Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 115

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 115 Kick Her Out
&#lt;p&#gt;The December air in Jipsdale was chilly. Willow felt as though every inch of her body had frozen.Mason
swam toward her and pulled her up to the ground.Willow coughed nonstop, her face as white as a
sheet.Constance came out at once when she heard the noise. At the sight of their sorry state, she
exclaimed, “What happened? You two looked fine just a while ago. How did you end up like this?
Mason, how could you have the heart to hurt a girl who is deeply in love with you?”Willow tilted her
head to puke up a few mouthfuls of lake water before she turned to look at Constance piteously. “Mrs.
Laird, I’m fine. It was only an accident. Don’t be mad at Mason. It has nothing to do with him.”“Poor girl,
why are you still speaking up for him? I really don’t know what to say.” Constance then turned to glower
at Mason. “Why are you still standing there? Hurry up, and carry her to your room. She needs a hot
bath so she won’t catch a cold.”Without uttering any words, Mason carried Willow and headed to his
room.The housekeeper had already prepared hot water for Willow to take a hot bath.“Mr. Dixon, I can
see that Ms. Tanner really likes you. She was the one keeping Mrs. Laird company when you were not
around for the past five years. If not for her, Mrs. Laird would have been lonely. Now that you’re back,
you should treat her nicely. How could you cause her to fall into the lake?” the Laird family’s butler said
earnestly. He dared speak his mind, as he had watched Mason grow up.“Take good care of her. I have
to go now,” Mason said, then turned to step out of the room. He did not expect that Willow would
suddenly get all worked up.After taking a hot bath, Willow felt a lot better.Since she was alone in
Mason’s room, she whipped out her phone and lay on his bed to take a few pictures. After editing them
with the software on her phone, she sent them to Sophie.At that moment, Sophie had just returned
from dinner with Ysabelle. She scrolled her phone after the message notification sounded and saw a
picture sent by Willow.Ysabelle drew closer to her inquisitively and could not help rolling her eyes at the
picture. “Soph, your sister is ridiculous. How could she have the cheek to send you this kind of picture?
Isn’t she worried that you might post them on the forum to take revenge on her?” How could she send
her indecent pictures to others? I’ve never come across anyone as shameless as her!“There is nothing
in this world that she can’t do. She only wants to show off to me that she’s together with Mason.”Sophie&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;continued to browse through all the other pictures sent by Willow.“Tch! I bet she’s the only one who
thinks highly of Mason Laird. Anyway, Soph, I must comment that you used to have really bad taste.
How could he end up being in a relationship with her? Truly, birds of a feather flock
together.”Regardless of what had happened, it was an indisputable fact that Mason had been in a
relationship with Willow.“I’ve never mentioned that I like him, have I?”Ysabelle’s face lit up. “Really? So
you’ve never fallen in love with him? I was right, then. I knew your taste wasn’t so bad!”Sophie had
managed to track down the culprit who posted those pictures on the forum. Before her self-study
session, she headed straight to Senior Class 1.At the sight of Sophie entering their class, the students
began to whisper among themselves.“Why is she here again? What is she trying to do?”“Yeah! Willow
is not attending the self-study session tonight. Did she do something again?”“Angie, a word, please,”
Sophie drawled.It never came across Angie’s mind that Sophie would drop by and look for her. I
uploaded the pictures with my alternate account. Why is she here to see me?“Why are you looking for
me? We’ve never crossed paths with each other, have we? What are you up to?” Angie looked wary.
She had overheard those rumors about Sophie. If they were to get into a fight, she was certain that she
was no match for Sophie.“Yeah! How could you look down on us, Sophie? How dare you make a scene
here! What do you want?”“Do you think your family owns Jipsdale Premier High and you can behave
however you like here?”“Do you really not want to take this elsewhere? Or perhaps you prefer that I
make things clear here?” Sophie asked impatiently.Angie had no choice but to get to her feet and step
out of the classroom.“I know you were the one who posted the pictures on the forum.” Sophie cut to the
chase.Angie grasped the hem of her uniform anxiously.“What do you want? I don’t understand what
you’re talking about.”She was convinced that Sophie was confronting her personally, as she did not
have any evidence in her hands.Since she doesn’t have any evidence, why should I admit it? If Bailey
knew I was the one who posted the pictures, he wouldn’t forgive me! No way! I can’t let that happen! I
like him so much!“Well, since I’m here, it means that I have evidence in my hands. I’m giving you a
chance to set everything straight on the forum. If not, you only have yourself to blame when things get
ugly.”With that, Sophie walked toward Ysabelle, who was waiting for her at the side.“Was it really her?
No wonder there’s a saying that you should never judge a book by its cover. She has always been a&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;demure young lady. Who would have thought that she had the guts to do so?”“Let’s go. It’s time for the
self-study session.”“Huh? Are you going to let her off just like that? Don’t you know that everyone in
Jipsdale Premier High is talking behind your back? And it’s not anything nice? How I wish I could slap
them to teach them a lesson!”“Willow is not here yet, isn’t she? I won’t leave her out, of course. I’ll
settle the score with them when she’s back.”When Angie returned to the classroom, all the other girls
gathered around.“Angie, are you all right? Did Sophie bully you? If she did so, you mustn’t hesitate to
tell us. We’ll report to our teachers. We can even write a petition and request the management to expel
her from the school.”“Exactly. Sophie has tarnished the reputation of our school. Let’s get her
expelled!”“Don’t do that. She didn’t bully me.” Angie was on the verge of tears. Now that Sophie had
evidence, she presumed she would have to pay for the price if things were to blow up.“Angie, you’re
just too timid. You don’t have to be afraid.”Without a second thought, the students listed all of Sophie’s
so-called wrong deeds on a piece of paper and signed on it.“I think we should get the others from other
classes to sign on it too. They surely have something against her. After all, many in our school are
falling heads over heels for Bailey.”“You’re right. Don’t worry. I’ll look for the others from the other
classes after the self-study session. I’m sure we’ll be able to kick her out of Jipsdale Premier High this
time!”Angie became all the more uneasy. The situation was getting out of control, and she was at her
wits’ end.Nonetheless, she had to admit that she could barely wait for Sophie to be expelled from the
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