Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 102

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 102 No Match For You“Tanny?” Felix could not believe that he had just heard Tristan call
himself that.Ysabelle thought, It seems like Uncle Tristan is quite serious about his relationship with
Sophie. It’s my first time seeing Uncle Tristan being so polite with someone. He’s not even like that
when talking to his own grandpa!“Tanny, come and visit me with Soph when you’re free.” Josiah truly
liked Tristan, and he felt that Tristan would be able to protect Sophie well.“Okay, Old Mr. Tanner. I’ll
definitely visit you with Sophie when I get the chance to.”“Okay. Do take care of Soph.”Josiah talked to
Tristan for a dozen minutes before asking the latter to return the phone to Sophie.“Soph, I think Tanny’s
not a bad choice. He’s a hundred times better than Mason.”“Grandpa, he’s more than a hundred times
better than Mason,” Sophie replied. In fact, Mr. Tristan and Mason aren’t even on the same level.
There’s no need to even use the same standards to compare them.“That’s right. You’re right!” Josiah
was at ease to hear Sophie say that.Regardless of how things were between Mason and Willow,
Mason was no longer associated with Sophie.Moreover, Josiah could see that Tristan was treating
Sophie sincerely, and that was enough for him.“Remember to come and visit me when you’re
free.”“Okay, I’ll come and visit you in a few days.” Arius had not returned from Anglandur yet. Once
Arius was back, Sophie planned to find a chance to get her grandfather to go for a full-body
checkup.He still had to undergo the surgery, and Sophie was confident in Arius.Once the call ended,
Sophie sat down beside Ysabelle.“Does it still hurt?”Ysabelle chuckled. “Soph, I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt
anymore.”Although Ysabelle tended to act like a spoiled princess, the pain she felt was overcome by
her desire to protect Sophie from harm.“Tsk. I wonder who was the one shedding tears when their
wounds were getting treated earlier,” Felix pointed out mercilessly.Ysabelle kicked his waist.“D*mn it,
Felix. Are you trying to embarrass me?”“Look at how lively she is. She’s fine. You don’t need to worry
about her,” Tristan said nonchalantly.Ysabelle was speechless.Fine. I no longer exist in Uncle Tristan’s
heart as long as Sophie’s around, then I guess I shouldn’t embarrass myself further.“Okay. I’ll go to
sleep if there’s nothing else.”Sophie then stood up to return to her room.“Mr. Tristan, I’ve never seen
you being so humble and polite with anyone else. It seems like you’re really planning to get
Sophie.”Tristan ignored him.At that, Felix scratched his nose awkwardly.“To be honest, Sophie isn’t a&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;match for you in terms of background.”It was highly likely that William would disapprove of them if the
two of them were to get together.However, Ysabelle was the first to voice her disagreement.“Felix, what
are you trying to say? Which part of Soph isn’t a match for Uncle Tristan? Even if one of them isn’t a
match for the other, it would be Uncle Tristan not being a good match for Soph. He’s ten years older
than her!” Ysabelle cried out agitatedly.Then, she belatedly realized that her uncle was staring at her,
looking as if he was about to murder her.Instantly, Ysabelle hid behind Felix.“Uncle Tristan, that isn’t
what I mean. It’s just that…” she explained to her uncle.This is all Felix’s fault! Uncle Tristan looks so
scary right now! What am I going to do? Sophie’s already back in her room, so no one can save
me!“Felix, don’t say something like this again. I’m the one with the final say, and if I think she’s a match
for me, then she’s a match for me.” No one else’s words were going to change Tristan’s mind.“Okay, I
got it.”Felix had been working for Tristan for over a decade. How could he possibly not know Tristan’s
character?Unlike most people, the angrier Tristan was, the calmer he appeared to be.At that moment,
Tristan was livid, and it was because Felix said that Sophie was not a match for him.“Go to
bed.”“Okay.”Upon receiving Tristan’s order, Ysabelle leaped from the couch and rushed to her
room.Oh, thank god! Thank god Uncle Tristan didn’t seem to mind what I said.When the two men were
the only ones left, Tristan asked in a nonchalant tone, “Felix, am I old?”“Holy sh*t!” Felix was
stumped. What’s the matter with Mr. Tristan? Can he stop scaring me? ”Mr. Tristan, you’re only twenty-
eight! You’re at the peak of your youth; you’re at the prime years of a man’s life!”“Peak of my
youth?”“That isn’t important; what’s important is that, Mr. Tristan, do you know how many women are
after you? I can’t believe you just said that you’re old. Please stop scaring me!”“What’s the point of
having many women after me? I just want one.”Felix fell silent.If Jipsdale’s female socialites hear what
he just said, I wonder how many would choose to jump off buildings. It’s only now that I know Mr.
Tristan is such a faithful and devoted man despite the fact that I’ve worked for him for so many
years.“Mr. Tristan, don’t you think that you’ve fallen for her too quickly? Could it be that you’re only
feeling this way because she saved you?”“Am I you? Am I someone who doesn’t even know whether
or not I love someone?”Felix widened his eyes. Did I offend him in any way? All I did was fall for
Ysabelle! Forget it. I don’t dare to retort him.The next morning, Sophie woke up and went to get a glass&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;of water. Just as she stepped out of the room, she encountered Tristan.Sophie had just woken up, so
she had a relaxed look on her face. As the collar of her nightgown was too loose, the gown was slanted
to one side, revealing her smooth shoulder to all.Her pretty collarbones were a deadly attraction to
Tristan.Upon seeing the man in front of her, Sophie was abruptly reminded of how her house had two
men staying in it.Just as she was about to return to her room to change her clothes, Tristan pinned her
against the wall behind her.When she was locked in place, Sophie lifted her beautiful eyes to look at
the man, who clearly just woke up as well.“Mr. Tristan…” Sophie voiced, and she was surprised to hear
her own voice. It was not that she was doing it deliberately.However, there was already a fire burning in
Tristan’s eyes. Sophie’s morning voice sounded soothing and soft.Hearing that made the lower part of
his abdomen tighten as another part of his body awakened.“Ahem.” Sophie averted her eyes, not
daring to meet his eyes anymore.Tristan then lowered his head and planted a kiss on her
forehead.Sophie bit her bottom lip, wondering, Is he trying to add fuel to the fire?When the man saw
the young woman bit on her pink lower lip, he felt as if he had been electrified.Then, as he supported
himself with one hand against the wall, he used his other hand to pull her nightgown’s collar
together.Sophie’s heart was beating quicker and quicker as he adjusted the collar for her.“Put on your
clothes properly. I’m not as much as a gentleman you think I am.” The truth was that Tristan had been
holding himself back with great difficulty.After a moment of silence, she replied, “Sorry. I’ve slept my
mind away and forgotten that you and Felix are here.”Sophie had been staying in that house alone
recently, and since she had had a good night’s sleep the night before, she had completely forgotten
that there were two men staying in her house.Tristan then pressed a kiss on her lips as
punishment.“Am I someone you’ll forget that easily?”Sophie was rendered speechless. Fine! Mr.
Tristan’s quite petty. I did say I’m still groggy.Right then, Ysabelle came out of her room and happened
to see her uncle kissing Sophie as he pinned her against the wall. Instantly, she panicked.What am I
going to do now? Do I get back into my room, or should I greet them as if nothing has happened?
Nevertheless, before she could come to a decision, Sophie spotted her.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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