Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 103

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 103 The Terrifying SophieFollowing Sophie’s gaze, Tristan turned around and saw
Ysabelle.“Ah! I didn’t see anything. Really, I saw nothing at all!” Ysabelle declared as she covered her
eyes.Will he kill me to bury the secret? The look in Uncle Tristan’s eyes is really terrifying.“Both of you
should head down first, while I take a shower,” Tristan suggested before returning to his room.Sophie
was speechless.Ysabelle defended herself, “Soph, I really didn’t see anything. Please beg Uncle
Tristan on my behalf to let me live.”“Way to go.”“Boohoo… Don’t you love me anymore? Are you just
going to stand idly by? And to think that I have always been worried about you.” Ysabelle was
depressed.“There, there. Don’t worry. You’ll be fine, as I’m here for you.”Sophie’s words finally eased
Ysabelle’s concerns.“You’re still the best, Soph. I love you,” Ysabelle confessed brazenly.Felix, who
had gone out to get breakfast for everyone, walked in on the intimate scene upon his return.F*ck, have
I been cheated on?“What are both of you doing?” A long while passed before Felix managed to find his
voice.Ysabelle released Sophie before shooting him a glare.“It’s none of your business.”“D*mn it,
Ysabelle. Why are you being snarky to me recently? What have I done to deserve such
treatment?”“Your existence itself is a mistake.”Felix responded with silence while standing rooted to his
spot. In that instant, the dejection in his eyes was obvious to Ysabelle.For a second, she regretted her
action, and she realized that she shouldn’t have said such harsh words to him.Just when she wanted to
apologize, Felix told them to head downstairs for breakfast and left after dropping his words.Ysabelle
could feel a squeeze in her heart.What’s wrong with me recently? Why am I always getting on Felix’s
nerves? He isn’t a short-tempered man. But this time, it seems that I’ve really hurt him.“Let’s go down
and have breakfast,” Sophie said. Who knows how long Tristan will take to shower? Besides, we still
have to go to school.“Mmm-hmm!” Ysabelle followed Sophie downstairs.When he saw them coming,
Felix laid out the breakfast he bought on the table.“Where’s Mr. Tristan? Is he not taking his breakfast?”
Felix couldn’t help but ask.Given that he was hurt by Ysabelle’s harsh words, he needed Tristan to heal
that wounded soul of his.“Uncle Tristan has gone back to his room to take a shower.” Ysabelle took the
initiative to answer, hoping to salvage the situation.Even though she had spoken politely, Felix simply
grunted in acknowledgment.When Ysabelle looked to Sophie for help, the latter, as someone who was&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;no different from a brute, was equally clueless as to how she should console Felix.After being insulted
that way by someone he likes, he must be devastated.“Anyway, I need to go first, as I have something
to do. Please inform Mr. Tristan on my behalf.” Felix picked up a bagel and took a bite but still couldn’t
bring himself to swallow it. Getting to his feet, he prepared to leave.“Felix…” Ysabelle called out to
him. He’s really pissed now. What should I do?“I’m fine. I won’t disturb you today. You should focus on
your studies.”Just as Felix spoke, he grabbed his jacket and left.Ysabelle, too, put down the bagel in
her hand.“Eat it! Why aren’t you eating it?” Sophie questioned. So what if he’s furious? I bet he will
come crawling back to Ysabelle before the day ends.“I’m not hungry. You eat. Soph, do you think what I
said just now was too much? I’ve hurt him, haven’t I?”“Ysabelle, he’s definitely hurt. However, if you’re
asking me for advice, I honestly have no idea.”After all, she barely had any experience when it came to
dealing with a romantic relationship.She just felt that Mason was a good guy, but both of them never
really got together.Therefore, she truly didn’t have an answer to Ysabelle’s question.“Forget it. Asking
you is a waste of time.” Just like her, Sophie was a greenhorn when it came to relationships. Hence,
Ysabelle knew that it was pointless to seek her opinion.Sophie continued chewing on her bagel.When
Tristan came down and didn’t see Felix, he asked curiously, “Where’s Felix?”“He left after I got on his
nerves.”“Oh, let him be then.” Tristan didn’t want to get involved in matters between them. After all, no
one should interfere when it came to matters regarding love.Even though he was of the opinion that
both of them were made for each other, he wouldn’t poke his nose into their business.Tristan picked up
the coffeepot and poured some for Sophie who didn’t decline, as it was one of her favorite drinks.Once
breakfast was over, Tristan cleaned the table before going downstairs with them.“Uncle Tristan,
I…”Ysabelle felt that she would be tormented the entire day if she didn’t resolve things with Felix.“What
is it?” Tristan could read her mind. Nevertheless, he felt that she deserved a lesson, for he, too,
couldn’t tolerate her recent treatment of Felix.“It’s nothing.”In the end, she chose to swallow her
words.Whatever. Felix and I aren’t a good match for each other anyway. I’m not going to give it any
more thought.After her misdeeds the previous day, Willow was really afraid of running into Sophie, for
she was familiar with Sophie’s ways of handling things. Therefore, she tried her best to hide in class
and not go out.Unfortunately, she was still human at the end of the day. Unable to hold her pee in any&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;longer, she headed to the restroom.In the end, she ran into the one person she was avoiding. Murphy’s
law was truly at play.Willow straightened her back. There’s nothing to fear, as we’re in school. Sophie
won’t dare to do anything to me here. Besides, there are still a lot of people around.Nonetheless,
Sophie continued to follow her from behind without saying a word.The longer she continued to do so,
the more anxious Willow became.Unable to withstand it any longer, she walked to a corner with no one
around.“Sophie, what are you trying to do? Don’t forget that we’re at school.”“So what? Do you think I
wouldn’t dare touch you just because we’re at school? Willow, I must admit that you’re so naïve that it’s
actually laughable.”She hurt Ysabelle, and she’s not going to get away with it.Given Sophie’s character,
Willow knew that revenge would definitely be served.“What do you want to do? Other than some
grazes, Ysabelle is fine. It’s not like you’re going to kill me.”Willow would never believe that Sophie was
capable of murder.“Sophie, let me warn you. The school corridors are monitored by surveillance
cameras. Come at me if you dare.” Truth be told, Willow was terrified. Nevertheless, she remained
defiant when facing Sophie.No matter what, she was one of the proud daughters of the Tanner family
too.As Sophie approached her step by step, she reached out and grabbed Willow by the neck.“Kill?
Willow, do you think I’ve not killed before? I’ve already warned you to stay away from me if you value
your life. However, you just don’t get it, do you? I’ve yet to hold you accountable for what happened five
years ago. And now, you’re desperately trying to get on my nerves? What’s wrong with you? Are you
really not afraid of death?”As the breaths Willow took grew increasingly smaller, the horror of
suffocation took over her being. In that instant, she saw death looking right in her face.Taken aback by
Sophie’s brazenness to attack her in school, Willow was stricken by fear.Flailing her arms hysterically,
she desperately tried to free herself from Sophie’s death grip.She’s terrifying! Sophie is just too
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