Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 126

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 126 The Distinction Between Men And Women
&#lt;p&#gt;“First love? I’ve never dated, so I don’t know whether it’s unforgettable or otherwise,” Sophie countered
bluntly.“Oh, really?” How pretentious! Does she think others are entirely ignorant about her past? Yet,
she has the audacity to say that she has never dated! Winter seethed internally.Contrarily, Tristan was
over the moon to hear that.He was the kind of person who kept his feelings under wraps, but right then,
everyone present could sense the change in his mood.At that, Winter grew all the more upset.What’s
so great about that? She’s just feigning innocence! How could people nowadays not have dated a few
times when they reach her age?“Considering your looks, Ms. Tanner, you must have many suitors.
How could you possibly not have dated?” she riposted sourly. Indeed, it was a fact that Sophie had a
stunningly beautiful countenance.That was also a sore spot of hers. In fact, she wondered whether
Tristan fell in love with Sophie’s looks. Otherwise, she really couldn’t see anything special about
her.“Don’t tell me I must like the person in return just because he likes me?”It’s true that plenty of
people like me since young because my looks are indeed very much attractive. However, it’s not
obligatory for me to respond to all of them, is it?Winter was left without a retort.Tristan, on the other
hand, was even happier after hearing that.Exactly! Not everyone is worthy of her. I’m the only one
who’s worthy of her!“Keep your focus on eating, Winter. Why are you running your mouth?” Charles
was worried that Tristan would fly into a rage, so he stopped Winter from speaking further.“There are
also tons of people who like you, Winter. You must have dated plenty, yes?” Ysabelle definitely sided
with Sophie, so she couldn’t help reposting Winter when the latter kept targeting and setting Sophie
up.Winter glanced at Tristan, her gaze speaking volumes. I’ve only loved Tristan since young. How
could I possibly take an interest in other men?Tristan took a piece of barbecue rib for Sophie.“Don’t just
talk. Here, eat this.”Unbidden, goosebumps rose over everyone else there. Never had they seen him
so gentle.He didn’t even have to do anything that constituted a public display of affection, for he had
been keeping an eye on everything about Sophie.All of a sudden, Winter lost her appetite.“You guys
continue eating. I’m going out for a while.”Charles breathed a sigh of relief at her departure.Verily, I
don’t know what will happen if she continues staying here. She can never conceal her feelings in front&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;of Tristan. Because of her love for him, she always can’t help hurting others. Never mind if it’s some
other girl, but this is Sophie, the girl Tristan likes. Therefore, no one is allowed to offend her.“I’m really
sorry, Sophie. If Winter said anything that upset you, I apologize on her behalf. I hope you don’t take it
to heart.” He raised his glass. No matter what, Winter was his sister, so he had to do something about
it.Sophie flashed him a smile.“I’m not a petty person, so I’m not that easily offended, Mr. Quigley. Don’t
worry.”When Charles heard that, relief suffused him.“No matter what, I still need to toast you.”Sophie
raised her wine glass and took a tiny sip.Throughout the entire meal, Tristan kept feeding Sophie.When
they were almost done eating, he snagged two pieces of tissue for her.Sophie wiped her mouth before
crumpling the tissues into a wad and tossing it into the trash can at the side.“Soph, where would you
like to go as this is the first time we’re spending Christmas Eve together? How about going to the
karaoke bar?” Ysabelle proposed excitedly. It had been a long time since she visited a karaoke bar.
Ever since her senior year, her family started getting strict with her. But today, it’s probably fine since
I’m with Uncle Tristan!“You’d like to go to a karaoke bar?” Sophie actually wasn’t fond of such a place,
but she didn’t mind going to have some fun if Ysabelle liked it.“Yeah! I haven’t been to a karaoke bar
since my senior year. I’m craving to go and sing my heart out. It’s good to release some tension.”“Are
you that stressed? You seem pretty relaxed to me every day.”Pouting, Ysabelle acted cute.“How am I
relaxed? You have no idea how high my parents’ expectations of me are! They’ll definitely force me to
study another year if I fail to make it into Jipsdale University. I really don’t want to do that. If possible, I
want to go far away. Would I have it easier if I weren’t the daughter of the Lombard family?”Everyone
envies me for being the daughter of the Lombard family, having almost everything my heart wishes. But
then, no one asked me about my choice. I, too, want to live freely!Sophie gazed at her in
sympathy. Oh, poor thing!“Where are we going now? To Nocturnal for a drink?”In truth, they never
celebrated Christmas Eve in the past.They were all surprised when Tristan suggested that they
celebrate the festival together. But on second thought, that made sense since the man’s girlfriend was
a high schooler.After all, such a festival was a favorite celebration among high schoolers.“Let’s go for a
karaoke session!”At Sophie’s suggestion, Ysabelle looked at her gratefully. Sure enough, she’s my idol!
She never lets me down!“A karaoke session? Mr. Tristan doesn’t like it, so why don’t we do something&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;else?”Winter heard Sophie’s proposal the moment she stepped in, and she couldn’t help saying
that.Everyone swung their gazes at Tristan, who had a hand draped over Sophie’s chair.“It’s okay.
Since they want to go for a karaoke session, we’ll all go together. You can pass if you don’t want to go.”
He was a very democratic person and would never force someone into anything.Felix and Charles
exchanged a look. Sure enough, his principles are only for show when it comes to Sophie!“Yay! That’s
great! I can finally go for a karaoke session! Let me tell you something, Soph. I love singing, and my
dream was even to be a singer in the past!”Ysabelle really loved singing, but her father forbade her
from entering the entertainment industry. Thus, she could only suppress her hobby.Seeing her sheer
delight, Sophie felt that it was no big deal for her to put up with the noise despite positively loathing
loud places.“Actually, you don’t need to accommodate her so much,” Tristan whispered into her
ear.She doesn’t need to accommodate anyone. All she needs to do is to do whatever she likes. I’m
here for everything else, so it’s not a problem!“What if I say I want to hear you sing?” Considering his
character, he probably never sang in front of others, right?At that, Tristan went silent for a long
moment.Meanwhile, Winter sneered upon hearing that. She doesn’t understand him at all. How could
he possibly sing in front of others? Since he doesn’t like such places, he probably hasn’t even been to
a karaoke bar!“I’d like to hear you sing as well, Mr. Tristan.” Felix imitated Ysabelle, acting coy.“Buzz
off!” Tristan snapped.Sure enough, his reaction is entirely different. Is this the distinction between men
and women?“Are you opposed to that idea?”Noticing Sophie’s expression, Tristan shook his head
adamantly. “Of course not!”&#lt;/p&#gt;
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