Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 121

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 121 EvidenceSophie arched a brow and stared at Willow as she taunted, “Do you truly fear
me, Willow? I bet you haven’t had any peaceful sleep since I came back!”“You!” Willow could not
believe that she was still so stubborn. Suppressing her rage, she tried to put up a gracious front. “I’m
doing this for your own good. You may have a better life after leaving this place.”Sophie merely
retorted, “No one needs your concern. I can have a great life in Jipsdale as well.”Her defiance
infuriated Willow to no end.The thought of Mason’s request to break up exacerbated Willow’s dislike for
her sister. She spat, “Oh? If you’re so determined to live in Jipsdale, I can only wish you good luck.”She
hated that everything had changed since Sophie’s return.As Willow turned to leave, Sophie suddenly
said, “Willow! Did you have a fun time when I became the school’s common enemy?”Willow clenched
her fists wordlessly in response.A while later, she said, “Why would I? Why does it matter if you dislike
me? You’re my younger sister, after all, and a member of the Tanner family. Of course, I won’t deny that
I’m unhappy about what you did.”“Hmph.” Sophie could not help but scoff. She added, “I despise
people like you. If you were bolder and confronted me head-on, I would’ve hated you less.”Willow
would never admit to that, so she replied, “You’re really mistaken, Sophie. That incident had nothing to
do with me.”“Whatever you say!” Sophie ignored her and headed upstairs, leaving her elder sister
staring after her with a face contorted with fury.Willow muttered to herself, “Why are you so smug,
Sophie? Did you think you could ever be Whitlea’s match?”She thought of Whitlea’s background and
was confident that Sophie was doomed.After their classes ended that afternoon, Ysabelle
accompanied Sophie back to Wisteria Apartments.She watched as Sophie placed her laptop on the
coffee table and started it up before getting a glass of water.Concerned, Ysabelle asked, “Are you
really not planning to take down that post, Sophie?” The scandalous post accusing Sophie of seducing
Bailey had significantly impacted the former’s reputation.Sophie leisurely poured them both glasses of
water before settling on the couch.Then, she promptly hacked Willow’s phone and retrieved several
unedited photos and a short video.“Come here,” she said while beckoning Ysabelle over with a
finger. Willow is super determined to frame me, huh?After watching the video, Ysabelle cursed before
she could stop herself, “F*ck! It was her!”Sophie calmly sipped her water as Ysabelle added, “I’m going&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;to beat that b*tch up!”It turned out that the photos had been Photoshopped to cause a
misunderstanding, but the short video revealed the truth.Sophie was only sleeping while Bailey draped
his shirt over her.However, the edited photos told a vastly different story and spoke volumes about
Willow’s viciousness.Suddenly, Ysabelle commented, “There’s another problem, Soph. You can clearly
see the tenderness in his eyes while he’s draping the shirt over you.”It was clear that the young man
had romantic feelings for her.Sophie remained silent. She did not deny what she saw in his gaze, but it
did not change the fact that she had not done anything to Bailey.“Soph, your popularity with the boys is
a little troublesome, huh?” Ysabelle knew Tristan would go mad with jealousy if he chanced upon the
video.Nonetheless, Ysabelle continued, “To h*ll with it! Let’s share the video now. No one will dare to
slander you again.”I want to see their expressions when they see this video!To her surprise, Sophie
said, “Let’s wait a little more. The time is not yet ripe.”Despite her impatience, Ysabelle replied, “Fine!
You’re the boss! I’ll follow your lead!” Oh man! I wish I could punch those b*tches in their
faces!Meanwhile, Mason had somehow made his way to Jipsdale Premier High, and he was
immediately accosted by Willow’s clique when they spotted him.“Mr. Laird, are you here to see Willow?
She’s not around now. You—”“I’m not looking for her.”His reply instantly angered the girls.One of them
spat, “Don’t tell me you’re here to see Sophie. Mr. Laird, she’s absolutely horrid and goes around
seducing other men. Don’t fall for her tricks.”Mason’s expression darkened in response as he warned,
“I’d advise you to watch your words.”Undeterred, one of the girls took out her phone and showed him a
post. She explained, “We’re telling the truth, Mr. Laird. If you don’t believe us, you can see this yourself.
How could she be an innocent angel when she’s already messing around in school?”After reading the
title of the post, Mason’s expression became even grimmer.Willow’s clique grew smug, and one of
them chimed in, “We’re only saying this for yours and Willow’s sake, Mr. Laird! Willow is such a nice
girl! Sophie’s fooling around with other people’s feelings just because she’s pretty. How can she ever
compare to our dear Willow?”Mason returned the phone to the group and remained silent.They don’t
deserve to make things up about Sophie’s character.His reaction frightened the girls into silence, and
they quickly walked into the school.When Willow arrived at the classroom later, her clique immediately
swarmed her.“Willow, Mason came to Jipsdale Premier High today, but he wasn’t looking for you. He&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;must’ve been looking for that b*tch, Sophie! But it’s okay. We’ve avenged you and showed him that
post.”“Yeah! I’m sure Mason will see Sophie’s true colors now.”“What?” Willow was shocked.“What’s
wrong? I’m sure Mason’s only temporarily besotted with Sophie. He’ll be keeping a far distance from
her after seeing those photos.”“You—” Willow did not want Mason to know about the photos at
all. What will he do after learning about this?Her friends were confused by her reaction, for they only
wanted to stick up for her earlier. “What’s wrong, Willow?”Willow swiftly suppressed her rage and lied,
“It’s nothing. I’m not feeling too well today. Could you girls help me get excused from tonight’s revision
session?”“Are you really okay, Willow?” Her clique remained concerned.“Yup! I’m totally fine.”Then, she
left the school and called Mason.The line rang for a long time, but nobody answered, and Willow’s
anxiety ballooned.She dialed his number repeatedly until he eventually picked up.“Where are you,
Mason?”He replied curtly, “Nocturnal!”After ending the call, Willow hailed a cab to the bar. There, she
was barred by a security guard from entering the premises because of her school uniform.She could
only call Mason again. The latter frowned when he saw a shivering Willow outside the bar.“What is it?”
He always seemed exceptionally aloof when interacting with Willow.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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