Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 113

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 113 Feeling Smug
&#lt;p&#gt;“Sophie, are you all right? I’m sorry. It was all my fault. If I hadn’t asked you to carry out the experiment
at the lab, this wouldn’t have happened.”Bailey felt a pang of guilt. However, there was no use
wallowing in guilt, as he could not change what had happened.Sophie sat up. The sun was so bright
that she squinted in response.“You’ve done nothing wrong. This has nothing to do with you. Don’t
worry. No matter what they demand, you still have me around to back you up.”Bailey was surprised. He
was there to soothe Sophie, and he certainly did not expect that she would say something like that. He
could not help but wonder if the girl had somehow mistaken her role in the matter.“Bailey, I would really
like to ask you a question now. Why did you remove your jacket? You were only doing an experiment in
the laboratory anyway. Do you know you’re confusing other people that way?” Even though Bailey was
handsome, Ysabelle was not charmed, as he had been a nuisance to Sophie.Sophie only wishes to
live an uneventful and normal high school life. Is that really too much to ask? Why do these people
keep hounding her?“I…” Bailey found himself suddenly at a loss for words. “I’m sorry.”That was the
only sentence that he could bring himself to say right then.“I’ve said that you have nothing to do with
this. What’s with the injuries on your body?”She reckoned that not many would dare to provoke Bailey
at Jipsdale Premier High.“Yeah. Why are you hurt?” Ysabelle chimed in.“Nothing. I just taught a few
guys a lesson for not watching their tongue.”Ysabelle felt her hostility toward Bailey melting away as he
said that.“You’ve got some guts, Bailey. I really wanted to beat them up when I heard them
badmouthing Sophie like that, but I held the urge in the end. You’re the man.”Bailey flashed Ysabelle a
bitter smile.“Bailey, I think it’s time for you to stop interfering in this matter. I will deal with the
rest.”“Sophie, things have only taken this turn because of me. I will not just sit idly by and shrug it off. I
will see that the post is deleted, find out who’s responsible for this, and demand the culprit apologize to
you.”Bailey left as soon as he said that.“I’ve always thought he’s quite a dashing man. Now that I’ve
seen him defending you like that, he’s even more charming now,” Ysabelle said. “But, Soph, no matter
how dashing he is, he’s never going to surpass Uncle Tristan. He really likes you.”Sophie was rendered
speechless.“I’m serious. Do you think I should tell Uncle Tristan about this?”“No. It’s just a small fight&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;between classmates. Why bother him with such trivial matters?”“Oh, please, as long as it concerns
you, I’m sure it’s no trivial matter to Uncle Tristan.”“I said, do not tell him,” Sophie snapped.“Soph,
Uncle Tristan is not like the other shallow-minded people. He believes in you. I’m sure he will believe
whatever you say, just like I do. What other people say will never make us doubt you.”Ysabelle thought
it was best for her to put in a few good words for her uncle. Otherwise, she thought Sophie might really
get snitched by the outstanding men swarming around her.When they were having lunch in the
cafeteria, Ysabelle accidentally bumped into Willow. What a small world.Willow’s tray was knocked to
the ground.“Are you blind?” the girl beside Willow yelled.“Are you all right, Willa? Were you scalded?
They did this on purpose! Did you guys see her? She’s doing this because she couldn’t get
Mason!”“How are you so shameless, Sophie?”“How is it possible that he asked you to do something
like that at school? How shameless can she be?”“Jipsdale Premier High is a renowned school. How
could we have students like her? This is so humiliating.”All girls in the cafeteria gesticulated at Sophie
right then as they desperately wished they could throw her out.Ysabelle was stumped, for Sophie had
done nothing wrong.In fact, Ysabelle was the one who had bumped into Sophie. However, nobody
cared, and they put all the blame on her as they chastised her.“You’d better go see an ophthalmologist
at the hospital if your eyesight is so terrible. I could sponsor the fees,” Ysabelle retorted. She could not
stand them slandering Sophie. “I was the one who bumped into Willow. Why are you guys hounding
her? Why, are you guys not satisfied with being keyboard warriors on the forum? Come to think of it, I
really do believe that you guys were the ones who posted those posts on the forum.”“Does it matter
who posted them? It’s the truth anyway.”“You guys will know if it matters once I find out who the culprit
is.” Sophie snickered. These people really think they can leave unscathed after getting on my nerves.In
the past, she could not be bothered by them as she had thought that they were beneath her.However, it
was apparent that they had reckoned that she was the type to just suffer in silence. You guys are dead
wrong. Sophie found the shallow-minded people amusing.Willow’s lips curled into a mocking grin. Is
she still not going to give up even after this? Her reputation is down in the dumps. Who’s willing to be
associated with her right now?Sophie glanced at Willow.Look at that smug smile on her face. Does
Willow really think I can do nothing about her? Does she still think I am still the gullible and weak&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Sophie from five years ago?Willow instinctively retreated a few steps back when she locked eyes with
Sophie. She found the latter’s gaze oddly intimidating. Sophie had done nothing, and yet Willow felt a
chill down her spine.However, at the thought that no one could trace any posts on the forum back to
her, Willow regained her composure. What can Sophie do to me anyway?She had nothing to fear
because she had taken no part in anything that had happened. She was merely an observer.“Sophie,
why are you looking at Willow like that? You’ve committed such a disgraceful act, and yet you have the
cheek to glare at her. Who do you think you are? Are you trying to pick a fight?” Willow did not have to
say anything, as there would be others who would speak up for her. She only had to stand graciously
aside and put on an innocent look. This had always been Willow’s tactic.“Even if fifty more people were
to come, I don’t think all of you combined would be able to rival me. But I don’t wish to dirty my hands
by hitting the lot of you,” Sophie spat out. She sounded arrogant, yet no one doubted her
ability.Ysabelle had a look of admiration on her face.That’s my girl. So what if they’re trying to slander
Sophie with those photos on the forum? They can never put her down.“Get out of my way.”The people
blocking Sophie’s way fanned out right away.Sophie went to take her food.Then she turned around and
approached Willow.“Feeling smug, are you? You’re the only one who is capable of coming up with a
cheap trick like this.” Sophie sat down at a table by the window after saying that.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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