Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 124

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 124 Leave Jipsdale Premier High
&#lt;p&#gt;“I’ll definitely join the physics competition. As for you, I advise you to practice kindness.”Sophie didn’t
bother giving her any quarter.“How dare you? Do you really think that I can’t do anything about you?”
Whitlea never expected her to be such an obstinate person.Right then, her innate intransigence was
bared in its entirety.However, Sophie merely shrugged with a nonchalant expression on her face.“Try it,
then. We shall see whether I’m the one to scram or you’re the one who ends up doing so.” Getting to
her feet, she remarked, “Honestly speaking, Bailey has truly rotten lucky to have a mother like
you.”Bailey is really a pretty great person, and I also believe that he’ll have some remarkable
achievements in the physics field in the future.Whitlea smashed everything that could be destroyed in
the conference room.She’s simply too insolent! No, she’d only be a ticking time bomb if she were
allowed to stay in Jipsdale Premier High. I must get her kicked out!Meanwhile, Willow only learned
about the development on the forum when she came to school in the afternoon.“Willa, who do you think
is sabotaging Sophie behind the scenes?”Initially, they were all convinced that it must have been
Sophie who seduced Bailey. Unexpectedly, they ended up proven wrong.“Exactly! The person even
had someone photoshop the pictures! Who hates her that much?”“Who cares? Anyway, I just don’t like
her!”“That’s true. She has tons of enemies, so who knows the identity of the culprit? It’s just a pity that
the board of directors will now decide not to expel her anymore.”Willow logged in to the forum. The
instant she saw the video, her expression changed.I didn’t send this video to Angie, and my phone has
been with me all this while. Therefore, how did it appear on the forum?Unprecedented fear struck
Willow.If Mason were to learn that this incident was my doing, what would he do?She didn’t even dare
imagine the consequences.“What’s wrong with you, Willa? Did you not hear us?”“Yeah. Don’t worry,
Willa. Plenty of people detest someone like Sophie, so it’s only a matter of time before she’s booted out
of Jipsdale Premier High!”“I’m going to the washroom for a while.” After saying that, Willow stood up
and left right away.“What’s the matter with her now? Wasn’t she just fine earlier?”“I don’t know. It must
be because of Sophie. Ever since she returned, she has been acting really strange.”Willow found Angie
on the field. Angie had been there for a long time, not daring to return to class. She was afraid that her&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;classmates would learn about everything she did.Most importantly, she was worried that she would be
ostracized.“Angie!” Willow called out to her.Hearing her name, Angie glanced over her shoulder. As
soon as she spotted Willow, her eyes brimmed with resentment.“This is all on you, Willow! If it weren’t
because of you, I wouldn’t have ended up in such a state right now. Yet, you still have the audacity to
appear before me!”At that, Willow’s brows furrowed.“What does this have to do with me, Angie? Was I
the one who photoshopped the pictures? Was it me who told you to publish them on the forum and
ordered you to write all those remarks? You did everything yourself, so what has it got to do with me?”
At that moment, all she wanted to do was disassociate herself from it all.I can’t have anything to do with
this matter!The urge to rip her into pieces gripped Angie. “How devious of you! You must
be utterly smug now, huh? I’ll wait and see how long you can remain triumphant! Do you think
that Sophie is genuinely ignorant of everything when she could get her hands on that video? Do
you really think that everyone is a fool?”“Leave Jipsdale Premier High, Angie. It won’t do you any good
to stay here.” Willow reckoned that no one would know the so-called truth as long as she left Jipsdale
Premier High.“Why should I? The university entrance exam is just around the corner. Where could I go
after leaving Jipsdale Premier High? Willow, go and urge Sophie to show me some mercy!”Sophie
didn’t do anything, but Angie lived in fear every day, terrified that she would see something about
herself on the forum in the next second.“Leave Jipsdale Premier High and take responsibility for
everything. I’ll solve the rest of the problems for you. I’ll help you, both in looking for another school and
financially. I promise you all this as long as you leave this place.”The only way Willow could think of
then was to have Angie leave. When she has left, I can shove all the blame onto her. Consequently,
this matter will have nothing to do with me.“What do you mean by that? Does this matter have nothing
to do with you? Yet, you now want to shift all the responsibility onto me! Willow, I really never expected
you to be such a person!”How smart of her to lay all the blame on me! Then, she can remain innocent
in this matter!“Consider it yourself. If you don’t leave Jipsdale Premier High and continue staying here,
are you sure you can pass the university entrance exam in your current state? Do you really want to
give up on your future?”After wavering for a long time, Angie still nodded in acquiescence. She’s right.
Every single second is a torment to me as I stay in Jipsdale Premier High now. In such a condition, I&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;really won’t be able to get into my ideal university.“Okay, help me make the arrangements!”“All right. In
that case, you don’t need to stay in school today.” Right then, Willow only wanted her to leave. With
Angie gone, it’d be easy to settle everything else.“Have you heard the rumor? It was Angie who
published that forum post!”“I really didn’t expect it! She looks docile and quiet usually, but she
committed such a major mistake this time!”Ysabelle parked herself in the seat before Sophie and
turned back to speak to her.“Soph, now that Angie has left, Willow shifted all the blame on her. How
underhanded of her!”At that moment, Sophie was doing a physics question. She looked at the question
for a while before jotting down the steps to solve it on paper.“I’m talking to you, Soph! Can you please
listen to me seriously?” Chagrin swamped Ysabelle. What’s so interesting about a physics question?“I
heard you.” Pushing her hand away, Sophie wrote down the two final steps.Then, she murmured in
absolute calmness, “Just let her be.”After school in the afternoon, Sophie and Ysabelle bumped into
Willow, who was ascending the stairs, while they descended the stairs.At the sight of her, Ysabelle
snorted.Willow, on the other hand, didn’t dare confront Sophie directly this time. Instead, she merely
treated her like thin air. The few girls with her likewise experienced a change in attitude due to that
matter and didn’t dare provoke Sophie either.“Weren’t the bunch of you smug previously? You must
have written a lot of lies on the forum and slandered Soph! Now that the truth has come to light, don’t
you all owe her an apology?”“An apology? Why should we apologize? She offended someone herself,
so we’re also victims, okay?”“Never mind, let’s go!” Willow didn’t want to stay there further, for she
hoped the matter would end there.“This matter isn’t over yet, Willow! Do you think everything is fine just
because Angie has left?” In truth, Angie was merely manipulated into doing it.Willow halted in her steps
as she ascended the stairs. In fact, she didn’t even dare turn back.“You’re going too far, Sophie! It was
Angie who perpetrated this matter! What has it got to do with Willa?” The girls with Willow shielded the
latter behind them once again.“What morons!” Seeing that, Ysabelle couldn’t help cursing them out.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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