Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 106

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 106 Mesmerizing Beauty“Who is that girl? Why does Mr. Tristan allow her direct access to the
ninetieth floor?”“Exactly! Even his mother has to call him before she’s allowed to go up.”“Given her age,
can she be Mr. Tristan’s niece?”“How is that possible? How would his niece have Tanner as a
surname?”“So? Is she supposed to be his girlfriend? But I have never heard that he has one. Don’t you
dare give me a shock like that.”Ysabelle and Sophie followed Tristan into the CEO’s private elevator.
Ysabelle was disappointed because she didn’t see Felix around.“Uncle Tristan, where’s Felix? Isn’t he
with you?” Ysabelle finally got the burning question off her chest.“Oh, he didn’t come to the office
today.” Even though Felix stayed by his side to gain experience, there were many times the former had
to deal with the Northley family’s affairs.“Really?” Ysabelle expressed her doubt. “So be it. I want to see
how long he can stay angry for.”After she had painstakingly made the decision to come here, he ended
up being absent.With that, Ysabelle decided she couldn’t be bothered anymore.“Soph, I’m not feeling
well, and I’ll head back first. You should stay for lunch.” The moment they came out of the elevator,
Ysabelle decided to go back.“What? Weren’t you fine just a moment ago? Why are you feeling under
the weather all of a sudden? In that case, I had better go with you.”It would be so weird for me to eat
with Tristan here alone.“You should have lunch with Uncle Tristan. I’m taking my leave.” Before Sophie
could react, Ysabelle reentered the elevator and pressed the button for the lobby.Subsequently, the
elevator doors closed in front of her.So, what’s going to happen now?“Let’s eat,” Tristan suggested,
leaving Sophie no choice but to follow him.After leading her to his private suite, Tristan laid the food
she brought out on the table.As Ysabelle had bought enough food for four, Sophie and Tristan were
shocked to see how much there was.“Let’s dig in. After that, you can even take a nap,” Tristan said. No
matter how busy senior year is, an afternoon nap is still important.After taking her seat, Sophie began
to eat.Nevertheless, there was no way they were able to finish the huge amount of food in front of
them.At the same time, Tristan obviously knew that the food was from Pegasus Pavilion after tasting
it.Once they were done with lunch, Sophie wanted to leave, as she had no idea what she was even
doing there.Tristan then handed her a glass of water after clearing the table.Meanwhile, Sophie felt
tired and sluggish after having spent the entire night helping Butterfly resolve an issue.When he saw&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;how sleepy she was, Tristan suggested, “Why don’t you get some sleep? I’ll wake you at two.”“I think I
should go.”“Just take a nap. I’ll send you back later.”Without protesting any further, Sophie easily found
her way to the bedroom and lay down on Tristan’s bed.The room was designed with a minimalistic
theme, while the bed sheets were jet black in color. Upon lying down, Sophie could instantly feel how
comfortable the luxurious fabric was.For some inexplicable reason, she felt that the black sheets were
part of Tristan’s unique taste.Before she knew it, she had gradually fallen into a deep sleep on Tristan’s
bed.When he entered the room and saw how soundly she was sleeping, Tristan was filled with a
sudden sense of satisfaction.At that moment, Sophie was curled up in bed without her school jacket on.
She had taken off her jacket before she napped.When he saw the grimace on her face, Tristan
furrowed his brows. What’s she dreaming about?Walking over, Tristan kneeled by the bed and held her
hand.With his other hand, he gently patted her on the shoulder.Sophie, who was having a nightmare,
gradually calmed down. The painful look on her face was then replaced by a blissful smile.Tristan
stayed by her side for a long while.It wasn’t until he was sure she was sleeping better that he got up
from the bed and observed her.In that instant, he was filled with an overwhelming sense of contentment
just from watching her sleep.Sophie, too, didn’t expect that she was able to sleep that soundly.By the
time she was awake, it was already half-past three. Walking out of the bedroom, she saw Tristan
working in the living room.Given how engrossed he was with work, Sophie didn’t feel like disturbing him
and planned to slip out quietly. In the end, he looked up before she could even take two steps.“Come
here.”For some inexplicable reason, Sophie had never liked to be ordered around.Nevertheless, she
quietly obeyed his words at that very moment.When Tristan extended his hand toward her, she gave
him a baffled look, which elicited a delightful smile from him.Before she knew it, he pulled her over to sit
by his side.“Don’t worry. I’ve already applied for leave on your behalf. There’s no need for you to return
to class in the afternoon.”“Didn’t you promise to wake me? Why didn’t you?” Sophie had just woken up
from a nap. Her languid voice was tinged with sensuality.Tristan couldn’t help but pull her into his
embrace and plant a kiss on her cheek.“You’re so irresistible.”When Sophie looked up at him, he could
feel his being gravitate toward her.Pulling her closer, he gave her lips a kiss.By the time Sophie
gathered her senses, she stared at him in surprise.“Mr. Tristan.”“Don’t let other men touch you, for it&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;will drive me mad.”He had initially wanted to give her more time, but whatever self-control he had would
always falter in front of her.Sophie blushed, her cheeks and ears turning as red as a tomato.Enchanted
by her coy response, Tristan was delighted.Sophie gave him a look before wanting to get off
him.Whoever comes in and sees us will definitely get the wrong idea!“Let go of me.”Sophie began to
worry, cognizant of Tristan’s naughty intentions.In spite of that, he had always treated her with respect,
causing her to forget that there was an uncompromising beast underneath that facade of the
man.Tristan kept her locked in his embrace.“Do you hear me? I have no desire to wait any longer, as
there are just too many men around you.”With so many men coveting her, he was worried about losing
her to someone else.“No. What gives you the right to demand something like that from me?”Her
response intensified his refusal to release her.“Sophie…”Nonetheless, all he could do was sigh in the
face of her defiance.After all, he couldn’t even bring himself to raise his voice at her. Left without a
choice, he personally walked her out.As it was still within office hours, the office was filled with staff
coming and going. The sight of Tristan escorting a girl in a school uniform in a protective manner
triggered mass envy among the female employees of the company.Coincidentally, Charles, with Winter
in tow, had arrived at Lombard Group to hand a document over to Tristan. Much to their surprise, they
ran into Sophie and Tristan, who were on their way out.When Winter saw that both of them had come
down from the ninetieth floor, her expression drastically changed.Even I have never set foot in there.
And yet, Sophie gets to access it with such ease?“No wonder you left even though the dishes had
already been served. I knew it had to be because of Sophie.” Charles couldn’t resist teasing him.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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