Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 117

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 117 His Childishness
&#lt;p&#gt;Tristan entered his car but didn’t drive away at once.Instead, he took a cigarette out of the box, lit it,
and puffed on it in intervals.Mason continued to phone Sophie, but she still didn’t pick up.And in his
next attempt after that, he realized she had already blocked his number.The man smiled bitterly. She’s
the same as always, never leaving any room for mercy.“Are you really that heartless, Sophie? Are you
not going to forgive me no matter what I do?”Mason returned to his vehicle, but instead of driving off,
he remained outside the apartment building for the rest of the night.He waited all night and finally
alighted his vehicle after seeing Sophie appear at the entrance to the building early the next
morning.“Soph, why didn’t you pick up? Can’t we stay in contact as regular friends?”Having to see him
first thing in the morning put Sophie in a bad mood.“I don’t think we can even be friends at this point, so
drop it. You have no right to talk to me in that accusing tone.”Just as the woman was about to leave,
Mason hastily grabbed her by the wrist.“I’ve already broken up with Willow. Let’s stop harping over
what happened five years ago, okay? Can we just start over?” Mason asked pleadingly.He was so
helpless before her and just couldn’t forget her even after five years had passed.Sophie was usually
grumpy in the morning, and hearing this man’s nonsense really made her seethe that she tackled him
to the ground.“I told you not to tell me about your disgusting love affairs with Willow. I’m not interested.
You can deal with whatever happens between you guys on your own. Why bother coming to me?”Just
like Mason, Tristan naturally hadn’t left since last night either.Seeing what was happening, the latter
broke into a genuine smile while inside his car.That’s just like her. She’s always so full of energy.Mason
got back on his feet.“Are you still mad at me, Soph? I admit I was wrong for not taking your side five
years ago.”“Mad at you? I have no need to feel that way. Don’t assume everyone has as much free
time on their hands as you do! I have plenty of other things to worry about, so leave me alone.”Seeing
there was no way to get through to her, Mason figured he would make better progress with his
actions.But at that moment, Sophie noticed Tristan standing behind Mason and called out, “Are you
done watching? Let’s go get breakfast.”Tristan stopped smiling.“Sure.” He was clearly in a good mood
today and wouldn’t get upset no matter what Sophie said. Seeing her torment his rival in love like this&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;made him feel as if he was on cloud nine.Mason quickly went after them.“Who is he, Sophie? Do you
know who this guy is?” he asked, not wanting to give up.“Who he is has nothing to do with you,” Sophie
retorted. “Just watch yourself and make sure Willow doesn’t cause me any trouble.”She then took
Tristan to her favorite place to get breakfast pies.The woman ordered two pies and gave one to
him.“Here. It’s really good.” She had discovered this dish by chance.Costing only five each, it was filling
and tasted unbelievable.Tristan took the pie from her and sat on a chair placed on the sidewalk.He
then picked up the disposable cutlery and began to eat next to her.Both of them were especially good-
looking that despite only sitting there and enjoying some breakfast pies, they slowly attracted the gazes
of many passersby.“Isn’t that Sophie Tanner? How did she land herself such a hot guy?”“I wonder too.
He’s so handsome. He looks like a prince who walked out of a TV screen. Everything about him seems
so noble.”“Knock it off. What kind of prince would eat a breakfast pie at the side of a road like
that?”“You’re right, but I love how he looks.”“Oh, please. Anyone who hangs around with Sophie has to
be just as trashy as she is.”A man who had been listening in all the while couldn’t help but chime in,
“You’re all clearly jealous. Every guy Sophie hangs out with always looks exceptional.” Sophie didn’t
have much of a good reputation, but there was no denying how stunning she looked.Tristan could
naturally hear the conversation too.Having finished his breakfast pie, he threw the disposable box and
cutlery into the trash can nearby.Then, seeing him stare at her the whole time, Sophie gave him the
rest of her pie.“Was it not enough for you? I’ll buy you a bigger one next time.”Tristan didn’t know how
to respond.He was actually full, but nevertheless, he took her remaining food and finished it.“Now that
we’ve had breakfast, I think it’s time you head back.” She still had a lot to deal with at school. Today is
not a good day for me.“Okay. Remember, you can call me if there’s anything you can’t handle on your
own. I’ll be right there no matter what it is.”Since she didn’t want him to interfere with her affairs, he
decided to let her have her freedom. But if the end result wasn’t something he wanted, he would step in
without fail.“Okay,” Sophie answered frostily.Tristan didn’t know what to do with her.He felt slightly
better after caressing her hair and leaving it in a mess.Sophie stared at the man in frustration. It was
her first time seeing such a childish side of him.“Go on. I’ll leave after watching you enter.”The young
woman walked past him.Ultimately, he couldn’t resist grabbing onto her arm and pulling her into a&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;hug.He then kissed her on the forehead.Sophie was furious, but seeing her in that state made Tristan
happy.She was always so cold toward everyone, like a robot. That was why the man always wanted to
aggravate her. Watching her grow infuriated made him feel as if he was different from everyone
else.Mason had been following them the whole time, and he found himself unable to breathe at the
sight of the way they interacted with one another.She actually let him kiss her?He was so envious that
he nearly went mad.When Sophie arrived at the classroom, all the students stared at her
gloatingly.However, the young woman paid no attention to those jealous eyes.Not long after, the
principal’s secretary dropped by. “Sophie Tanner, Mr. Langston wants to see you,” he announced,
sounding much more amicable than before.The girls who heard that began to whisper among
themselves.“She won’t be able to get away this time.”“I think so too. I heard Bailey’s mom is here. You
know she’s the school director. The fact that even she has to make an appearance shows what a big
deal the situation has become.”“I’ve met Bailey’s mom once. She’s super terrifying. Sophie’s done for
this time.”&#lt;/p&#gt;
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