Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 101

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 101 Teach Her A LessonYsabelle’s thoughts were simple.“But as your friend, I don’t want to
see you get hurt because of me.”Sophie did not like how that felt.She tried hard to make herself
stronger because she did not want the people around her to be hurt.“Soph, I really am fine.”“This time,
yes, but who can be sure that nothing will happen to you the next time?”Ysabelle fell silent, but she did
not regret her action at all. If this were to happen again, she was still going to do the same thing.Sophie
called Tristan.There was no way she was not going to tell Tristan about what had happened to
Ysabelle.Both Tristan and Felix immediately drove to Jipsdale Premier High.Right after they got down
from the car, they rushed to the infirmary.“Belle, are you okay?” Felix instantly checked on her upon
entering the infirmary.“I’m fine! I really am. Look, don’t I look fine? You really don’t need to be this
nervous.”Tristan glanced at Ysabelle to make sure she was actually fine, but he did not say anything
else.“What about you? Are you hurt?”Sophie shook her head.“I’m fine.”No one could hurt her easily
anymore.“Come on. Bring Ysabelle to the hospital for a checkup.”After all, Ysabelle had fallen down the
stairs. Having her undergo a checkup would put the others at ease.Ysabelle then climbed down from
the bed. She knew that the three of them would not let her go if she did not go to the hospital, so she
had no choice but to agree to it.When Felix realized that Ysabelle was about to walk to the car on her
own, he quickly stopped her.“I’ll carry you.”Ysabelle rolled her eyes at him.I’m not crippled. I don’t need
anyone to carry me! Unfortunately, Felix did not give her a chance to reject him as he swiftly scooped
her up in his arms.Tristan heard that Ysabelle was hurt, so he only drove a car over.After Felix carried
Ysabelle into that car, Tristan had no choice but to open the door to the front passenger seat for Sophie
before sitting in the driver’s seat.“Don’t worry. Ysabelle’s fine,” Tristan consoled Sophie.“Mr. Tristan, the
one who’s hurt is your niece,” Sophie said. He should’ve taken the matter more seriously, shouldn’t
he?“I’m glad that you weren’t the one hurt,” Tristan said it naturally.Sophie did not know how to respond
to that.Unlike her, Felix cried out, “Mr. Tristan, that’s too much! We can’t have Belle hurt either!”“Uncle
Tristan, do you recently have an issue with me?”Bailey had been outside the entire time, so when he
saw them entering the car, he ran over and asked, “Sophie, how’s Ysabelle?”“She’s fine. We’re going
to the hospital so she could get a checkup.”“Is there anything I can help out with?”Bailey felt that his&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;presence there was unnecessary, but he, too, wanted to help out.“It’s fine.”“Are we going to leave yet?”
Tristan asked, shooting Bailey an impatient look.He vaguely remembered the other young
man.“Yes.”Tristan then drove off after Sophie gave a nod.Even after they were long gone, Bailey was
still staring in the direction the Lamborghini had headed.“Who is he? Why is he here?” Felix asked
warily. He can’t be one of Belle’s suitors, right?“He’s Bailey Dixon. He’s a smart student,” Ysabelle
replied, quite impressed by Bailey.Tristan ignored the two in the backseat.Once they reached the
hospital, Felix bought Ysabelle for a checkup.In the meantime, Tristan and Sophie waited by the chairs
in the waiting area.Both were individuals of few words.Tristan had tons of questions bubbling in his
mind, but since Sophie was saying nothing, he decided not to ask anything.“Mr. Tristan, Ysabelle was
hurt because of me. But don’t worry. I’ll deal with this.” Sophie would rather settle her own affairs by
herself than have others intervene in the matter.“Sophie, what am I to you?”“Mr. Tristan?” Sophie
frowned, wondering what he was trying to tell her.“You’re always insisting on dealing with your personal
matters on your own and never letting me help you out. I don’t think you’ve ever thought of me as
someone you can rely on. Am I right?”After a pause, he muttered, “Sorry. I shouldn’t say these things to
you.”Tristan had never lost his composure like that before.He was a merciless and efficient man in the
corporate world.Yet, he was losing control of his emotions around Sophie.“I…”What had happened five
years ago had made Sophie aware that the only person she could rely on at all times was herself.That
was why she had been brought to the hell-like training camp after meeting Arius at Horington.There,
she had come into contact with many unbelievable matters.By the time she gained all those abilities,
Sophie was already used to relying on herself.Tristan sighed.“What am I going to do about you?”Two
hours later, Ysabelle was done with her checkup.“Mr. Tristan, Willow must have a death wish. I can’t
believe she tried to push Sophie down the stairs!” At that moment, Felix wanted nothing more than to
tear Willow from limb to limb.“You don’t need to concern yourself with that anymore.”“Mr. Tristan, what
do you mean? She hurt Belle!”One look from Tristan made Felix instantly shut up.“Soph, I think we
should teach Willow a lesson too. Who knows what she’s going to do next?”“Mm, don’t worry. Now that
I know you’re fine, I’m in the mood to play this game with her.”Sophie had both old and new grudges
against Willow, and she was not going to let her off easily.As Ysabelle was hurt, she did not attend the&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;night self-study session.Tristan had applied for leave on behalf of Ysabelle and Sophie.Ysabelle did not
want her family to find out that she had fallen down the stairs, so she went to stay over at Wisteria
Apartments.“Belle, come to my place! There are only you and Sophie here. No one will be able to take
care of you.”“I don’t want to. I want to stay here with Soph!” Ysabelle said in determination.“Then I’ll
stay too.”“Why are you staying here? There’s no room for you.” The units at Wisteria Apartments were
lofts of over two hundred square meters, but there were only three bedrooms in them.“I don’t mind! I
can sleep on the couch.” Felix really did not mind.“Mr. Tristan, let me stay and keep Belle
company!”“She doesn’t need you to take care of her,” Tristan rejected.Felix let out a sigh.At that very
second, he felt as if he was at the lowest level of the food chain.In the end, Felix shamelessly stayed at
Wisteria Apartments.After dinner, Sophie received a call from Josiah.“Soph, that boy from the Laird
family is back. Are you okay?” the elderly man worriedly asked.“Grandpa, nothing happened between
Mason and me. You don’t need to worry about me. He won’t affect me.”“Yes, of course. Tanny is way
better than that Laird boy in every way,” Josiah remarked.The boy from the Laird family had not chosen
to stand on Soph’s side during the incident five years ago, so he has lost the chance to do so
now.“Grandpa.”Sophie felt helpless. Why did he bring up Tristan?“Drink some water.” Tristan brought a
glass of water to Sophie.When Josiah heard Tristan’s voice, he excitedly cried out, “Soph, Tristan’s
right beside you, right? Let him answer the phone! I want to talk to him for a bit!”Sophie was
speechless at that.“What can you possibly talk to him about, Grandpa?”Ysabelle thought, The two of
them have only met each other for a few times, haven’t they?“Just hand him the phone.”Sophie had
always gone along with Josiah’s requests as long as they were not ridiculous, so she handed the
phone to Tristan.“My grandpa wants to have a word with you.”Tristan took the phone from her.“Hello,
this is Tanny. It’s been a while.” Tristan did not lower himself that much, but the hint of respect in his
tone was audible.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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