Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 122

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 122 What A Bummer
&#lt;p&#gt;“I heard that you’ve been to Jipsdale Premier High today, Mason.”Unable to stand watching Willow
shiver incessantly, Mason removed his coat and wrapped it around her.His warmth still lingered on the
inside. Willow could not help but raise her eyes to regard him.You still care for me, don’t you? It’s not
like you no longer feel anything for me anymore!“Mason!” Willow felt profoundly aggrieved, for
everything she had done was only motivated by her desire to be with him.“This isn’t the sort of place
where you should be, so hurry up and go home!”When Mason turned back toward Nocturnal, Willow
rushed to him and hugged him from behind.“You’re only treating me this way because of Sophie, aren’t
you, Mason?”“Willow!” Mason’s inflection carried with it a tone of warning.“I’m as saddened by what
happened to Sophie as you are, Mason, but this isn’t something that’s within our control! Won’t you
please just stop being like this?”Enraged, Mason shoved Willow off, sending her staggering back
several paces.That got her staring at him in disbelief.“Sophie isn’t that sort of person, so someone must
be messing with her behind her back.” Convinced that it was his lack of trust in Sophie five years ago
that led to the present-day circumstances, he thus decided that five years later on this very day, he was
going to stand by her no matter what.Hearing that from him only left Willow even more infuriated.Does
he really trust her that much?Ignoring her, Mason continued into Nocturnal.As much as Willow wanted
to follow, she found herself stopped at the door by the security.“No entry without a valid ID card,
miss.”“I’m of legal age.” Willow was actually older than Sophie by a year and only had to take a year off
from school because of poor health. That meant that she was already nineteen.“Sorry. You’re in
uniform, so without the proper documentation to ascertain your age, we cannot allow you in.”Willow
was irate, but since she was unable to do anything about them, she could only keep standing there.By
the time Mason exited Nocturnal, it was already two past midnight.Owing to having one drink too many,
he opted not to drive and hailed a ride over to Wisteria Apartments instead.The minute he got on,
Willow, too, hired a car in pursuit, as seeing how drunk he was got her concerned that he might wind up
in a sticky situation.What she had not expected was that his destination turned out to be Wisteria
Apartments.After standing below the apartments for the entire night, Willow took ill the next day.When&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Charmaine saw the state her daughter was in, she poured a glass of warm water and also brought her
some medicine.“Where were you last night? I know that Mason’s back, and the two of you want to be
together, but you should also be mindful of your own reputation. Are you even listening, Willa?”
Charmaine furrowed. What’s gotten into her lately?Throwing her arms around Charmaine, Willow then
broke down in tears.“Why? What’s the matter? I wasn’t scolding you, silly girl. I’m just concerned!
You’re to be married to Mason in the future, you know!”That got Willow bawling even more
loudly.“What’s this about? Did Mason mistreat you?”“Would I really get to marry Mason, Mom?” She
was not at all optimistic about this prospect at the moment.“Isn’t it why you’ve been working so hard all
these years? To be married to Mason? Seeing how fond Mrs. Laird is of you, he surely must marry
you.”Willow was not as confident of this. What would all the preparations she put together count for,
with everything else that had gone down?In the end, the decision still laid with Mason himself.In order
to get Sophie expelled, Whitlea purposefully called for a board meeting.It had been a while since such
a meeting had been convened in Jipsdale Premier High, and even less expectedly, for the purpose of
expelling a student.A dozen directors had already arrived inside the conference room.“All this over a
case of expulsion, Mr. Langston? What’s the point of making such a big deal of it, really? Why don’t you
just go ahead yourself and get it over with?”“Yeah! You should know well that we’re all very busy
people.”“How would any of our opinions matter if Mr. Langston himself has already had his own mind
made up?” said Whitlea mockingly.Andy wiped the sweat off the top of his own head.“My fellow
directors, as the details of this case have yet to be established, I think—”“Yet to be established? What’s
there left to establish? Bailey has always topped his grade. How could you not know that, considering
that you’re someone who had watched Bailey grow up yourself? Also, I was told that you were the one
who had admitted Sophie. That makes you the very reason why something like this has taken place
inside this school. It makes me wonder whether you could have accepted something from her in
exchange.”Transferring to Jipsdale Premier High in her senior year? Isn’t it obvious that some manner
of bribery must be involved?That yielded a frown from Andy.“Isn’t it a normal thing for students to
change schools, Mdm. Dixon? Does having this take place within your jurisdiction mean that I must
necessarily be on the take?” said Andy as he stood to his feet.“Just look and see for yourselves Mr.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Langston’s attitude.” Whitlea was positively livid.“Isn’t it true that the school won’t be able to continue
operating without us, Mr. Langston?”The moment Sophie arrived at school, she found herself mobbed
by a group of girls.“You have some gall showing your face around here again, Sophie.”“Yeah! How
shameless could you possibly get? If something similar were to happen to me, I wouldn’t have been
able to continue living.”“Do you figure that everyone must give a d*mn about that?”Pulling the hood
back from her head, Sophie cast a cold stare that made the observers shudder.A couple of girls who
dared not trifle with Sophie in the mood she was in automatically stepped aside and cleared a path for
her.Sophie let out a sneer.“Was she taunting us just now?”“D*mn right, she was! How could that
woman be so thick-skinned?”“The school has already called for a board meeting to get her expelled, so
let’s see how much longer she could continue to be cocky.”“Yeah! What’s she being so smug about?
She’s just a sl*t.”It took only Sophie turning and shooting them a look to cause the lot of them to
stumble back in fear.Pulling out her phone, Sophie went on to post that unedited clip into the forum
before she made her way directly to the school’s conference room.The school’s forum was thrown into
a state of pandemonium once more ten minutes later, and the server itself almost crashed as a
result.“Good lord! What the hell is this? Never could have seen a twist like this coming!”“Heavens!
Bailey’s being so affectionate! Could he be the one who fancies her?”“What a bummer! Still insisting
that Sophie was seducing Bailey. This is going to make Mdm. Dixon look really bad!”Those girls who
had been heckling Sophie for days were momentarily stumped, for all along the photograph revealed
nothing. Everything that went around had wholly been of their own fabrication.Apart from uploading a
video, Sophie did not have to issue any kind of response, and what a resounding response that turned
out to be.The color drained from Angie’s face after she saw that clip.Where did this come from? What
am I to do now? This Sophie Tanner is too scary. How did she even get her hands on this video?When
Sophie reached the conference room, she pushed her way through the doors without even knocking,
and the ensuing noise had all the directors turning their attention toward the entrance.There, they saw
a teenager shrouded in a black hoodie, standing with the light cast from behind her. She had her head
covered and both hands tucked inside her pockets.Whitlea had an awful expression on her face upon
seeing Sophie.“Do you all not see? She’s still as arrogant as ever, even now.” Whitlea could not wait to&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;get Sophie kicked out of the school right away.Andy went over immediately, as he had not expected
Sophie to show up there and then either.“You should head back first, Sophie. I’d have this whole thing
sorted out for you in due time.”&#lt;/p&#gt;
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