Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 120

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 120 Just Like A Pest
&#lt;p&#gt;“Sophie, I know you’re multi-talented, and I really hope that you can take part in the physics
competition. But I think you should withdraw from it since Bailey’s mom really wishes for him to take
part. The Dixon family has a lot of influence in our school, and I don’t want anything bad to happen to
you because of this,” Derrick said with a worried expression on his face.Taking a pause, he continued,
“You’re a very talented kid. I really don’t want—”“Mr. Hayes, I really appreciate your advice,” Sophie
interrupted. She knew that her teacher wanted the best for her, and she had always held him in high
regard. “Indeed, I was not keen on participating in the physics competition previously. But I think I will
have to take part in it now.”She did not like Bailey’s mother’s attitude and wanted to teach her a
lesson.“Sophie! You—” Derrick exclaimed, his brows knitted together.“Don’t worry, Mr. Hayes! Trust
me, I can handle this. Just leave it to me.”Yet, Derrick could not help but worry. How is she intending to
handle it? She’s just a student!Even so, he did not press on and returned to his office.Just then, Sophie
received a call from Tristan.She answered the phone after walking to the corridor.“I’m at your school
entrance now,” the man said.Sophie froze when she heard that. What is he doing here? Classes are
still ongoing. ”Mr. Tristan, what’s the matter? Class is starting soon.”Didn’t we just part ways this
morning? Did something serious happen that he has to come here now?“It’s nothing. I tried calling you
just now, but you didn’t pick up. I was worried that something might have happened to you so I came
here to check on you.”Compared to Sophie’s composure, Tristan suddenly found himself rather
ridiculous.“I’m fine.” To give the man some reassurance, Sophie repeated, “Mr. Tristan, I’m really all
right.”“I’m glad to know that. I’m leaving, then.”“Wait.” Since Tristan had already traveled all the way
there, Sophie felt that she should at least meet him for a while.While she was walking down the stairs,
she overhead Angie talking to Willow on the phone at the corner of the stairs.“Willow, what’s the plan
now? You were the one who sent the photos to me. What should we do now that the matter has blown
up?”Angie was terrified. She had only posted the photos on the spur of the moment, as she was
clouded with anger.She felt extremely unsettled at the thought of how scary Sophie was.“Angie,
although I sent you the photos, I didn’t ask you to post them on the forum, did I? Besides, nothing has&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;happened yet. Why are you worrying in advance?” Willow was still running a fever after falling into the
lake. However, she perked up at once when she heard about Sophie’s situation at school.Almost
bursting into tears, Angie exclaimed, “You don’t know how scary Sophie is!”“That’s enough. Just relax.”
Willow hung up after saying that.The moment Angie turned around, she saw Sophie standing on the
stairs, staring at her.She dropped her phone in shock as the color drained from her face.“S-Sophie…
Don’t come over!” Angie shouted, a horrified expression on her face.Sophie was speechless. What did
I do? She looked as if she had just seen a ghost!Angie turned around and dashed off at once.
However, she tripped and fell on the stairs, as she was too flustered.Even though she could feel a
sharp pain in her knees, she ignored it and continued running.Sophie ran after her.“Sophie, why are
you chasing me?” Angie yelled.“Willow won’t be able to help you,” Sophie said before she turned and
walked away.Angie slumped to the ground. Why does she look so horrifying? What should I do now?
Sophie sneaked out by scaling the wall. When Tristan saw her jumping down from the wall, his heart
skipped a beat.This girl! Why does she have to climb over the wall when she can just walk through the
gate?Tristan was smoking a cigarette next to his car while waiting for Sophie. When he saw her, he
snuffed out his half-smoked cigarette at once and tossed it into the bin.After she walked up to him,
Tristan opened the car door for her. She hopped into the passenger seat and closed her eyes.She had
wanted to see him when she received his call earlier on. However, she realized that she had nothing to
talk to him about and decided to take a quick nap in his car instead.“Did you not sleep well last
night?” Was it because of Mason? That guy had stayed outside Sophie’s apartment for the entire
night.“Aren’t you the one who didn’t sleep well instead?”From Sophie’s words, it was apparent that she
was aware that he did not go back the night before.Seeing that Sophie had fallen asleep, Tristan took
off his suit jacket and draped it over her.Willow arrived at the school in the afternoon.A few of her
closest friends ran up to her when they saw her and said, “Willa, it looks like Sophie will be expelled
from the school for sure. In the future, no one will dare to snatch Mr. Laird away from you anymore.”“I
know you girls care about me, but no matter what, Sophie is still my sister. I really don’t want that to
happen to her,” Willow said, looking sad.“Willa, although you genuinely care for her, she has never
treated you as her sister. If she had, she would never have tried to snatch your man away.”“Exactly!&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Don’t let others take advantage of your kindness.”When Angie heard what the other girls said, she
could not help but shudder with disgust.Those girls were unaware of Willow’s true character and
enjoyed hanging out with her. However, Angie found the situation extremely ridiculous after knowing
what she was really like.Angie approached Willow after the other girls had left.“Willow, everything
happened because of you. Are you really going to stand idly by?”The smile on Willow’s face completely
disappeared when she saw Angie.Frowning, she replied, “Angie, you should get things straight. You did
that because you have a crush on Bailey. If he knew about it, what would he think? Besides, don’t
forget who his mom is. If she finds out what you have done, you can forget about staying at Jipsdale
Premier High. Anyway, Sophie doesn’t know that it was you who posted those photos. Nothing will
happen if you don’t say anything.”Angie grimaced when she heard that.Sophie doesn’t know about it?
Obviously, she knows! She just hasn’t told Bailey yet.Angie did not dare to think about how Bailey
would react if he knew she was the one who did it. She was sure that he would loathe her forever.Angie
deeply regretted what she had done. If she had remained rational and not acted on impulse, she
wouldn’t have to live every day in fear.Willow let out a cold snort before shooting Angie a glance.Look
at how scared she is although nothing has happened yet! It’s no surprise that she’s always been
bullied. Serves her right that no one likes her, and she can only admire her crush secretly.While
heading toward the classroom, Willow bumped into Sophie at the stairwell.As there were only the two
of them, the corners of Willow’s lips curled into a smug smile.“Sophie, you should just leave Jipsdale!
This place is not for you. See, even though you’ve been here for just a while, you’ve already created so
much trouble. You’ve even become the common enemy of all the girls in school. Everyone is hoping
that you’ll be expelled.”To the others, Sophie was just like a pest that they were trying to chase away.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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