Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 111

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 111 Loved By Everyone
&#lt;p&#gt;“What? The officer is here to talk to Sophie?”“Seriously? Oh, my idol…”“Sophie is really despicable.
Aren’t Bailey and Mason enough for her? Why is she seducing this officer now? What a promiscuous
woman!” someone muttered angrily.“But they are so handsome.”As the students were all gathered at
the entrance and refused to come in, Rhett grabbed his cane and strode over to them.“Aren’t you all
coming in? The reminder bell has rung a while ago. What are you all doing here?” he demanded.The
girls were reluctant to head in even after Rhett had shown up.They couldn’t help but wonder what the
officer’s name was and where his office was. They hoped to see him again, too.“You’re all getting
demerits if you don’t head in now!” Rhett warned angrily. Why are the students getting more difficult
nowadays?He was about to teach the culprit who attracted their attention a lesson when he noticed
Eustace’s uniform. At once, his furious expression turned into a welcoming smile.“Sir, may I know the
reason for your visit?” he asked politely.“Oh, it’s nothing important. You should get back to work. I’d like
to have a word with Sophie,” Eustace responded civilly.“Oh, I see. Sophie, answer the officer’s
questions properly. You don’t have to hurry back to class. I’ll help you ask for a leave from Mr. Hayes,”
Rhett said.Sophie was rendered speechless.Did I say I want to take a leave?Eustace was observing
her all the while and knew she was upset. He immediately said, “Please go back to work. I’ll just talk to
Sophie here. It won’t take long, so there’s no need for you to be concerned.”“Sure. Go ahead.” Rhett
then brought the students into the school grounds.Silence ensued. The autumn sun shone on them
warmly as Sophie turned to look at Eustace.Eustace was wearing his police uniform, and she was clad
in her school uniform.Strangely, they both looked pleasing to the eye.Bailey had something up today
and arrived at school later than usual. The sight of Sophie and Eustace together at the school gate
made him frown in displeasure.In the end, Sophie got into Eustace’s Land Rover.“What do you want to
talk about?”“Over ten mercenaries were sent to the SWAT team last night. Were you behind this?”Wow.
So Felix really did send those men to the SWAT team.“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
Sophie feigned nonchalance.“Oh…”Eustace observed Sophie carefully but couldn’t tell anything from
her expression.He was great at investigation, but his skills were rendered useless before&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Sophie.“Right. There’s no way you get to encounter those internationally renowned mercenaries.”“If
there’s nothing else, I shall go back to class now.”After Sophie got out of his car, Eustace gave her a
bag.Sophie didn’t take it from him.“What is this?”“I bought some breakfast for you.” He had visited The
Crown early in the morning to buy breakfast for her.Sophie glanced at her bun that was no longer
piping hot and accepted the bag from him.“Thanks!”The first self-study session was about to end by the
time Sophie returned to the classroom.Aaron told her to return to her desk without asking any
questions.Once the session ended, a girl ran to Sophie.“Sophie, who was that hunk at the gate this
morning? What is his name? Do you have his phone number?”Sophie’s brows snapped together
impatiently.“No comment.”Eustace’s job was pretty sensitive, so there was no way she’d divulge his
information to her classmates.The girl lost her cool and demanded, “Sophie, why are you so arrogant?
So what if you’re prettier than us? You seduce every man you come across. Don’t you think you’re
disgusting?”“Yeah, how disgusting. What a b*tch.”Bailey had just arrived at Senior Class 8 to talk to
Sophie when he heard the girls insult her.“Shut up!”There was a hint of fury in his voice.Bailey had
always behaved like Prince Charming who came straight out of a fairy tale, so the girls had never heard
him talk that way.“Bailey, you—”“If I hear anyone speak badly about Sophie again, don’t blame me for
taking action,” Bailey warned.It didn’t matter what others said. He only believed what he saw.Ysabelle
was already fuming aside, but Bailey had stood up for Sophie before she could say anything.“Bailey,
have you fallen in love with Sophie?”Many girls had a crush on Bailey. They were filled with resentment
toward a common enemy after seeing Bailey defend Sophie.“Who I like is none of your business.”
Bailey refused to spill anything.Seeing his reaction, the girls fell silent and glared at Sophie.Sophie
gave the breakfast Eustace bought to Ysabelle.“Breakfast from The Crown? Who gave this to
you?”“Eustace.”“Oh.”Ysabelle had had breakfast this morning, but she still ate some as it was from The
Crown.“Sophie, I ran into a problem in my physics experiment and failed to solve it. Could you help me
out?” Bailey piped up.Sophie nodded and followed him to the physics lab.The girls fumed at the sight of
them leaving together.“Am I going to get my heart broken even before I start dating him?”“Has Bailey
fallen in love with Sophie? What a seductress!”“Shut up! It was Bailey who came to Soph! Soph is
loved by many. Are you jealous of her?” Ysabelle retorted as she chomped on her breakfast.“Ysabelle,&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;stop acting all high and mighty! Sophie only spends time with you because you’re uglier than
her!”Ysabelle might be pretty, but she wasn’t as pretty as Sophie.Ysabelle snorted. “Sowing discord,
huh? Do you think it’s that easy to sow discord between me and Sophie? Dream on!”She ignored
them.After all, Sophie was her best friend, and she knew Sophie well.Sophie and Bailey arrived at the
physics lab so she could help him check his experiment out.Sophie immediately realized what was
wrong after he showed her the steps once.Bailey watched as Sophie carried out the experiment again.
His favorable impression of Sophie grew even more.“That’s it.” Sophie completed the experiment and
sat down.“Let me try.” When Bailey was busy with the experiment, Sophie sprawled on a table and
soon fell asleep.After completing the experiment, Bailey turned around to see that she was sound
asleep. He shrugged out of his jacket and draped it over her.He then took a seat across from her and
observed her silently without doing anything.Willow had noticed Sophie and Bailey entering the lab and
had sneaked in after them.She had been hiding in a corner and had taken a few photos of Bailey
shrugging out of his jacket.As Sophie and Bailey were alone in the lab, Willow had taken the photos at
a suggestive angle that would cause everyone to misunderstand his action.She glanced at the photos
on her phone and flashed a smug grin.Without hesitation, she sent the photos to a classmate who had
a crush on Bailey and hinted to her to post the photos on their school forum.The girl didn’t disappoint
her. Willow scrolled the page on the forum with the photos and chuckled evilly.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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