Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 119

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 119 Standing Up For Her
&#lt;p&#gt;Hearing that, Whitlea stepped forward and pulled Bailey over.“Bailey! How could you say those words
to me just because of a girl like her?” Her eyes reddened with fury.Helplessness and plea flashed in
Bailey’s eyes.“Mom, please. I promise I will fulfill all of your demands. The only exception is her. Do not
touch her.” The girl his mother wanted to deal with was his crush and the only gleam of hope and light
in his dull world.“No way. She can’t be studying in the same school as you. So long as something
affects you, even for the slightest bit, I will not compromise.” Whitlea was very assertive with her stand.
She wanted to prove to that man and make him regret his decision for abandoning Bailey and her.“Mr.
Langston, you shall decide if you want to expel her now or if you want me to arrange a director’s
meeting and fire you from your position because of your disobedience.”The dominance of Whitlea was
so overpowering it left the crowd feeling disgusted.Andy felt his head throbbing so badly that he felt as
if it was on the brink of exploding. Given Whitlea’s character, he was clear she would do as she said if
things did not go her way.“Mdm. Dixon, I made no mistakes. What right do you have to expel me?”
Sophie finally broke her silence. Is she trying to use her authority on me? Well, that also depends if she
does have enough power to do so.“How dare you talk to me so disrespectfully even at this point? Do
you think the Tanner family will defend you?” Whitlea said coldly.“I don’t need the Tanner family to
defend me. I am the victim of this entire incident. Even if the school wants to expel someone, that
person won’t be me.”Seeing her rebellious countenance, Whitlea let out a sneer.“Are girls your age so
naïve nowadays?”“Mom!” A stinging pang rose within Bailey’s heart. He knew he would not be able to
face the girl he had good feelings for the same way again after implicating her and causing so much
trouble for her.“Shut up. You’d better not interfere with this matter. Otherwise, I will make sure that girl
disappears from Jipsdale,” Whitlea threatened despite the many people around.“You’re making it sound
like your family owns the school, Mdm. Dixon.” Sophie was full of contempt. She’s one arrogant
woman, huh? It’s a pity she still doesn’t have that much capability to act so snobbishly.“Don’t go on
anymore, Sophie.” Derrick looked at her concernedly. In truth, almost everyone was aware that
Whitlea’s father was part of the underworld. Although he had since steered away, the mere thought of it&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;still freaked Derrick out. “I believe this matter is truly a misunderstanding, Mdm. Dixon. It was Mr.
Elswick who arranged for them to participate in the physics competition together. If you’re bothered by
it, I’ll make sure she doesn’t appear together with Bailey in the future. She’s still young. I hope you’ll let
her off this time.”Derrick was a genuinely responsible teacher who cared a lot about his students.
Knowing that Sophie would have a bright future, he did not want her to suffer any harm or grievance
because of the matter. He adored her as a student.“Mr. Hayes, do you think you’re qualified to speak
when you’ve taught someone to become so shameless?” Whitlea spared no consideration for
Derrick.“Don’t bother yourself with this matter, Mr. Hayes. I won’t leave Jipsdale Premier High.”“Mr.
Langston!” Whitlea felt that the entire discussion was a waste of time.In the end, Andy still picked
Felix’s side. After all, the latter was someone he could not afford to offend.“I’m sorry, Mdm. Dixon.
Before we get to the bottom of this matter, I can’t just expel Sophie.” It was probably the first time Andy
had been so firm.Derrick could not help but sneak a glance at Andy in awe.As expected, Mr. Langston
does have the bearing of a principal. He doesn’t bow down to power or authority.Likewise, Sophie also
turned to look at Andy. In fact, she could very well understand even if he chose to expel her from
school at that point.“Very well. I guess I’ll have to hold a director’s meeting, then.” Rage had completely
consumed Whitlea. She could not believe that Andy would make such a decision when he had been
polite toward her all along.Whitlea stormed out and slammed the door shut.The rest in the principal’s
office exchanged a look.“I’m sorry,” Bailey apologized on behalf of his mother.Seeing him that way,
Sophie was unsure how to comfort him.Bailey is indeed a poor thing. Everyone is full of envy for him,
yet no one expects him to be in such a pathetic state.“Bailey, you don’t have anything to do with this
matter. Someone is targeting me, and it just so happened that you were there.”“Don’t give me that
look.” Truth be told, Bailey did not like their gazes at all.He left the principal’s office, thinking that there
was a need to have a good chat with Whitlea.I can’t just let things end here.“You should head back
first, Sophie. I will think of something.” Andy believed he had to report the matter to Felix. “Mr. Hayes,
you too. Go for your classes.”After their departure, he immediately gave Felix a call.It was because of
the incident last time that he had Felix’s contact number.At that moment, Felix was in the midst of a
meeting when he received the call from Andy.The former had similarly saved Andy’s number in his&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;contact from the other time since Ysabelle was also studying at Jipsdale Premier High.Seeing that it
was Andy on the caller ID, he immediately called a stop to the meeting and headed outside to answer
the call.“Mr. Northley, I am Andy of Jipsdale Premier High. Mdm. Dixon of the board of directors
strongly requests to expel Sophie. I’m afraid I won’t be able to fight against her power any
longer.”“What? Mdm. Dixon? Who the heck is that?” Felix furrowed his brows.Andy then relayed
everything that had happened in the past few days to Felix.“All right, I got it now. Don’t let anyone hurt
Sophie, or you won’t be able to face the consequences.”Upon concluding the call with Andy, Felix
immediately gave Tristan a call.“Mr. Tristan, you should’ve heard about everything that happened to
Sophie, right? Bailey’s mother, Whitlea Dixon, brutally humiliated Sophie today!” Even though Sophie
had retorted, Felix thought they should not just let the matter slide when the other party had provoked
them.“Mm.”“Mm? Why do you sound so cold? Did you and Sophie get into an argument?”“Felix!”
Tristan called out warningly.“It’s a more than reasonable suspicion, no? But are you intending not to do
anything about that? I thought this was a good chance.” Felix scratched his nose awkwardly. Aren’t girls
all soft-hearted beings? If he appears to help Sophie in such a difficult situation, I’m sure she will be
very touched!“She isn’t like other girls.” Of course, Tristan would love to help her resolve all the
problems she encountered, but he could do nothing if she did not give him the opportunity.“All right. If
that’s the case, I won’t say more. I’m still in the midst of a meeting. I’m hanging up.”After ending the
call, Tristan could not help but think about her.I wonder what she is doing now. Is she thinking of me?
With those thoughts in mind, Tristan made another call.Sophie’s phone rang as she walked out of the
principal’s office with Derrick.“Mr. Hayes, you should go back first. I need to answer a call,” Sophie said
as she pulled out her phone.“Sophie, as much as I believe you, it isn’t a good thing that everybody
keeps criticizing you like this. Don’t you think so?”“Mr. Hayes, go ahead and speak your mind.” Sophie
thought Derrick was a cute teacher who would unconditionally defend and protect his students.Noticing
that Derrick still had something to say, Sophie declined the call.On the other side, Tristan had been
waiting for her to answer the call for a long time. Sadly, not only did she not pick up, but she even
rejected his call. His face darkened.Thinking of me, my a*s! She even declined my call.Tristan stood
up, intending to head down to Jipsdale Premier High directly to look for her.&#lt;/p&#gt;

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