Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 112

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&#lt;p&#gt;hapter 112 Rumors
&#lt;p&#gt;By the time Sophie woke up, it was half past ten. The second period had begun.Thus, she did another
experiment in the lab and waited until the third period ended before returning to her class.The students
were busy scrolling through the forum. Sophie and Bailey had caused an uproar after the photos were
posted.Once Sophie showed up, the rest began whispering among themselves.“Seriously? How
shameless of them to do this in school!”“Yes! What an unsightly scene! This isn’t the Bailey I
know!”“This isn’t Bailey’s fault! Sophie must’ve seduced him. That’s right. She seduced him.”Ysabelle
had been searching around for Sophie. When the latter came back, she immediately dragged her
out.“Soph, let’s go.”Sophie regarded her dubiously. What’s wrong?“You want to skip classes
again?”“Yes, yes.” Ysabelle thought that skipping classes was a great idea.The photos that were
posted online had made Sophie the talk of the town, and many horrible comments had been
posted.“There’s no need for that,” Sophie rejected. She wasn’t one who would escape from
problems.“Soph,” Ysabelle pleaded worriedly.“What happened?” Sophie kept her cool.Under Sophie’s
sharp gaze, Ysabelle finally gave her phone to Sophie.After seeing the photos and the title of the post
on the forum, Sophie flashed a smile.However, her smile struck Ysabelle as horrifying.“Soph, are you
okay? Someone is obviously trying to bring you down. You…” Ysabelle was at a loss for words.The
photos were taken at an angle that seemed to suggest they were doing something improper in the
lab.No one would believe Sophie no matter what she said.“Soph, don’t scare me. I trust you no matter
what. I’ll always be on your side,” Ysabelle vowed.“Mm, I know.” This person took photos of us in the
physics lab. Everyone else is in class, so who followed us all the way there and took these photos?“We
can track the person who posted these photos and ask him or her to delete them.” Anyone with a brain
wouldn’t believe this rumor. It was useless to explain things now, and time would prove everything.“No
worries. I’ll teach the person who posted this a lesson. I can delete the post myself, but there’s no
hurry,” Sophie said.Meanwhile, Bailey had just stepped into his class when a few boys blocked his
path.“Bailey, you look aloof. I had no idea you’d do that in school!”“Yeah! You’re quite bold, huh? Even
if we wanted to f*ck, we’d bring our partner to a motel.”“I can’t believe you dare to f*ck someone as&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;filthy as Sophie. Aren’t you afraid of getting infected with STDs?”“Stop it, Woody. It was Sophie who
ignored you. Otherwise, you would’ve slept with her!”“Right. I’d risk getting STDs to f*ck someone as
gorgeous as Sophie,” Woody Shaw responded with a sleazy grin.Bailey’s expression turned as dark as
thunder.“Forget it. Bailey, stop acting all prude. Tell us how it feels to f*ck Sophie,” Woody urged.“Hey!”
Bailey grabbed Woody’s collar. “You’d better watch your tongue instead of spreading baseless rumors,
Woody!”Woody chuckled.“Why? You slept with her, right? Why do you look all pent up? Didn’t Sophie
satisfy you?” Woody wasn’t afraid of Bailey, for he was also a bigshot in Jipsdale Premier High.Without
warning, Bailey gave Woody’s nose a punch.Woody only regained his composure when blood trickled
down his nostrils.“F*ck you! How dare you hit me, Bailey?”A fight promptly broke out between both of
them.Bailey might be a top student, but he was also good at fighting.Seeing that, the other boys tried to
separate them.“What are you doing? There’s no need to fight over a girl!”“Yes! You’ll get expelled for
fighting in Jipsdale Premier High!”Even if the boys wanted to fight, they would do it outside the
school.“Let me go! If I don’t teach him a lesson today, he’ll assume he’s a hunk adored by many!”
Woody yelled.His nose was still bleeding, and he couldn’t stop the fury from surging through his entire
being.He didn’t mind getting expelled as long as he got to beat Bailey up.Bailey’s eyes were red. “If I
hear you say Sophie’s name again, I swear I’ll beat you to a pulp!”He couldn’t be bothered about the
wounds he had sustained in the fight.This was the first time the girls had seen Bailey fighting. Their
adoration for him promptly grew.“Oh, dear. I never realized Bailey could be this manly!”“Yes! Woody is
skilled at fighting, but he managed to defeat Woody! Oh, I love him!”“A pity that he showed his manly
side to defend Sophie from Senior Class 8. What’s so good about her?”“I know, right? She isn’t even
that pretty.”“She’s nothing but a b*tch who loves seducing men. What a wretched young
woman!”“Willow, didn’t she seduce your boyfriend, Mason?”“Yeah, she’s so despicable. Remember
how she seduced Mason when you were in the hospital?”Willow snorted. “Mason and I are deeply in
love. We’re going to get engaged soon, so I believe he won’t fall in love with someone else.”“Really?
Willow, you’re only nineteen! Are you seriously going to get engaged this soon?”“I’ve been in love with
Mason since middle school. He’s the only man I’ll marry, so it’s fine for us to get engaged this early,”
Willow said blissfully.Thus, everyone assumed Sophie was the one who tried to break them up and&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;continued insulting Sophie.“Willa, you’re so lucky to have met someone you love at this age. Most
importantly, he loves you, too. You guys are such a perfect couple. Congratulation!”“Thanks. I have
absolute trust in Mason. He won’t budge no matter who tries to seduce him,” Willow responded
proudly.“Of course. You’re pretty and smart, an all-rounder. He won’t fall for someone else unless he’s
blind.”“I trust Mason. Thanks!” Willow flashed a gentle smile. Deep down, she wanted nothing more
than for them to continue insulting Sophie.When Bailey found Sophie and Ysabelle, he couldn’t believe
his eyes. Sophie was lying on the field, basking in the sun idly.No girls would be as calm as her if they
were in her shoes!&#lt;/p&#gt;
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