head.
From Jemon to the one right next to him
From a disgustingly charming old lover to his brother, whom he hates with his soul.
I made strong eye contact with Cesio Davebrick’s surprised face.
“It is to young Cesium Daybrick that I will offer my prey.”
There is no point in saying that all the acts that deceive me are to win over the Marquis.
However, I was willing to accept that excuse.
If you betrayed me to protect your mother because of her position as Marquise, I will take it away from you.
I will transmit that illusion of greatness to reality so that Cesio Daybrick can take everything away from her.
I had the power to do that now.
There was a small space for the hunting contest.
In the meantime, I ordered Lord Greenel to investigate Daybrick, and waited in the break.
Invitations arrived on my behalf, and some snooped around the mansion, but everyone pretended not to.
However, I had no choice but to hold the pen once because I kept getting letters from Jemon Daybrick asking me to see him.
[If you send me one more letter, I will return it to the Duke of Gretel.]
Fortunately, my true feelings were acknowledged, and no more correspondence arrived. In a short time, Sir Greenel gave me an old book.
“This is the result of the investigation.
The first chapter of the document contained a rough sketch of the enemy’s situation.
Albert Daybrick, the present Marquis, suddenly adopted a son from a distant relative the day before his marriage.
In a sudden incident without saying why, the then fiancée declared the end of her marriage.
He had no choice but to marry his current wife, Dalant Weger.
The Marquis did not like his wife’s origins, so he treated her coldly and the presence of Cesium upset the Marquise, encouraging her to kill the child.
Those years have accumulated, and 20 years have passed.
Suffering inside and out, the Marquise became mentally disturbed and hated Cesium as the cause of her family’s brainwashing.
The same happened to Jemon, who grew up in her hands.
“There was no reason.”
The full story was written in the next chapter.
Still, the rumors I heard in the dance hall were written in more detail.
There were new things I learned.
What Jemon called me.
A story I know that a Daybrick servant mocked me, but I don’t want to tire of it.
When he seduced Lobtina, he was afraid my story would flow into my mouth.
[There are people who really love me and stay as sisters. No matter how much I deny myself, there are some people who think she is my lover].
In his strong-minded and smoky words, a false note came out.
Jemon Daybrick was more of a bastard than expected.
In the name of protecting your mother, there are not one or two who are fooled.
He even sympathized with Miss Gretel.
I turned the last page of the newspaper and sighed. Sir Greenel spoke immediately.
“We can handle it as an accident in less than four days.”
Why are you so calm about the murder?
It was a harsh word, but I laughed a little.
Because I felt comforted by being angry about what I had done.
“It’s hard to kill.”
“If you don’t let anyone know…”
“That’s too fancy.”
As I hesitated, I repeated my words.
“I know because I saw Greenel’s documents, and I see how greedy he is for the title of Marquis. He was half brainwashed and grew up that way, and the damage to Cesium was severe.
“He means…”
“For such a brother, if the title of Marquis is taken away, it would be worth seeing.”
At one point, he was uncomfortable with my excessive hatred, but now he was happy.
The more Jemon hates Cesium, the sweeter the fruit of revenge.
I liked him, and Lord Greenel nodded.
“Anyway, the facts have not changed. You don’t have to change your plan.”
I threw the document with Jemon’s face in the fireplace and got up from my seat.
“I would like to see Cesium, please send a letter to the Marquis of Daybrick.”
Cesium’s schedule was not tight, so the appointment was quickly taken.
It was the day when all members of the Daybrick family, excluding the holidays, were away from the mansion.
I made a mistake in calculating the time and arrived a little early, but it was enough to wait.
The carriage stopped at the door of the Daybrick mansion.
When I set foot on the ground, the butler of the mansion went to see if I had been waiting for a long time.
“I am Baron Nicole Raskorbo, Marquis Daybrick’s butler. It is an honor to meet Miss Rihan.”
She looked familiar, but her attitude was completely different from what I remembered.
Her eyes, which had always been looking at me, bowed at the first glance, and every gesture was polite and careful.
Her eyes didn’t even look at me, so she didn’t even realize who I was.
I smiled.
“That’s new. The baron has already enjoyed the glory several times.
“That’s not… oh!”
When he raised his head in wonder, the butler took a deep breath.
There is no such thing as a blue face and dignity, as if the dead had come back alive.
He checked the pattern on the carriage again.
That said, the Black Lion’s pattern could not be a cat.
“How much longer will you make the lady wait?”
Without waiting for the man to go mad, Lord Greenel exclaimed.
The frightened butler gestured in fear.
The door of the mansion opened and the family mansion appeared.
Only then did I realize I was back in the Davebrick mansion.
When I entered the room, he saw that the servant had sinned and bent his neck.
His face was blue and his hands were shaking, making him look addicted to the group.
On the other hand, there was some sympathy, but so was he for a moment.
“Since Cesium is not yet ready, I’d better go up and wait.”
Seeing that you call your master carelessly, they are still human beings.
I was not in a good mood, but for now I went as the butler told me.
And as soon as I entered the room and saw Cesium, my face hardened.
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